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ceramide and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 27, 2009 news

Here is part of a discussion that took place on the Yahoo cancercured chat group regarding ceramide:

Mike wrote: << Since ceramide, a fatty acid, can induce ER stress in
cancer cells leading to autophagy and apoptosis, I’m wondering about ways to
increase ceramide production. It seems to me that an extraction of
cannabinoids into coconut oil at 127 degrees (for decarboxylation) would provide both
a carrier and a substrate for ceramide production. The cannabinoids are
known to cause this stimulus and the lauric acid in the coconut oil would be
the substrate/carrier. I think this might be enhanced by coadministration of
vitamin D3. >>

Please see below for articles regarding ceramide by Dr. Stephen Martin
(immunologist of Grouppe Kurosawa)…

You might especially appreciate the first one, if you haven’t seen it

Best wishes,
Glen from Illinois, USA

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——-

Ceramide, A Powerful Natural Anti-Cancer Compound (May 20, 2006)

(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2006/05/ceramide _a_powe.html)

<< …curcumin, nicotinamide, palmitic acid and serine could be a VERY
powerful combination for the treatment of cancer. >>

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——–
(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2006/07/how_ ceramide_ th.html)

Ceramide and Metformin are Synergistic Activators of Autophagy (June 03,
_http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2008/06/cerami
(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2008/06/ceramide -and-me.html)

Ceramide and mTOR and the Control of Autophagy (June 03, 2008)

(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2008/06/ceramide -and-mt.html)
<< mTOR activation by NF-kappaB and AKT is the fundamental inhibitor of
autophagy. In order for ceramide to be able to effectively activate
autophagy, mTOR MUST be inhibited. >>

How Ceramide Induces Autophagy Mediated Cell Death (June 05, 2008)

(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2008/06/how- ceramide- in.html)

How Ceramide, the Cancer Death Lipid, Gets Neutralized (July 01, 2006)

(http://grouppekuros awa.typepad. com/grouppe_ kurosawa_ natural_/ 2006/07/how_ ceramide_ th.html)

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Cancer Recovery Facebook Group

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 24, 2009

I invite everyone reading this to join my CANCER RECOVERY facebook group at

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DMSO and tennis elbow

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 19, 2009

There’s really a lot of info on this site so do browse. This supports and extends the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books.  For more information go to

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”- Rev. Bill Newbern

Report from a user of DMSO for tennis elbow

I tried a 25% solution (used 50% liquid solution from Jacob Labs, half and half with distilled water) on my VERY painful elbow, and it seemed to help a little, but still very painful.

I got impatient and decided to try the DMSO gel from the health food store.  This is 70% pure DMSO with 30% Aloe Vera (this one: http://www.myvitane la1.html ).  I was afraid of skin irritation, so I also purchased a bottle of aloe Vera gel to use with it to avoid the skin problems.

The first time I used it, my skin got very hot and itchy, but rubbing in the Aloe gel cooled it nicely.  I also noticed that the elbow felt much better an hour or two later, and for the rest of the day.  I used it again at night, same result.  I thought, “this is no problem, maybe I don’t need the extra Aloe Vera gel”, so this morning I put the DMSO gel on again without adding extra Aloe Vera gel over it.  Big mistake.  Skin got very hot and very red after about 20 minutes.  Looked like sunburn.  I put the Aloe Vera gel on, and in a couple of hours it was ok, but now I know to put it on right away.  70% DMSO is rather strong, so rubbing in Aloe Vera gel seems to dilute it further and, so far, nearly eliminates the skin problems.

Perhaps moving to the stronger product was rash, and I have had skin reactions, but for the first time in months I have almost no pain in the elbow, and that is after only three applications.  In the future I will use less of the DMSO gel and more of the Aloe Vera gel over it, but I intend to continue using it until I find what works with minimal skin irritation, because the results of using the stronger product are nothing less than spectacular.  At this point, I am hoping for complete healing (is that feasible?), or at least pain control while it heals itself, as I am sure it will eventually.

