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Sixty Shades of Cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 28, 2013

This is my latest book seeking to help people who find themselves diagnosed with cancer – as with my other books the time to read them is before you get cancer.

I offer 60 key insights (actually 61 but who’s counting?) to help empower those of you who have cancer or who are supporting someone who has cancer. This replaces a previous book called 50 Shades of Cancer. This is a personal review of some of the conclusions reached over two decades of thinking about cancer. It will certainly be useful to you if you are on that journey. It will be even more useful if you are familiar with the ideas in this book before you get cancer – but how many of us are wise enough to prepare ourselves in this way (sadly, cancer is likely to strike 40-50% of us all so it does make sense to have some idea of the issues)
The first review on the UK Amazon site is spot on about the purpose of the book
Health Hunter wrote: Don’t panic! Don’t panic!
All Jonathan Chamberlain’s books are well worth reading for anyone who has concerns about cancer but this little production may be the one to read first as in it Chamberlain strives to calm the sense of panic a cancer diagnosis generates and focus the “victim” or concerned loved one on the practical moves to make other than just accepting the “expert” advice. For most people this may seem weird but read this and you will have scales lifted from your eyes by a man who has suffered with his late wife from NOT having access to the information he has subsequently uncovered.
Sixtyshadesofcancer - Kindle

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Legal Cannabis tinctures

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 27, 2013

Cannabis tinctures that are compliant with drug laws are available at

also at

CBD tint cures:

CBD Industrial hemp oil – totally legal:

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Naturally cured cervical cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 14, 2013

I have just been having a discussion with some women who are in various stages of remission from cervical cancer. All of them opted for conventional methods and were very happy that they had done so. Mainly they were those who had not been seriously affected by their radiation treatment (but as we know radiation damage may not manifest itself for many years – even decades.

As my wife died as much from her treatment as from her cervical cancer this is an area that I am very interested in. So I recently did a google search to see if anyone was claiming to have cured this cancer through natural approaches (which should work for any cancer because they don’t attack cancer itself (generally, some do) but seek to make the physical terrain of the body inhospitable to cancer). I came across this site:

Sceptics will often say: That’s just anecdotal. It proves nothing. My response to this line of argument is to agree it is not proof. But it is a sign-post. It is a guide. As long as it is not too bizarre, or too expensive then I would definitely advise anyone in need of help to do the same.

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