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Wrong Handed – video

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 20, 2014

This is the video of two women – two of the bravest women I have ever met – who were once right handed but – since high-dose radiation therapy for their breast cancers – now have to do everything with one hand – the wrong one.

Of course radiation damage is – hopefully – rarely as bad as this. But considering that this is a potential risk that doctors have been prepared to accept on behalf of their patients (who are kept in ignorance of the risk they face) how can we trust doctors? There are ways of avoiding these risks (by not undergoing radiation) and of mitigating some of the negative impacts – see The Cancer Survivor’s Bible for details –

And of course there are many other ways of responding to a diagnosis of cancer as I discuss in my book Cancer? Don’t Panic! – available as a free download at

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Artemesia and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 19, 2014

Here is a link to an interesting article on the effectiveness of Artemesia against cancer. It reacts with iron to create free radicals – so this is one of the few times when cancer patients treating their cancers should take iron which is otherwise not recommended.

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vaccinations – for or against?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 6, 2014

The subject of vaccinations is one – like the arguments between mainstream and alternative approaches to cancer – that brings out the ideologues. Things in the ideological frame are black or white, good or bad. Reality however is complex and nuanced. I must say that I am in no man’s land on the subject. I simply don’t know enough. But I do know enough to be concerned.

Those who shout ‘look at polio’ argue that we eliminated a deadly disease through vaccination therefore vaccinations per se are good. However a simple Google search of ‘vaccination eliminates polio’ brings up evidence-based opinions that far from being eliminated, polio is mutating into other diseases and that the vaccination itself is exacerbating the problem. Also, historically, polio – for most people who got it – was relatively benign.

In any case, the argument based on generalising a truth from a particular case is bound to be wrong. Let me give you an example. We know that Ford makes any number of highly successful cars – Mustang, Mondeo etc. We might generalise this into a world-picture that goes: Any car produced by Ford will be successful because it has the resources to market and promote its cars – and they will be good cars because of the design and engineering skills that go into them (along with the market research) – so it is a no-brainer. Any car made by Ford will be a good car. In response to this ideological position I would simply offer a single fact: The Edsel. The Edsel, as we all know, sold only a few thousand units and nearly destroyed the company. I have seen an Edsel and one look at it had me in fits of laughter. The problem is the grill – it looks like a depressed duck that has just been goosed. What happened to the CEO who was in charge of this? Robert McNamara became Secretary of Defense under Kennedy (And what was his middle name? Strange! – strange but true!). And what did we get from that? The Vietnam War (though McNamara says that decision was taken while he was temporarily out of the loop after Kennedy’s assassination) – but seductive though this detour is let’s get back to the subject in question.

The problem with vaccination is that it represents imposed medicine. One size fits all and everyone must participate – not only that, they must participate at the time the doctors are giving the vaccinations. The result of this is that some children (because of weaknesses – perhaps illness at the time of receipt) suffer damage. Here is reference to one doctor’s experiences in Australia:

Note that large doses of vitamin C were in some cases able to reverse the damage. So we should ask why the same passion for vaccinations is not extended to vitamin C. And the answer, as we all know, is that the embrace of medicine and pharmaceutical commerce and Big Government means that only patented medicines will be promoted.

Vaccinations may or may not do what it says on the label (conversations on that subject will go on long into the night) but to impose vaccinations in large numbers on small vulnerable babies can only be described as medical fascism at its worst. The politicisation of medicine means that the truth becomes invisible. It is more difficult to research. It is more difficult to express contrary opinions. In short we are all expected to march in lock step. Why? To eliminate a disease. But should we attempt to eliminate diseases? To attempt this is to go up against the forces of evolution. The living world is in a constant state of change and mutation. We see this clearly with the flu vaccine. Flu evolves very quickly. All the vaccines that governments say we should take will (in theory) innoculate us from last year’s flu – but not the flu that is currently circulating. Crazy? Of course. But somehow you have to justify the cost of the big purchases of vaccine stock that Governments everywhere have been gulled into.

But, hey, someone might say. Look at smallpox. We beat that didn’t we? Maybe. Or maybe not. Read this short article containing a few uncomfortable facts:

We cannot know necessarily all the impacts that mass immunisation programmes have. Are they associated with autism? cancer? We cannot know. Cancer incidence has risen in parallel to increases in vaccination. We cannot say that there is a connection but equally we cannot dismiss the possibility that there might in some way be a connection – that connection may simply be that vaccines contain toxic substances (mercury) which, combined with other toxins in our environment (car exhaust fumes? plastic containers? who knows what else?) which result in weakened immune systems. How on earth are you going to trace such subtle connections in the face of an industry and government that doesn’t want its cosy profits and cosy sense of well-being disrupted by any awkward facts?

The subject of vaccinations is too fraught with simplistic assumptions and it is only through discussions and disputes that any clarity will arise. So let’s keep talking and arguing. But if you think you know the simple truth, one thing is certain – you will be wrong.

Jonathan Chamberlain is author of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible, Cancer? Don’t Panic! and The Amazing Cancer Kid –

New info re: HPV vaccines – 44 girls are known to have died according to this article which reports an admission by a leading doctor involved with the development of the HPV vaccines:

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Supplements for chemotherapy

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 2, 2014

Although I am utterly convinced that cancer is best treated by alternative approaches, I recognise this is not an opinion very widely shared. People often believe they have to make stark choices – one or the other – but there is the third way, if you like, where herbs, vitamins and other supplements are used to support the body while it undergoes gruelling chemo or radiation or surgery. I have recently come across the blog of someone who has mixed treatments in this way and since this is a first hand account based on personal experience I feel it carries weight. Here are the links:

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