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The Tap Water issue

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 14, 2015

Kathy Downer’s story

Kathleen Downer was happily settled in her married life when, in 1983, over a ten week period both her husband and daughter were diagnosed with cancer – testicular and the ALL form of leukemia.

Kathleen knew from local gossip that there were a number of other cases of childhood leukemia in the village and the neighbouring village where she lived near Bournemouth (south England). Thinking that there might be some common factor with all these cases, she found the addresses of a dozen families and went and paid a visit. It quickly became apparent to her that there was an odd thing that was common. 10 out of the twelve families lived at the end of a cul de sac.

Deciding to expand her investigations she managed to get the addresses of 67 families affected by cancer within a wider area (mainly in response to an article in her local newspaper). Of these 37 were at the end of cul de sacs – a further 12 were the first house in the street next to the corner house, a further 12 had a fire hydrant outside the door. Thinking about these features her suspicions rested on the water supply and she made enquiries of the local water boards. She soon discovered that a number of houses on her list that weren’t in cul de sacs were nevertheless situated next to a closed tap on the water main. She also discovered that a few years previously both the water board and the fire brigades had stopped doing a regular flush of the system. Flushing of fire hydrants and dead end water systems is essential to clear systems from the gradual build up of mineral and other deposits. After flushing, local tap water will typically be discoloured and although water authorities insist that this water is potable, advice is to avoid using this water for laundry purposes. The question naturally occurs: If it’s not acceptable for laundry purposes why would it be considered drinkable? Another question also occurs: If water pipes are not cleared by means of flushing then presumably there is a build up of undesirable matter in the pipes. Could this have an impact on the health of those living immediately adjacent to these sites? So Kathy Downer, assuming that there was something in the mains water supply – either an unhealthy high calcium content or a chemical contaminant of some sort, switched to using filtered water for her daughter. Since her daughter’s blood counts were being carefully monitored during the course of her chemo treatment, the impact of this change was almost immediately detected. Immediately there were noticeable improvements in her daughter’s blood counts and in her ability to withstand the toxicity of the drugs. Later she used bottled water* with the same benefits. Even more astonishingly, her daughter began to grow again (the chemo has the effect of severely stunting growth). Her daughter and husband both recovered from their cancers.

This effect mirrors the benefits that Connah Broom (whose story I have written about in The Amazing Cancer Kid Amazon (USA)    Amazon (UK) )  experienced. Soon after switching to filtered water he was able to withstand his extremely punitive chemotherapy treatments without the side effects he had previously experienced and which were commonly experienced by the other children.

*Note: Bottled Water: Bottled water comes from many varied sources – and some is just unfiltered tap water. If you need to drink bottled water choose a brand that you trust.

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cancer survivor’s story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 29, 2015

Angel Howerton posted this account of her journey:

PAIN” I know a little bit about pain the last 4 years have been like a roller coaster ride. first I was in a severe accident which left me bedridden for over 5 months broken bones twisted up body from neck to ankles While I was learning to walk again I found out I had stage 4 MMMT uterus cancer, They took out a tumor the size of a baby’s head. And then five weeks later it was already growing back, thats when I was given only 3 weeks to Live “and that’s been over 3 years ago”,, I have Healed my cancer and pain with all natural remedies, positive thoughts and prayers, I refused to take pain medication so I had to research and find natural remedies that work,

I wanted to share this list with you ;


WOBENZYM N. ; Systemic Enzymes are another very important thing to take for any pain and inflammation. Enzymes help digest toxic cells and will aid your body in the elimination of dead cells while helping to aid in pain relief.

MSM : source of organic sulfur has also been proven to be extremely effective for killing pain especially tissue and joint pain such as arthritis and fibromyalgia and MS

SILICA: Is so important to heal any nerve pain. It is the insulating that encases the nerve. Silica also strengthens bones

More great info on how important SILICA is :
Silica is known as the body’s true surgeon…. it has the ability to go in and cut away all material the body does not need and help bring it to the surface of the skin. It helps in the removal of tumors and cysts from the body.
Silica is a cleanser and eliminator in the body. It’s a deep acting remedy which helps the body throw off non functional organic matter that has arrived as a point where nature needs to eliminate it from the system. Silica does aid in the healing process by promoting separation, breaking up pathological accumulation, cancerous lesions, abscess and boils.