Am I doing the right thing?

Someone responded saying they had used the 99% strength DMSO and had not suffered any burning sensation – suggested that the burning sensation may not be a response to dmso but with whatever was used to dilute it!

Another suggestion is that the burning was caused by using DMSO on sensitive part of the body – and that putting aloe vera gel on before the DMSO might be good.


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glutathione and NAC and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 19, 2009

NAC stands for N-Acetyl Cysteine. One’s body requires the Cysteine to make its own Glutathione which, in turn,  is  vital as a precurser for the body to make glutathione, which is the body’s master anti-oxidant. It works at the intra-cellular level, and, among other things, helps to recycle vitamins C and E, greatly reducing the need for higher doses of these.  Although you can take Glutathione directly, the digestive juices destroy most of it. NAC is probably the best way to increase Glutathione levels in body cells.

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cures for keratoses, sunburn and other skin things like eczema

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 15, 2009 news

Maracuja reports: The younger redheads in the family are using astaxanthin as a preventive. – 2 undiagnosed black growths have vanished and a third is on its way out.  Just used astaxanthin and enzymes.
By their ages, the men of my generation had keratosis on their ears and the backs of their hands. My sons have none but have spent long hours outside in the sun. We don’t use sunscreens as one son is allergic – just a beautiful natural product that had carrot oil in it, from a lady in Whangarei. Her daughter now has a similar product.
To help my eczema I take astxanthin too and coconut oil. I smother it on my skin and sit in the sun at noon. Never burnt. In winter, not much sun, so i take D3. Seems to be helping. Also sea buckthorn oil appears to be removing the keratosis (?)  from my hands – I believe the oil contains astaxanthin too.

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solar keratoses – simple treatment

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 15, 2009 news

How to treat solar keratoses, according to Mara:

An aunt used to treat solar keratoses with 1:1:1 of water, glycerine and acetic acid. Just the chemist varieties for the latter 2 ingredients. Her bil had them all over his back, so his wife duly made up the potion. However instead of treating them individually she wiped it all over his back. He said it got rid of them!

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getting rid of warts – banana peel?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 15, 2009 news

How to get rid of a wart – according to Janet

Cut the peel to the exact size, or slightly larger than the area of the
wart. Place peel wet side against the wart and cover with tape. Change
before bed and in the morning. In about 3 days, the wart will fall out.

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Cancer, disease, longevity and free radicals

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 6, 2009

The Big Book: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

The Small Book: Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health  –  For more information go to

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” – Rev Bill Newbern

The Cause Of All Diseases  by Dr Tutz

Some sectors contend that pathogens or diseases are caused by germs such as bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites, which by the way are contagious. Consequently antibiotics are prescribed for it by the physician. What about cancer and other degenerative diseases, which are not contagious? So, what causes these pathogens? Some time ago, a group of multi racial scientists conducted a scientific study in Japan and concluded that all pathogens are caused by Free Radicals!

What are Free Radicals

In scientific terms, Free Radicals (FR’s) are extremely reactive and unstable chemical species having unpaired electrons that reacts with body molecules. FR’s come from internal and external sources. In layman’s terms, FR’s are toxic chemicals produced by our body during the process of metabolism, microbial killing, and bio-chemical reactions. Simply put, they are chemical terrorists inside our body that cause cell damage and leads to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, renal failure, liver diseases, asthma, and the like. A stable cell has a paired electron while FR’s have unpaired electrons and are unstable molecules, which attack the stable cells for its electrons. Then, an autocatalytic reaction ensues (i.e. push and pull fight between the Free Radicals and the good molecules) and depending on the circumstances, the FR’s win.

