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The Idea

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 23, 2008

The Amazon Best Selling Cancer Book Project

The idea is simple. One in two people can expect to get cancer at some time in ther lives therefore everyone needs to be alerted to the alternative point of view – that cancer can be prevented and/or treated with non-toxic, non-painful therapies – but only if you know what you’re going to do. Therefore people need to know about a book that provides a sane discussion of cancer. That’s what I believe I have done with my book Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide – see

The best way of getting information out is through an email information dispersal campaign.

If you agree with the essential message that the best time to prepare yourself for cancer is before you get it – then I would like to invite you to copy the letter in the following post to all your friends and relatives – and ask them to do the same.

This will hopefully boost people’s understanding of the key issues underlying non-mainstream cancer therapies – and so make it more difficult for the government to get the public to acquiesce to limitations on health freedoms.

Knowledge is power. The better educated the general public is the better we will all be. So please help spread the word about my book.

Thank you

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Letter – Please mail this letter to all your friends and relatives

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 23, 2008

Please read this right through. It’s important and it could change your life.

Hi Everybody

We’re trying to make a book written by my friend, Jonathan – a book that has information about dozens of ways to cure cancer – into an internet best seller. The book is called Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide. Will you help us?

Jonathan wrote the book as a result of his wife, Bernadette, dying of cancer (and from the effects of her treatment). That was 15 years ago. Jonathan has been researching cancer ever since. He knows of dozens of cancer cures and he wants other people to know about them too. These cures are being dismissed and ignored by doctors for reasons of medical politics and pharmaceutical profits. This is an important book – read the testimonials on his website

Jonathan is a very proactive person. He has founded not one but two charities for mentally handicapped children – go to his website and read the story of his daughter, Stevie. See if you can read it without being utterly moved.

Jonathan has given a great deal to make the world a better place to live in – and he wants to do more. But now he needs our help. He needs your help.

This is what we want to do. We’re going to try to see if we can get is book into the top 100 books on Amazon. Could we even get it to #1? Let’s try.

The more people know about the book, the more they will know the best ways of treating cancer. We can save lives. Maybe one of the lives that is saved will be yours – or that of someone you love.

And what’s my role in all this? Although I am a publisher I am not the publisher of this book. I have published one of Jonathan’s non-cancer books and I have helped him get this book to market. I am helping Jonathan simply because I am very impressed with this book and I believe everyone should know about it.

The way this is going to work is for you to
1. Read Jonathan’s letter below
2. Buy the book as requested – see links below
3. Send this letter on to all your friends
4. Then keep tabs on the Amazon ranking of the book – and see how close we can get.

Thank you for your support

Pete Spurrier
Publisher, Blacksmith Books

Jonathan’s letter:

Dear Everyone

I am hoping you can do me – and yourselves (friends or relatives) – a favour.

My big cancer book – Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide – has just been published (for more information go to

The sales pitch: You are 100% certain to know someone who has cancer and your own probability of getting cancer yourself is close to 50% (yes, nearly 1 in 2 people now get cancer!). The best time to think about what you might do in that situation is now – before you get cancer – when you are not stressed or in a state of panic. Perhaps I am being immodest but I do think my book is among the best guides you will find. If you wait until you get cancer and then simply go along with what the doctor advises…well, that’s what we did and I deeply regret it. I have no doubt that Bernadette would be alive today if we knew then what I know now.

The truth is that there are drugs that, in many cases, will help stop cancer in its tracks. There are many other approaches that have cured people. You can read some of their stories in my book. Beata used a diet to cure ‘terminal’ melanoma; Percy got rid of a sarcoma (similar to one that had killed a friend) by using a mix of minerals; Patty used a herbal paste to kill her breast cancer; Elonna used a chemical with electrical properties to eliminate a tumour on her spine. These are real people. Apart from Percy – who died aged 100 (50 years after his bout with cancer) – all the others are alive today.

The favour: Please go to Amazon and buy a copy of my book. When the book arrives please read it. Then tell your friends about it. Do this as a favour to them. It is certain that one of your friends – or one of their friends – will know someone for whom this book could be a life-saver.

Thank you


Links to Amazon 

USA: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

CANADA: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

UK: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide
Book Description and Testimonials

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

This book describes what cancer is, discusses the two ways of conceptualizing cancer (is the tumour the disease or is it simply a symptom of a disease?) and explains why this distinction is important. It also explores the mainstream approaches – and the pros and cons of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It evaluates cancer research and explains some of the defects of the current situation. Having laid the foundations, this book then gives a detailed description of what the alternative approaches are: the extra tests you might want to consider, the detox regimes, the diets, vitamins, herbs, supplements, machines and other therapies that could give you a better than 90% chance of recovery from cancer. Yes, it’s true. The exciting truth is there are dozens of cures for cancer. It may be that none are 100% effective for every person and every cancer but used together in parallel or successively these approaches can help people with cancer to become cancer free again. But you can’t do them if you don’t know what they are.

Here is what some people have said about the book:

“I now can recommend your book to the people in my support group as ‘the’ book to read. You have covered just about everything that I have read, and it took me over twenty books and innumerable downloads to do it. This book is more precious than gold!” – Richard Thompson

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” – Rev. Bill Newbern

“First of all let me say: Congratulations on your superb book!…Let me say immediately that your book is authoritative, reputable and much more comprehensive and better balanced than the vast majority of other books on the topic. Also it has much valuable material that I don’t recall seeing in any other book. The book should appeal to cancer patients and their families…the tone is engaging and lively and will appeal to anyone sympathetic to alternative approaches. You have succeeded in making a complicated subject accessible.” – Leonard Rosenbaum, Board of Dirs., Intl. Assn. of Cancer Victors & Friends

Mr Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful. I like writers that cut to the chase, and then do not skimp on the practical details…and I really like his attitude. He speaks from the heart, but clearly wants you to use your head. Good combination.” – Andrew Saul PhD. The Doctor Yourself Newsletter.

Links to Amazon

USA: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

CANADA: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

UK: Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide

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