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Black salve – graphic account

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 24, 2015

Here’s a graphic account – with photos – of what can be achieved using black salve


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Dr. V’s natural cancer cure story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 1, 2012

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (known as “Dr. V.”)

Dr V. graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1979. She says: “I am not your typical structural DC. I recognized very early in my practice that there was more to healing the body than simply correcting spinal issues.” This is her own cancer story:

It seems that cancer has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. My paternal grandparents that I was very close to, both died of some form of cancer. I remember numerous aunts and cousins dealing with Breast Cancer.

But what was truly a shock to my heart and system, was the pancreatic cancer diagnosis of my father Achilles in 1983.  After a short stay in the hospital, with numerous tests and exploratory surgery, “Archie” was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was sent home to die. The doctors gave him no hope, no possible remedies or cures…nothing. Unfortunately, my father bought into their message and he died 6 weeks later.

Throughout those 6 weeks, I began calling various “cancer clinics” and physicians that were getting results with turning cancer around. I will always remember that feeling of desperation, searching for a “cure”, an answer, a remedy that would give my father hope and relief from this horrible cancer.

I began to discover that there were many nutrients and powerful natural medicines that could heal cancer and I started applying these principles in my practice. Unfortunately, it was too late for my dad. I miss him terribly to this day.

Ten years later, my mother, Lucille, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Initially she chose to have a lumpectomy and radiation. The dosing of radiation was so strong that it literally blistered her breast, hardened the tissue and it remained red hot for over a year.

When my mother was afflicted with Breast Cancer, I had been in practice for 13 years. By this time, I was attracting patients from all over North America. I had incorporated bio-energetic testing (Electro-acupuncture according to Vohl) in my practice and I was now working with many patients with cancer and various auto-immune diseases who wanted to take a more gentle and natural approach to healing their body.

Those that were motivated and had a sense of “life purpose” did extremely well. Those who came as a “last resort” and did not really have the confidence and belief in the power of the body to heal, did not fare as well.

My mother decided to come visit and she agreed to follow my recommended protocol. She never had issues with Breast Cancer again.

There were hundreds of amazing stories, but I will never forget my first success story. A father from Chicago was visiting his daughters that had moved to the south of Georgia to do missionary work. He had been complaining of pain in his abdomen for a while and had plans to come see me as a patient. But after a few days, the pain become unbearable and he ended up in the emergency room. When they performed exploratory surgery they found a tumor the size of a grapefruit in his colon that had spread into his lymph nodes. The doctors recommended chemotherapy and radiation and unfortunately, as some doctors dare to do…..gave him the “death sentence” of less than 6 months to live.

As soon as he was out of Intensive care, his daughters and I began implementing a round the clock protocol that involved specific homeopathic formulas, herbal tinctures and supplements that had a chemotherapeutic effect on the body. His daughters diligently prepared raw juices to bring to him while he was in the hospital. Once he was released from the hospital, I ran a Bio-energetic scan on him that revealed severe heavy metal toxicity, Candida overload and a compromised Immune System.  For the first few months he followed the regime around the clock, taking his supplements every 2 hours. Once he was strong enough to go home, he kept up with his protocol and never looked back. His doctors were astounded that he recovered so quickly and survived.

Fast forward the clock to 2004. It was a typical morning when I was rushing to work and jumped into the shower and did my usual quick breast check.  I will never forget that moment when I felt “the lump” in my left breast. I immediately felt a burning pit in my stomach and felt faint. I innately knew that it was not a simple fibrocystic lump. Bio-energetic testing and the reaction to the Blood Root in the Black salve confirmed that it was not healthy tissue. (More explanation about that later)

As I was on my healing journey, I felt like the “lone ranger”, trying to figure out all the possible angles and reasons for the issues with my health. After all, I had lived a clean life, ate organic before organic was in style, had been under Chiropractic care since I was 16 years old, and I loved to run and exercise. I had home births and I had nursed all 3 of my children for 18 months each. That gnawing question in my heart was, “Why would someone like me develop Breast Cancer? What was I missing?”

After all, I was busy helping so many others turn their health around. What was it that I was not seeing or getting?

For the next 2 years, I searched for answers and tried to connect the dots. I had witnessed patients who had chosen the traditional medical therapies of “cut, poison, radiate”, with less than desirable results. The look in their eyes was one of pain, torture, and hopelessness. On the flip side, I had seen firsthand  the amazing change in patients who were diligent about getting to the cause of their “dis-ease” and taking steps to correct it.

There was not even a moment of doubt about how I would turn my health around. I wanted to get very clear about what was at the root of my “dis-ease” and what I needed to do to correct it and change it forever.

Since I understood that cancer cannot grow in a healthy, happy and alkaline body, I set out on my journey by applying the following principles:

1.)  Internally I addressed these issues:

  •  Alkalized my body and juiced
  • Detoxed with specific herbs and colonics
  • Kept my electrical energy balanced with acupuncture and chiropractic
  • Did some pretty serious emotional healing  with Energy Psychology tools like EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique
  • With the help of a qualified Biological Dentist, I addressed the toxicity in my teeth by having the metal fillings replaced with bio-compatible materials.
  • I followed a strict protocol of high doses of proteolytic enzymes, herbal tinctures and homeopathics that were designed to weaken the cancer cells and build up my Immune System.

2.)  Externally, I applied a paste called “Black Salve” to the lump in my breast. The salve contains the herb blood root, which causes apoptosis or death to cancer cells only. Miraculously, this salve does not harm healthy tissue but only attacks the cancer cells. This procedure creates an “eschar” or scab, which is eventually expelled along with the tumor.

