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cannabis suppliers – fraud or not

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 28, 2014

I have been inundated by people claiming to be bona fide cannabis suppliers and some of them do indeed appear to know what they are talking about and are not obviously scamming. However, I don’t know the truth. I have decided not to post these details but will, if approached, pass on details of contacts that have been sent to me. However, I do warn anyone sending money by Western Union or similar that they will have no recourse if it does turn out to be a scam. Also many of these suppliers invoke the name Rick Simpson or Rick Simpson Oil. Please note that the real Rick Simpson does not sell cannabis oil – he only supplies information.

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Cannabis supplier fraud

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 27, 2014

I get quite a few emails purporting to be from people who claim to supply cannabis. Today I got one from RickSimpsonFoundation. I checked with Rick if this was bona fide. He tells me it is a fraud. He has nothing to do with it. Do not trust people who approach you claiming to be able to supply cannabis oil. There are suppliers but generally speaking it is a word of mouth connection. Be careful.

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Powerstrips and cancer and pain relief

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 27, 2014

Powerstrips – a Korean invention. Basically a plaster containing herbs, minerals etc which some people – and some lab evidence – suggests is not only good for pain relief but can inhibit cancer. For more info

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