On the Silica I like Alta Health brand or Flora brand
1000 Milligrams while your healing

I also used massage, reflexology, positive thoughts, yoga, meditation.
Wishing you all love. Light. And. Blessings love Angel

“Cancer Cures From Heaven” Page

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Personal Testimony of a natural cancer cure experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 22, 2014

Here is a story that demonstrates the fact very clearly that doing alternative approaches a) can work b) requires effort and commitment and c) requires multiple strategies to achieve best results:
A woman posted this on a Facebook page (Cancer Cures & Natural healing):

“I joined this group a few weeks ago searching for knowledge for a friend I was assisting with her cancer care. She was given a 4 to 6 week diagnosis. She was told today that she is indeed cancer free and a miracle. I just wanted you all to know. Thank you for the advice and all the wonderful posts. You have made a difference.
Cell Power Super Silica, (and PH strips)
Hulda Clark’s Super Vitamin D,
liposomal Vitamin C,
magnesium spray,
Methyl B12,
Aloha green drink,
NOW Brand GMO free lecithin,
Carlson’s Fish oil,
baking soda
Lugol’s Iodine
eliminated all acidic foods and drinks,
monitored PH daily, (kept at 7 or above)
juiced and made smoothies (organic)
eliminated toxic hygiene products and used organic hygiene products,
eliminated sugar and high carbs,
used super silica (with cell power) in water as well as lemons and rotated with baking soda
used Aloha green drink for nutritional support
used fresh ginseng in smoothies
editing and adding her protocol here for those who do not see it in the comments ~ we kept her alkaline, cut out all junk, no sugar, processed foods, prayed, began tumeric and glutathione (limited, she would get ill in detox so she would back off), methylfolate, methyl B12, vitamin D, selenium, lugol’s iodine, magnesium spray, used alkaline veggies and fruits in smoothies, used Aloha brand green drink, baking soda, prayed some more, she used Cell Power Super Silica, she used ph strips daily, prayed some more and that is about it. Also used organic hygiene products, skipped brushing her teeth for a while (Gerson). Lemons in her water, increased water, Now brand nonGMO lecithin, fish oil, prayed some more, but the main thing was alkalinity. She worked HARD at it and would panic if it went back to 7.”

And here is another
“I Met a man who was about to have his arm cut off in ICU. Gave him little time left to live as cancer was spreading all through him. They were applying antibiotic patch’s to the sarcoma. They asked what to do. Nothing was working and the Elderly man was going ‘down’ in health. I suggested Iodine. The family then asked the Dr.s to place pure Iodine on the cancer. They did. Then I suggested Essiac Tea ….he drank lots of it and daily he got stronger and stronger….moved into a room and in 6 weeks…was deemed …cancer free. Not one Dr. asked how this was healed so fast.
*I also have to add…I used Distance Therapeutic Touch with him, as well I made him an Orgone Accumulator Blanket/ Designed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.
Very easy to make your own!
He also made himself a mixture of Baking Soda and Maple Syrup.
The photos that accompanied this story were of an horrific sarcoma on a man’s elbow.

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Great cancer healing story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 27, 2014

I love stories where cancer doctors send patients home to die – and then they go and cure themselves with simple therapies – when will people wake up? Here’s one such story:

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Sodium bicarbonate cure

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 25, 2014

Here is another way that sodium bicarbonate can be used to cure cancer – in this case a basal cell carcinoma. I have always suggested using sodium bicarbonate in the form of a drink but this story makes sense:

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Carol Smith’s cancer cure story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 19, 2014