I must say that I was not fully prepared with what was about to happen to my body. I was told by the manufacturer of this salve to apply a small pea size amount to the tumor every 24 hours. Within 12 hours I felt a burning, stinging sensation. When I removed the bandage, I could see a yellow spot developing. Every day that spot kept getting bigger and it looked like, ( and felt like),  something was eating a hole in my breast.

There was inflammation and swelling and intense pain in the breast. I kept taking pictures because I was in awe of what my body was doing and secondly, I knew that this was a healing story that had to be told. The wound kept spreading and in 3 weeks it was the size of a large golf ball. The “tumor” began to separate around the edges. Within 4 weeks this piece of dead tissue separated and fell out of my breast. It was shocking to say the least. I had this big hole in my breast, and unfortunately I could still see some black unhealthy tissue. The salve, which I discovered later, was an inferior quality and had not successfully removed all of the unhealthy tissue.

After being in excruciating pain for 4 weeks, I decided to let the wound close up and heal and monitor my health with Thermography and other diagnostic tests. I kept working on my healing internally and hoped that this would be enough to turn my health around.

After 2 years, in 2006, it became obvious that the tumor was once again growing and had large vascular tentacles feeding it. It was time to reapply the salve.

By then, I had done my research and found a reputable company that had success  with thousands of cancer patients. I had tested and used their products for over a year, before I decided to embark on my second journey with the Black Salve.

This time around, the tumor was larger but seemed more superficial. I cannot begin to describe the burning and seething pain, even with the use of prescribed pain pills.  Imagine what it would feel like if you had an open wound and you applied salt and vinegar to it……that is very similar to the 24 hour pain I experienced with the application of the salve. This is one of the reasons why I never recommend the salve as a first line of defense…it is only used as a last resort. Here I would note that cancer is more than simply a tumor and a cure involves more than simply the removal of a tumor. But I also accept that sometimes healing is faster if a tumor is removed by surgery or by means of the bloodroot salve.

The fantastic news is that after 4 weeks, my body released the unhealthy tissue and there was clean healthy tissue underneath the wound. Hallelujah! I was so thankful for the miracle that had taken place in my body. I was now on the road to recovery with an amazing story of hope to share with other women.

Dr Veronique  Desaulniers has written in detail about her healing program and the ideas behind it in her book,  The 7 Essentials for Healing and Preventing Breast Cancer, Naturally. Further details can be found at her website:

For more cancer cure stories read The Cancer Survivor’s Bible

“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” – Rev. Bill Newbern.

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Bloodroot product websites

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 12, 2008


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black salve experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 26, 2008

There’s really a lot of info on this site so do browse. This supports and extends the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books.  For more information go to


“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”- Rev. Bill Newbern


Dr Loretta Lanphier reported this to a yahoo health group:

I have worked with black salve to some extent.  We actually made some up in a tincture form and one of our successes was a lady in California that had a skin cancer on the top of her head.  She had it off and on for many years but it seemed to be growing and she was beginning to feel worse and worse.  She was an acquaintance of ours and asked if we had anything that would help, so we sent her some of the tincture to apply to the area. We also had her change her diet, cleanse and rest, etc.  With a true black salve 1) It should only be applied 1x.  More is not necessarily better.  2) If a reaction begins to occur then it means there are most likely cancerous cells.  If nothing happens to the area then cancer is probably not present.  Now, some black salves will cause a reddening of the skin, if it gets on normal skin. She did not feel good for a while because she did go through some detoxification and we made sure that we helped her with that – especially with liver and bowel cleansing. Later that year we did a seminar in California and she attended.  Her son had taken pictures of the before and after.  We were absolutely amazed!  It had healed wonderfully and hair was even growing back.  She looked great and felt good.  This was about a 3-inch in diameter cancer.

This tincture that I am talking about was made in 2002 (just to give you an “age” of the tincture).  Last year (2007) I had a place on my chin that just would not heal.  I did everything I could think of and nothing seemed to help.  So I was going through my “medicine closet” and saw the black salve.  I put one-drop on the area and I could feel it work immediately.  It was not terribly uncomfortable and within two days the area began to heal and has not come back. And, best of all, no scar.

Zinc needs to be in the black salve.  The secret is to refrain from applying the salve more than once.  Also using a good quality vitamin E during the healing process is recommended.

Some black salves are not true black salves.  Companies try to come up with their “own” product so that it is “theirs” to market and different from all other products.  However, because of this the term black salve has many different connotations.  Some are more harmful and some may seem to work and some not al all.  Really, no new ingredients need to be added as it will work effectively with the main ingredients that I listed yesterday.  The true black salve ingredients, when properly combined, make the product nothing short of remarkable – allowing people to heal from skin cancers that conventional medicine can literally make a mess of.  Also, black salve does get to the root of skin cancers.  Many have also taken black salve internally and had good results.  Again, professional and knowledgeable help needs to be sought out. Kathryn has much more experience in this area that I do. As the body is healing from any cancer, you will need to support it with cleansing/detoxific ation and a very healthy diet.  I have seen people heal their skin cancers using black salve with only minimal lifestyle changes; however, it is lifestyle that attributes to the development of cancer and continuing to do the same thing that helped to get you sick in the first place but (for whatever reason) expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Proceed with caution and I would HIGHLY recommend being under the watchful eye of a KNOWLEDGEABLE healthcare professional.  Many people are left with huge scars because they “did their own thing” and/or did not have correct information.  Black Salve has its place in natural medicine and it is definitely a product that needs to be used with caution.

Be Well

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“These books should be on the shelves of all…cancer patients and their families.”


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bloodroot website

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 26, 2008

Have a look at for an interesting range of bloodroot and neem products.

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