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Get a FREE CANCER BOOK – for you and a friend

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 31, 2012

Get a FREE BOOK – Cancer Survivors’ Stories

This book is an 94-page paperback that retails for US$8.99 (£5.99). It tells the stories of over two dozen people who chose to follow an alternative therapy approach to their cancers.

Their experiences illustrate the potential for benefit of following a non-conventional path.

Download a free pdf of this book and send it to any of your friends who would be open to this information.

To get this book go to

This is one of eight books that are also available as a single volume: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible.

Here is what Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free, said of the book:

“You may feel that I talk too much about various books on the subject of natural healing. I do that because I know this is the only way for you to get educated enough to heal yourself. We are all going to die. No exceptions. But if you want to live a long and disease-free life, you have to educate yourself. No doctor or other expert is going to educate you. You are the only one who cares enough about your health to get smart about it.

I read an average of two books a week. They’re not all about health, but most of them are. Some are well worth the time. Others are a waste of time. But this is how I’ve learned to keep myself healthy and try to assist people like you to do the same. So, here is some wonderful reading material….


I have known Jonathan Chamberlain for several years. I know him because I admire the work he has done to get the message of natural cancer healing to people like you. This, his latest effort, is his best. He has compiled a true encyclopedia about natural cancer treatments — and allopathic cancer treatments. Do you want to know the effective uses of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — and their many side-effects? It’s all here. Do you want to know all about PolyMVA, MMS, LDN, DMSO/MSM, Bentonite Clay, AHCC, CanCell, Modified Citrus Pectin, Essiac Tea, Digestive Enzymes, CoQ10 and hundreds more? This is your “Bible.”

This book tells you what cancer is; what the diagnostic tools are; what the pros and cons are of diagnosis, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; how to protect yourself from damage; what the other new mainstream treatments are; why cancer research is failing to come up with cures; what the alternative therapies are that many people are doing — often with great success; the additional diagnostic tests you might want to consider; the detox regimes; the diets, herbs, vitamins, supplements and many other approaches that have helped; it tells you what the issues and arguments are in relation to these approaches. There is an extensive discussion of cancer research and the politics of medicine — because it is only when we understand the conceptualframeworks that we can truly understand which side of the war of ideas we stand on.

In the 19 years since his wife died of cancer, Jonathan has collected a mountain of information about cancer healing. It’s all here. This book is really a complete update of his previous book called “Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide.” That book has been broken down into eight shorter books on various subjects. These are available, too, from To learn more about Jonathan, just go to his website:”

You can read – I highly recommend it – Bill Henderson’s newsletter at

Also here is a link to a review posted on the ANH website: 

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