What the Free Radical does to the Body

The human body has 100 trillion cells, which form the tissues, which in turn form an organ, which in turn form systems, and finally the latter form the body. Therefore cells damaged by free radicals form damaged tissues, which in turn form damaged organs (i.e. heart), and damaged systems (i.e. circulatory system), which finally results to diseases (i.e. cardiopathy) .

How and Why Free Radicals Get into the Body

At this point, it would be reasonable to assume that it is not yet clear to the reader how and why FR’s get into the human body. As mentioned earlier, Free Radicals are both internally and externally generated.

Internal generation is the result of the natural process of Oxygen Metabolism (this is inevitable since we must breathe in oxygen to remain alive), which produces Super Oxide (a binary compound of oxygen and free radical) that in turn produces H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). Both elements are produced to kill the germs that enter the body. After killing the germs, the oxides attack and damage the cells of the body. However, the body has the mechanism to eliminate the oxides, and as to how, it will be explained later.

On the other hand, External generation of FR’s is caused by:

1- Pollution – both air and water
2- (Tobacco) Smoking – cigarettes have 4,000 toxins. Smoking a stick of cigarette is equivalent to 5 minutes loss of life while the passive smoker loses 10 minutes.
3- Alcohol (wine/liquor) – produces acetaldehyde (oxidation of ethyl alcohol) which affects brain motor balance.
4- Drugs/medicines – which are usually made of synthetic chemicals tend to have side effects (on the kidneys and liver)
5- Preservatives – chemicals used to preserve processed foods (i.e. bacons, hams, hotdogs, tocino, canned foods, etc.).
6- Unhealthy foods – red meats and other fat & bad cholesterol/ laden meat & other food products.
7- Pesticides – chemicals used to kill pests and insects which attack vegetables and other agricultural produce. Despite washing, a high volume of the toxic pesticides still remains in the produce we eat.
8- Fertilizers – those made of synthetic chemicals, which have similar effect on the produce as pesticides.
9- Radiation – from appliances (microwave oven, television, etc.). sun rays such as the ultra violet rays (golfers are greatly exposed to this), which cause skin hydrolysis (or skin cancer).
10- Insufficient sleep – gives little time for the body to repair damaged cells.
11- Sedentary lifestyle – absence of physical activity/exercise.
12- Stress – under stress the immune system produces steroids which become free radicals. When the immune system is damaged, the body becomes susceptible to diseases caused by germs (i.e. bacteria, virus, and parasites). There are 4 kinds of stress:
a- Physical
b- Mental
c- Psychological
d- Emotional

Is Modern Man Doomed

With all these Free Radicals, the situation seems hopeless for mankind and that men would all die due to one kind of disease or another. Fortunately, the Architect (our Lord God the Almighty) of the human body has provided man with 3,000 enzymes upon birth to destroy free radicals and the ability of the body to heal itself. Once the Free Radicals are annihilated and disappear from the cells, the body starts to repair any damaged cell.

What Are Enzymes

Enzymes are different from vitamins and minerals. Enzymes are the sparks of life, which are produced by the body. There is a saying which states: without vitamins and minerals, the body is weak but without enzyme, the body is dead. Enzymes are protein carriers charged with energy and also act as catalyst, which speeds up the chemical reaction in killing the free radicals in the damaged cells and converting them into water. Then the converted water is excreted by urination, perspiration, and stool. As soon as the Free Radicals are gone, the damaged cells start to repair itself.

There are 4 kinds of enzymes namely: digestive, metabolic, anti-oxidant, and microbial. However, the enzymes deplete (with out replenishments) as we age, and because of the ever increasing external factors, which generate Free Radicals, the body works overtime to produce the necessary enzyme and same are depleted much faster before its time.

Longevity and Enzymes

In the beginning, God created man and designed his body to live hundreds of years. Adam lived up to 930 years and his descendants possessed more or less the same longevity (Genesis 5:1-32). However, God said “I will not allow people to live forever; they are mortal. From now on they will live no longer than 120 years.” (Genesis 6:3).