Carol Smith’s story
19 months ago, my husband was told he had stage T2A bladder cancer and that to survive, he would need to have chemo, radiation and radical surgery to not only remove his bladder and prostate, but to remove his intestines and have a neo bladder built from them so that he can pass urine. He was just 52 at the time. We had a second opinion in our own country, which again gave us the same prognosis within the same month. What the Dr’s forgot to tell us was if he took this operation, the chances of him living longer than 24 to 30 months were very slim and also they refrained from telling us he would be incontinent for up to a year and also impotent at age 52.
We spoke again to the Urologist and told him we needed more time to research alternative treatments and modalities, and we would not take the chemo just yet, we were already looking into different therapies, both of us are concerned with the quality of his life after surgery and both of us need time to digest all of this dreadful news, the Oncologist and the Surgeon tried to impress on us that we need to think very carefully about the surgery, the Surgeon had already got a date in his diary to proceed with removing his bladder, we felt like we were being railroaded into the surgery far too fast and we needed to slow it down a little so we could have time to digest everything. Something was screaming at me to take some time before making this radical decision.
I began first researching this natural cancer cure in the form of Essiac, given its name by Rene Caisse (“Caisse” spelt backwards); this herbal cure consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibwa Indians. The four main herbs that make up Essiac are Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root.
If you want to know more about Rene Caisse’s Immune System Theory in her own words. You can Google “Rene Caisse story’’ My husband started on this medicine within a week of him being diagnosed, Then we made an appointment with a naturopathic Dr and we asked for her help in co Doctoring my husband each step of the way as we try the alternative approach. Dr did all of his blood tests to find out what he was lacking to make his immune system be so depleted and we found out he was almost completely depleted of vitamin D even though he lived in a hot and sunny climate. We put together a plan of action to continue to work with the conventional tests MRI and scans and also many vitamins and supplements and complete diet and lifestyle change. The conventional Dr’s gave my husband 18 months to 2 years to live if we did not do the surgery and the chemo. We did none of them, only natural healing with vitamins diet and lifestyle change and cannabis oil. I first saw the movie in November 2011 but it took me until April of 2012 to find the oil made with a natural food grade Alcohol. It has been hard work for me as a carer and wife and I never stopped my research for 1 day in the last 19 months but today I can say 19 months after my husband’s first diagnosis he is cancer free and still has his bladder intact.
He has been cancer free now for the last two cystoscopies, so five months Cancer free in February 2014 he has no metastasis to other organs. We have every one of his medical records, every laser surgery to remove tumors has been recorded on Cd’s and we even have the biopsy slides with pieces of the tumors that were graded as being aggressive and muscle invasive. We still have to have regular check ups every three months but to think 19 months ago he was told he has 18 months to live if he did not remove his bladder, prostate and some lymph nodes, I am so happy to also say as side effect of all we did, his cholesterol went back to normal as did his blood pressure, he looks ten to 15 years younger and feels so much better than he ever did and it is shocking that we are led to believe that there is no cure for Cancer, our story is living proof there is another way and I am now consumed with only getting the word out that Cancer does not need to mean death. We just lost 19 months of our lives to cancer and yet it has turned out to be the most important time of our life too, I found what I was put on the earth to do and that is to be part of something, as the world wakes up to there being another way and it is just through natural healing and giving our body just what it needs to repair itself!! Taking Control of your own body means you too can heal yourself, first and foremost with proper diet and nutrition and vitamin therapy, a complete lifestyle change and Natural God given plant extracts. I wrote a book about all we did and will share it as soon as it is published.
My husband completely changed the way he eats, he has no dairy or sugar, no white flour or white potatoes, he has mainly a plant based diet with a little fish or chicken and no processed food, pastries meats cheeses etc, he had Essiac, he had mega doses of vitamin C and D3, vitamin B17, K2, detox powder’s initially, then he had DHEA to build his immune system back so that his body could heal itself, then a year after doing all of this, we found the oil and added that to all we had done, he did 90 days on the oil and then maintenance dose of rice grain size two or 3 times weekly. It has been hard for 18 months but it is a success story which we will continue to tell the world about.
Fear is a terrible thing and fear is ripe when we hear the word Cancer. The saying, “Frightened to death” is really what happens to the body once you believe there is only one way to treat this terrible disease.
I hope that sharing our story might give you, at least some hope that there is another way. Our belief system does not have to be locked we can open up our minds to think for ourselves, inform ourselves and learn not to just accept our “fate”
The book is Taking Control by “Alyssia Sade” – Carol is using a pseudonym for personal reasons that have been explained to me and which are entirely valid. The book is due out in a few months’ time

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Connah Broom’s story published in Daily Mail

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 16, 2013

The top online story in today’s Daily Mail tells of Connah Broom’s extraordinary fight against cancer – and the extraordinary ex-army sergeant-major grandfather Jim and grandmother Debbie who have dedicated their lives to their grandson. He is a robustly healthy boy who loves sport despite the fact that he has had ‘terminal cancer’ for the last 8-9 years.

