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leukaemia & most cancers are caused by toxic chemicals, medical drugs & radiation

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 30, 2011

Dear  Jonathan,

Well done for getting a letter in the Daily Mail of 30th Sept (which has a large circulation) about alternative cancer treatments.  You may be interested in the following:

A friend of mine, Edward Priestley, developed severe aplastic anaemia (bone marrow destruction) from workplace toxic chemicals. His doctors did not think he would survive but decades later his blood count is normal.

He discovered that leukaemia & most cancers are caused by toxic chemicals, medical drugs & radiation.  A reply to him in the House of Commons in 1989 stated that over 200 prescribed medical drugs are documented to have the ability to cause serious blood diseases.   Medical drug side-effects are given in “British National Formulary” doctors’ reference book.  Local libraries have similar reference books.

Doctors gave Edward little hope of survival, but by avoiding toxic substances & living a healthy life, blood tests show that after many years he’s free of aplastic anaemia.  Unfortunately little investigation is done with patients to discover the cause of their blood disease & such survival advice is rarely given to the public.   Edward’s advice is free, no products are sold & he makes no money from this!  His work supports the findings of “Drug-Induced Blood Disorders” by Prof. G.C. de Gruchy M.D (Melb), FRACP, FRCP (Lond), FRCPA. )
If a pregnant woman is exposed through no fault of her own, family DNA can be damaged.   Edward turned down a bone marrow transplant which was offered as he found it would not work for him.  This was because the many blood transfusion treatments he had been given had made his body produce too many antibodies.
Try to avoid toxic chemicals –  solvents,  strong smelling house paints, wood treatments, nail varnish, glues.  Until a few years ago quite a few people died from leukaemia after the timbers inside their houses were treated with lindane pesticide.  Lindane is now mainly banned in developed countries.

Use a natural toothpaste WITH NO FLUORIDE – from health shops or Boots chemist.
Drink bottled or purified water without artificial fluoride or chlorine.   A jug filter won’t remove fluoride.
Take only essential medical drugs. Even over the counter painkillers can affect blood cells.
Eat natural organic foods to avoid pesticides.
Non-organic chocolate can be high in pesticides & some countries may still use lindane.
Reduce food additives.
Avoid permanent & semi-permanent hair dyes that contain phenylenediamines & other chemicals.
If your immune system is damaged, don’t fly to tropical countries where aircraft are sprayed with pesticides & anti-malaria drugs are taken.
Don’t use non-stick pans which contain fluoride – nor aluminium.  Instead use stainless steel pans.

Use natural washing-up liquid & cleaners such as ECOVER. After washing-up rinse cups & bowls in tap water to remove washing-up liquid traces.
Use natural beauty products eg. those by “Green People” etc.   Most normal bath & care products contain man-made chemicals such as parabens etc.
Many face creams & bath products etc. look natural but contain a list of chemicals.
Try to reduce traffic fume exposure.
Consider taking a natural multi-vitamin capsule & vitamin C & B from health shops & follow bottle instructions, if your doctor agrees.   Avoid bright coloured synthetic ones.
If you need a new tooth filling ask if you can have a white composite.
(Not a white glass ionomer filling, which contains toxic substances)
Don’t have all your mercury fillings removed unless you find a ‘mercury-free’  practice who take special precautions to stop mercury being released into your body during drilling.

A blood test by Biolab can detect chemicals people have been exposed to in the past.
A doctor’s referral is needed but if this is difficult Biolab have a list of private doctors who could help.
9 Weymouth Street, London W1W 6DB.    One of their blood tests showed that Edward’s wife had been exposed to toxic cancer-causing lindane pesticide 30 years previously when she was a nurse treating patients with scabies!  Visit Edward’s website:

Perhaps you can tell your readers about this too.  We are having trouble getting this widely known by the public.
Best wishes,
Ann Wills.

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Galiellalactone – Prostate cancer inhibitor

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 26, 2011

For cancer info browse here and got to

Galiellalactone – Prostate cancer inhibitor

Galliellalactone is a natural fungal compound that Swedish researchers have discovered inhibits a protein STAT3 that is active in many prostate cancers – so we can expect this to be used straight away on prostate cancer patients? Think again. Now they have to find some way of making an artificial version that can be patented. Does this make sense – hell, yes. Not for people with prostate cancer but for the pharmaceutical companies. So don’t hold your breath. Sadly it is prohibitively expensive and I have no information as to optimum dosage.

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“An inspirational guide.”

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Kara Kennedy – victim of cancer treatment

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 22, 2011

On Tuesday, a cardiologist and Kara Kennedy’s brother Patrick said her death may have been caused by an aggressive cancer treatment she received in 2002.

Dr Sharonne N. Hayes, a cardiologist and founder of the Women’s Heart Clinic at the Mayo Institute, told ABC: ‘Depending upon where the lung cancer was, her heart could have taken a direct hit.’

When she was diagnosed with the cancer, Mrs Kennedy was told it was inoperable but her father found a surgeon who was able to treat it by removing part of her right lung. She then received chemotherapy and radiation.

Her brother, former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy, 44, said the gruelling treatments had left his sister physically weakened.

Dr Hayes told ABC that cancer patients who have aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, particularly in the chest, are at risk of heart problems .

She said: ‘The heart muscle can be weakened. This is probably widely under appreciated.

‘People are so fearful of cancer, but in order to save people from cancer, other organs are put at risk — the heart, in particular.’

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“I particularly like your writing style…factual and calm about…orthodox and alternative approaches.”

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Cellulosis – natural cures

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 18, 2011

Cellulosis is an inflammatory condition that is extremely dangerous and fast moving. The first time I got it a few years ago it was sorted out by anti-biotics. Then earlier this year it suddenly struck again and although I thought I had it under control I hadn’t – back to hospital and for a week I had to attend to get massive doses of their top anti-biotic. Then I went on a second antibiotic for a few weeks but that still didn’t eliminate the problem and there was still an area of sensitivity between the calf and ankle. A third antibiotic did very little – except by now by bowel movements were completely blown – still not really back to where they should be five months on – and still the problem seemed to be simmering. Then three or four days ago I woke up to find long livid lines of inflammation racing up my leg. This time I remembered MMS and colloidal silver (which I both drink and rub on the skin) and a mix of DMSO, lavender oil and sodium bicarbonate which I rubbed on the affected area. I also used a cheap nappy rash cream containing zinc oxide. Varying these approaches I seemed to have tamed it again – though as I write it is not wholly contained. With the nappy rash cream I first prime my leg with DMSO so that it will take the zinc oxide into the lymph and muscle. The leg is definitely feeling much better but it seems this is a problem I am now going to have to live with. The idea of being hospitalised for d

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ays/weeks on end does not appeal – but that could be the alternative, if I don’t keep it fully controlled.


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Chris Wark’s cancer recovery story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 12, 2011

Here’s the video of me sharing my story, feel free to forward if you want.
Thanks again Jonathan!

NOTE: The 2012 edition of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible is now available – see for details

“This book…was invaluable to me in making my decisions about follow-up treatment.”

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