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Cancer: A Christian Perspective

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 24, 2008

Cancer: A Christian Perspective on Healing

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” And as Genesis goes on to say he created ‘every living creature’ and he saw it was good.

In short, all creation is God-created. We need therefore to treat it with respect – the earth, the living creatures that live on the earth, man, ourselves and our bodies. All is God-created. All is Good.

What then are we to do about cancer?

150 years ago, the cities of Europe and America must have been harsh places to live. There would have been little in the way of hygiene. Diets would have been strange – mainly consisting of meat and potatoes. Most men would have smoked tobacco. The air would have been foul from factory chimneys belching out smoke. And yet cancer rates were very low (about 1-2%). Some say this is because life expectancy was low. But the truth is life expectancy was only low because so many women died in childbirth. Those who lived to the age of 40 had a very similar life expectancy to our own. So this is not the reason. The Bible – written 2-3,000 years ago – talks of man’s life expectancy as being three score years and ten – so a life of 70 years was a reasonable expectation even then. But there was very little cancer.

I believe that the cause of cancer will be found to be the mineral depletion of the earth through modern farming methods which do not respect the earth – perhaps compounded by the concentration of toxic chemicals in our domestic environment – particularly the plastics. But this is just a guess. However, it is not the cause but the healing of cancer that concerns me here.

Attempting to kill cancer by nearly killing the host of the cancer – as we do with chemotherapy – cannot be wise, cannot be good – certainly is not respectful of what God has given us. A God-respecting approach must entail strengthening, not weakening the health of the person with cancer. ‘Curing’ cancer cannot mean eliminating cancer at all costs irrespective of the impact on the person harbouring the cancer. Attempting to ‘cure’ cancer by permanently harming the tissues and organs of the cancer patient’s body – as we do with radiation –is not an approach to cancer that is respectful of God’s creation.

So how can we attempt to cure cancer in a way that is respectful of God’s creation?

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler was faced with this question in the most direct way possible. She was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, that is cancer that had spread widely throughout the body from the pancreas. This is the most fatal of all cancers. Most people given the same diagnosis are dead within months. Yet Felicity is alive and well today and cancer free (her website is – her cure? Extracts of apricot seed – otherwise known as laetrile – which she chose on the basis of Genesis 1:29.

Today, Felicity is not only alive, she is well. She is vibrantly healthy. And she reached her health in a way that was deliberately respectful of God’s creation.

I don’t believe that Felicity was so stupendously lucky that she found the only possible cure for cancer that exists. No. I believe that there are many ways of reaching health and Felicity’s way is just one of them. And all these ways share the characteristic that they are respectful of God’s creation. I have described many of these ways in my book Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide –

Respect is at the heart of a true Christian vision of the world. Without respect there is only arrogance. Arrogance ultimately derives from taking the view that one has the unquestioned right to exercise power. When it comes to healing ourselves of cancer, no-one has that right.


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