You can read the story here

To read the full story read The Amazing Cancer Kid that I co-wrote with the Broom family

USA Amazon link
UK Amazon link

Here are comments made by two reviewers:

Such a heart warming book, cried start to finish – inspirational. Made my 12year old read it and he’s not complaining…must read for everyone

I think Connah and his family are a true inspiration! This family has gone through so much over the last few years and they are not going to give up the fight. The book is extremely well written and I would certainly recommend it! Connah is a true “amazing kid”.

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Cervical cancer cure may never come to market?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 30, 2013

A woman posted this message on a forum

Though this seems like a joke, its not. Went to Mexico in 2010 and got cured. I had CIN III Mild displaysia strand 16- the cancer causing one. Here is the site.

Another contributor reported:

The vaccine is still in phase 4 trials and is not available outside clinical trials for commercial use.

The company has no money to continue production.
Quote from the company that has ‘developed’ this vaccine:

Our current therapeutic vaccine product candidate MEL-1 is the only therapeutic product for which we have any rights, and our blood-based HPV diagnostic test is the only other product for which we have rights. Neither of these may ever be successfully marketed or manufactured, and our business would suffer substantial harm if they are not successfully commercialized. To date, these product candidates have only been tested in Mexico on a limited number of humans and the clinical trial database is not sufficient for approval in the United States, Europe and possibly other territories.–684281.html

The full discussion can be found here

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The Amazing Cancer Kid

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 22, 2013

Connah Broom has lived with cancer for the last 8 years. His remarkable story – with lessons for everyone who is concerned about cancer and its treatment (especially among children).

The book that tells his story will appear soon. As we are gearing up for the marketing – Connah is about to start secondary school (7 years after the doctors told the family he would be dead within weeks or at most a few months). Here Jim has answered a few questions put to him by a local reporter:

Connah will be starting at Prestatyn High School in Sept and he is really looking forward to it. We are on holiday at the moment and the other day he said only 2 more weeks and I’ll be at High School” So even on holiday he is thinking about it..

No one can say what the future holds for Connah. Nueroblastoma is such a persistent and aggressive disease that we take every day as it comes and only make tentative plans for the future. However we try and be positive for the future and Connah has said that he would like to be a Policeman, he loves watching ” murder mysteries” and always tries to work out ” who did it” before anyone else.

Connah’s overall medical condition is classed as “stable” . However to look at him you would not think that he was ill. His school attendance for last year was 96%. He participates in all school physical activities, has won medals for “Street Dance, Hip Hop and Duet” with Prestatyn Dance Studio, plays football for Prestatyn Athletic Football Team and enjoys swimming, so on the whole although still having a 5cm – 5cm tumour in his stomach he is doing very well. Even though he has never been in ” remission”.

We are really happy that he has reached high school, but we are worried as its a big step and we feel that we will have a lot less contact with him whilst he is there. We have built up a really good rapport with Bodnant Community School the Teachers and staff and thank them very much for all there support and assistance during Connah’s last five years there.

Our motive for writing the book was to inform people of Connah’s story and to highlight how once you start to question what is being done with regards to medical treatment and to research other options the people who you believe are there to help and support you soon turn there backs on you. However our GP has been incredibly supportive to us and we thank him for that.

We want other families to know that whilst there children are being treated in the hospital there are things that they can do to help them through and even reduce some of the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Also there are alternatives to look at rather than giving up to the Doctors final statement ” There is nothing more we can do, just go home and enjoy the time you have left”!

Our motto is “Never Give Up”!

Here is a link to the first news report in his local newspaper

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lung cancer cured naturally

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 4, 2013

I have always feared that I will get lung cancer (I was a heavy smoker for 17 years) as I am aware that this is one of the more difficult cancers to cure. However, along with another post talking about the merits of cannabis oil for all types of cancer – and the following story, I am a great deal less concerned.

For an overview of all your cancer treatment options read THE CANCER SURVIVOR’S BIBLE

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