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DMSO and tennis elbow

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 19, 2009

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Report from a user of DMSO for tennis elbow

I tried a 25% solution (used 50% liquid solution from Jacob Labs, half and half with distilled water) on my VERY painful elbow, and it seemed to help a little, but still very painful.

I got impatient and decided to try the DMSO gel from the health food store.  This is 70% pure DMSO with 30% Aloe Vera (this one: http://www.myvitane la1.html ).  I was afraid of skin irritation, so I also purchased a bottle of aloe Vera gel to use with it to avoid the skin problems.

The first time I used it, my skin got very hot and itchy, but rubbing in the Aloe gel cooled it nicely.  I also noticed that the elbow felt much better an hour or two later, and for the rest of the day.  I used it again at night, same result.  I thought, “this is no problem, maybe I don’t need the extra Aloe Vera gel”, so this morning I put the DMSO gel on again without adding extra Aloe Vera gel over it.  Big mistake.  Skin got very hot and very red after about 20 minutes.  Looked like sunburn.  I put the Aloe Vera gel on, and in a couple of hours it was ok, but now I know to put it on right away.  70% DMSO is rather strong, so rubbing in Aloe Vera gel seems to dilute it further and, so far, nearly eliminates the skin problems.

Perhaps moving to the stronger product was rash, and I have had skin reactions, but for the first time in months I have almost no pain in the elbow, and that is after only three applications.  In the future I will use less of the DMSO gel and more of the Aloe Vera gel over it, but I intend to continue using it until I find what works with minimal skin irritation, because the results of using the stronger product are nothing less than spectacular.  At this point, I am hoping for complete healing (is that feasible?), or at least pain control while it heals itself, as I am sure it will eventually.

Am I doing the right thing?

Someone responded saying they had used the 99% strength DMSO and had not suffered any burning sensation – suggested that the burning sensation may not be a response to dmso but with whatever was used to dilute it!

Another suggestion is that the burning was caused by using DMSO on sensitive part of the body – and that putting aloe vera gel on before the DMSO might be good.



4 Responses to “DMSO and tennis elbow”

  1. Alex said

    Hey! Just read what you’re doing, and it sounds pretty spot on. I’ve had tendinitis issues with my left arm, and have recently purchased DMSO to use. The Dr prescribed Relafen, which worked great to manage the pain, but I wasn’t too keen on the side effects. That, and the fact that it seems like it will be months before this gets better, I wanted to try something with less long-term effects. I bought the 90% grade roll-on, and I’m experiencing the burn on my skin. It’s been pretty bad, but the irritation on my skin goes away after a few hours, and the pain is managed well. I think I’ll probably try the aloe vera approach, or even maybe try the gel, as I think the roll-on is too strong for my skin. Anyways, from all the online research I’ve done over the last month, seems like you’re on your way.

  2. jorg said

    thank you that was a useful piece of info on aloe and dmso. ive read that in a few places on the web that any concentration of dmso over 90% is inafective.

    • cancerfighter said

      I haven’t heard this – and can’t see any reason why it would be – or do you mean any concentration less than 90% (even this I think is debatable)

  3. Duztin said

    I have had some experience with DMSO indirectly through my father who swears by the stuff for his horses, but hadn’t used it on himself. I have used it periodically for general pain, swelling and soreness from sports injuries. I have a rotator cuff that gets agitated from dancing now that I use the stuff for, and it works wonders. In a pinch I will use the 99% stuff my father has, and almost without fail will experience the burning/itching from it. I have found that most oils will prevent/cure the sensation. I personally use baby oil (just because its always on hand). There are some solutions out there that work great, off the top of my head is Warriors Mist which is 99% DMSO diluted with olive oil, peppermint oil, lavender and coconut. I’ve used this stuff a LOT and never experienced any of the burning/itching/tingling feelings or even the garlic taste associated with it.

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