We can infer that because of the absence of the externally generated Free Radicals then, the amount of natural enzymes produced by the body was sufficient to support the body to live up to 120 years, the maximum age established by God.

Unfortunately, because of man’s undoing or doing and abusive lifestyle, (i.e. pollution, improper diet, unhealthy food, drugs, alcohol, etc.), modern man’s life span has been drastically reduced from that of the biblical times. The country’s National Statistical Coordinating Board reports that Filipino women now have an average life expectancy of 72.8 years, while the Filipino men have an average of 67.5 years. It can be assumed at those average ages, the body has practically zero enzymes and subject to all kinds of primary and seemingly incurable pathogens, which eventually leads to death.

However, man can still live up to 120 years with a quality and disease free body (i.e. young looking, fully functioning and strong body) provided during those years his body has ample amount of enzyme to kill all the Free Radicals, and substantially minimize if not eliminate the source of externally generated FR’s.

What and How Does it Take To Live Longer

How is it possible, let us say for a middle-aged person, if the natural enzymes produced by the body have already been considerably depleted and not sufficient to kill all the Free Radicals, which have accumulated over a lifetime and have damaged and/or still damaging the cells? If you are now suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, arthritis, etc., it would mean only one thing: your natural enzymes are insufficient to kill all the Free Radicals in your cells. The maintenance medicine (i.e. anti-hypertension drugs) one takes is only to cure the symptoms and not the cause.

If there is insufficient amount of enzyme that is naturally produced by the body, the answer is enzyme supplements, which are available in the market today and that are as effective as the counterpart produced by the body in killing the Free Radicals. However, to be effective as a systemic therapy, taking the enzyme supplement must go hand in hand with the following:

1- A correct mind set
2- Discipline/Change in lifestyle (no alcohol, no smoking, enough sleep)
3- Proper diet (no junk food, no meat and processed foods, eat only deep water fish, eat fruits and vegetables not subjected to synthetic pesticide/ fertilizer chemicals)
4- Avoid the sun and other radiation related items
5- Exercise – passive stretching, bending and walking
6- As much as possible avoid stress.
7- If you feel much better, check with your physician if the maintenance drugs are still necessary.
8- Guard against air pollution (i.e. wearing of masks)
9- Ensure the water you use is free from pollution (i.e. mercury, ph levels, germs, etc.)

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simple guide to budwig diet

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 6, 2009

My Mom and I are both on Budwig. She has ovarian cancer and I have an elevated CA-125 with no diagnosis and am just doing it as a preventative and because I like it and it makes me feel good.

It is for all cancers and is easy to do.

There is a Yahoo Group ‘flaxseedoil2’ that you could join for more info.

The basics are:

sauerkraut juice first thing in them morning for enzymes

Then mix:

6 tbl organic non fat cottage cheese

3 tbl flaxseed oil – not the high lignan one (barleans brand is best)

Mix thoroughly in a bowel with an immersion blender (hamilton beach, $20 at Walmart)

In blender add:

half to one cup mixed fruits

1-2 dates for sweetness

carrot, noni, resveratrol, or other good quality fruit juice

1 tbl flaxseeds (freshly ground)

the cottage cheese/flaxoil mixture

Blend until you have a nice fruit smoothie adding more juice if you like it thinner. I like mine thick!

Do that twice a day, in the morning and afternoon.

Fresh vegetable juices are part of the program as well as eating as raw as possible all fruits and veggies.

Brown rice, quinoa, fruits and veggies are all okay. Lot’s of water and green tea. No sugars, no caffiene, no meats and no fried foods, etc.

It is easy and inexpepnsive and members report lot’s of energy and general feeling of wellbeing.

I was also anemic when I started and am feeling much more energy and motivation since starting it approx 3 weeks ago.


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be your own physician

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 6, 2009

“Any man who wasn’t his own physician by the age of forty is a fool?”

– attributed to Paracelsus

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