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The Tap Water issue

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 14, 2015

Kathy Downer’s story

Kathleen Downer was happily settled in her married life when, in 1983, over a ten week period both her husband and daughter were diagnosed with cancer – testicular and the ALL form of leukemia.

Kathleen knew from local gossip that there were a number of other cases of childhood leukemia in the village and the neighbouring village where she lived near Bournemouth (south England). Thinking that there might be some common factor with all these cases, she found the addresses of a dozen families and went and paid a visit. It quickly became apparent to her that there was an odd thing that was common. 10 out of the twelve families lived at the end of a cul de sac.

Deciding to expand her investigations she managed to get the addresses of 67 families affected by cancer within a wider area (mainly in response to an article in her local newspaper). Of these 37 were at the end of cul de sacs – a further 12 were the first house in the street next to the corner house, a further 12 had a fire hydrant outside the door. Thinking about these features her suspicions rested on the water supply and she made enquiries of the local water boards. She soon discovered that a number of houses on her list that weren’t in cul de sacs were nevertheless situated next to a closed tap on the water main. She also discovered that a few years previously both the water board and the fire brigades had stopped doing a regular flush of the system. Flushing of fire hydrants and dead end water systems is essential to clear systems from the gradual build up of mineral and other deposits. After flushing, local tap water will typically be discoloured and although water authorities insist that this water is potable, advice is to avoid using this water for laundry purposes. The question naturally occurs: If it’s not acceptable for laundry purposes why would it be considered drinkable? Another question also occurs: If water pipes are not cleared by means of flushing then presumably there is a build up of undesirable matter in the pipes. Could this have an impact on the health of those living immediately adjacent to these sites? So Kathy Downer, assuming that there was something in the mains water supply – either an unhealthy high calcium content or a chemical contaminant of some sort, switched to using filtered water for her daughter. Since her daughter’s blood counts were being carefully monitored during the course of her chemo treatment, the impact of this change was almost immediately detected. Immediately there were noticeable improvements in her daughter’s blood counts and in her ability to withstand the toxicity of the drugs. Later she used bottled water* with the same benefits. Even more astonishingly, her daughter began to grow again (the chemo has the effect of severely stunting growth). Her daughter and husband both recovered from their cancers.

This effect mirrors the benefits that Connah Broom (whose story I have written about in The Amazing Cancer Kid Amazon (USA)    Amazon (UK) )  experienced. Soon after switching to filtered water he was able to withstand his extremely punitive chemotherapy treatments without the side effects he had previously experienced and which were commonly experienced by the other children.

*Note: Bottled Water: Bottled water comes from many varied sources – and some is just unfiltered tap water. If you need to drink bottled water choose a brand that you trust.


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The Amazing Cancer Kid

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 22, 2013

Connah Broom has lived with cancer for the last 8 years. His remarkable story – with lessons for everyone who is concerned about cancer and its treatment (especially among children).

The book that tells his story will appear soon. As we are gearing up for the marketing – Connah is about to start secondary school (7 years after the doctors told the family he would be dead within weeks or at most a few months). Here Jim has answered a few questions put to him by a local reporter:

Connah will be starting at Prestatyn High School in Sept and he is really looking forward to it. We are on holiday at the moment and the other day he said only 2 more weeks and I’ll be at High School” So even on holiday he is thinking about it..

No one can say what the future holds for Connah. Nueroblastoma is such a persistent and aggressive disease that we take every day as it comes and only make tentative plans for the future. However we try and be positive for the future and Connah has said that he would like to be a Policeman, he loves watching ” murder mysteries” and always tries to work out ” who did it” before anyone else.

Connah’s overall medical condition is classed as “stable” . However to look at him you would not think that he was ill. His school attendance for last year was 96%. He participates in all school physical activities, has won medals for “Street Dance, Hip Hop and Duet” with Prestatyn Dance Studio, plays football for Prestatyn Athletic Football Team and enjoys swimming, so on the whole although still having a 5cm – 5cm tumour in his stomach he is doing very well. Even though he has never been in ” remission”.

We are really happy that he has reached high school, but we are worried as its a big step and we feel that we will have a lot less contact with him whilst he is there. We have built up a really good rapport with Bodnant Community School the Teachers and staff and thank them very much for all there support and assistance during Connah’s last five years there.

Our motive for writing the book was to inform people of Connah’s story and to highlight how once you start to question what is being done with regards to medical treatment and to research other options the people who you believe are there to help and support you soon turn there backs on you. However our GP has been incredibly supportive to us and we thank him for that.

We want other families to know that whilst there children are being treated in the hospital there are things that they can do to help them through and even reduce some of the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Also there are alternatives to look at rather than giving up to the Doctors final statement ” There is nothing more we can do, just go home and enjoy the time you have left”!

Our motto is “Never Give Up”!

Here is a link to the first news report in his local newspaper

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This Website

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 15, 2013

These books will mess with the way you think about cancer
My name is Jonathan Chamberlain and I am the author of a number of books on cancer. The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (550 pages of Facts, Issues and Options); Cancer Recovery Guide – 15 strategies for recovery; Cancer? Don’t Panic (ebook and paperback) – the wisdom of 20 years thinking about cancer summarized into short, highly focused points you will need to think about. It started with 50 points but soon became 60 . There it is. This is a quick intro to help orientate you and mess with the way you think about cancer; and The Amazing Cancer Kid – the story of a boy who has confounded his doctors expectations by not dying 7 years ago. I actually wrote these books for myself. I want to live and I don’t want to have my health damaged and I really don’t want to suffer pain. For further details go to

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chiTai Chi helps chemo brain

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 24, 2011

For detailed info on all your cancer options see my two books –

Tai Chi helps chemo brain

‘Chemo brain’ is the condition of mental fuzziness that can last for years (and years) after chemotherapy treatment. Now a University of Missouri study seems to show that Tai Chi – done twice a week for an hour – had a significant impact in helping women improve their mentalfunctioning after only ten weeks.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“This book gives hope. …I wish I had read this book before I was diagnosed. My doctors and the cancer charities didn’t tell me any of this.”

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Thoughts on Stress

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 20, 2011

If you are looking for cancer related info, please browse this site – and read my two cancer books –

Thoughts on Stress

We think of stress as being caused mainly by anxieties when faced with problematic situations but as Mike Goldberg tellingly writes: “Stress is also caused by holding onto the painful past and having negative and impulsive reaction to stress factors. It is important to rest, get away from negative and toxic people and environments, avoid conflict and drama, stop watching the news, smile, listen to soothing music and focus on blessings and not lack. Love is a beautiful energy that reduces inner stress and helps bring inner peace and peace of mind.”

It also appears to be the case that the way our thoughts work can influence the way we are – and help us towards health. Read this article

So maybe Lamarck was righter than he knew?

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