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black salve experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 26, 2008

There’s really a lot of info on this site so do browse. This supports and extends the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books.  For more information go to


“This book tells me everything. Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?”- Rev. Bill Newbern


Dr Loretta Lanphier reported this to a yahoo health group:

I have worked with black salve to some extent.  We actually made some up in a tincture form and one of our successes was a lady in California that had a skin cancer on the top of her head.  She had it off and on for many years but it seemed to be growing and she was beginning to feel worse and worse.  She was an acquaintance of ours and asked if we had anything that would help, so we sent her some of the tincture to apply to the area. We also had her change her diet, cleanse and rest, etc.  With a true black salve 1) It should only be applied 1x.  More is not necessarily better.  2) If a reaction begins to occur then it means there are most likely cancerous cells.  If nothing happens to the area then cancer is probably not present.  Now, some black salves will cause a reddening of the skin, if it gets on normal skin. She did not feel good for a while because she did go through some detoxification and we made sure that we helped her with that – especially with liver and bowel cleansing. Later that year we did a seminar in California and she attended.  Her son had taken pictures of the before and after.  We were absolutely amazed!  It had healed wonderfully and hair was even growing back.  She looked great and felt good.  This was about a 3-inch in diameter cancer.

This tincture that I am talking about was made in 2002 (just to give you an “age” of the tincture).  Last year (2007) I had a place on my chin that just would not heal.  I did everything I could think of and nothing seemed to help.  So I was going through my “medicine closet” and saw the black salve.  I put one-drop on the area and I could feel it work immediately.  It was not terribly uncomfortable and within two days the area began to heal and has not come back. And, best of all, no scar.

Zinc needs to be in the black salve.  The secret is to refrain from applying the salve more than once.  Also using a good quality vitamin E during the healing process is recommended.

Some black salves are not true black salves.  Companies try to come up with their “own” product so that it is “theirs” to market and different from all other products.  However, because of this the term black salve has many different connotations.  Some are more harmful and some may seem to work and some not al all.  Really, no new ingredients need to be added as it will work effectively with the main ingredients that I listed yesterday.  The true black salve ingredients, when properly combined, make the product nothing short of remarkable – allowing people to heal from skin cancers that conventional medicine can literally make a mess of.  Also, black salve does get to the root of skin cancers.  Many have also taken black salve internally and had good results.  Again, professional and knowledgeable help needs to be sought out. Kathryn has much more experience in this area that I do. As the body is healing from any cancer, you will need to support it with cleansing/detoxific ation and a very healthy diet.  I have seen people heal their skin cancers using black salve with only minimal lifestyle changes; however, it is lifestyle that attributes to the development of cancer and continuing to do the same thing that helped to get you sick in the first place but (for whatever reason) expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Proceed with caution and I would HIGHLY recommend being under the watchful eye of a KNOWLEDGEABLE healthcare professional.  Many people are left with huge scars because they “did their own thing” and/or did not have correct information.  Black Salve has its place in natural medicine and it is definitely a product that needs to be used with caution.

Be Well

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20 Responses to “black salve experience”

  1. Alex said

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Where can I obtain some “good” black salve????

  3. I used a product from it was the #100 Black Salve and the aftercare salve to help it heal. I removed a BCC from my head and it was gone and healed basically within 2 weeks..

    take care and best of luck

  4. sonny tahbaz said

    I was wondering if you could possibly provide me with the ingredients of the black salve, so I could make it myself to use it for the mole to the size of a quarter on my leg.I was diagnosed with skin cancer(malignant,and malanoma)& scheduled for surgery.
    first reason that I’m asking for the formulation is that you can’t trust anybody on internet anymore.Second reason is that you won’t know if you’re getting the true, & real black salve.
    The third reason is that I have several other cancers that I’m fighting against, and it’s getting pretty expensive for a single father like me being on gov. assisstance.
    I would’ve greatly appreciate it if you e-mail me the ingredients
    of balck salve. I’m trying to avoid the surgery, and turn to alternative medicine to regain my health.
    Thank you.
    God bless you with eternal rewards.

    • A T said

      I see your post is from 2010 and was wondering if you would give an update on your use of black salve.

  5. cancerfighter said

    Sources of black salves?
    – Alpha Omega Labs
    – CancerX
    – cancersalves

    For other info: read my books (for details go to – Information is the best investment you can make.


  6. nilas sanders said

    does anybody have stats on cancer cures black salve vurs conventional medical treatments.
    i heard 70% black salve 30% medical treatment.i have used black salve and black salve tabs they worked great for me.good luck to all .

    • cancerfighter said

      Problem is how do you quantify treatment! I am certainly convinced that black salve is a powerful anti-cancer treatment. I am not at all convinced in the value of medical treatments.

  7. Claire said

    I just wanted to inform everyone that is thinking about using black salve to here this story:
    I have a friend that applied this “black salve” to a cancerous area on her face and under her arm. She is currently in the ICU because it ate away her skin and caused 3rd degree burns. She still has cancer but can’t receive treatments because she has a severe infection from the burns. Go to this website and it will show you some pictures of individuals that have had similar outcomes with this horrible product. This is the information that the doctors handed out to her in the hospital when she arrived.
    Those that promote this product and tell people to use it are absolutely unbelievable.

    • Carolyn said

      Hi Claire,
      The Black Salve doesn’t burn the skin- unless it is the wrong formula with too much zinc chloride.
      Black salve only attacks abnormal cells. I have taken in internally, my husband has had it suck out a cancer from his arm and we are perfectly well!
      The thing that is the trick is that the cancer size may be unknown and so when it starts to draw it out, it may be large. If left to heal it does so on it’s own – without any intervention from anyone!
      It must just be kept clean and moist with a white salve etc.
      I don’t sell the product, I can’t as I live in Australia and I would not as i am not a practioner.
      The pictures on quackwatch are real. Have you not seen what happens when a doctor cuts away what he assumes to be big enough area to remove a cancer? It is far more than the black salve does as it only removes abnormal cells. There has been professional medical research conducted and they have found that Black salve only removes abnormal cells. Here is the link. It is written in medical terms so just google the words and it will give you a simplified term. It is a long reseach article so for the results of what they found – look at the discussion.
      Black salve goes completely against Western medicine and huge profits from patented pharmaceudicals. It doesn’t need skin grafts – it needs time. Google the results – try or http://www.doctorsaredangerous.
      Don’t be negative about something you don’t understand. It has cured thousands – yes thousands, if not millions for over 2000 years. Western medicine does not understand it.
      My husbands cancer was 5cm round and is healed beautifully – even if at the start it was very scary as it looked different from anything I had ever witnessed before. My husband and I have both put it on areas like moles, or dry spots to be sure it was not abnormal cells and it did nothing to those without abnormal cells – NOTHING. It doesn’t burn through things. It KILLS ABNORMAL CELLS.
      Please do some serious research into both sides as I did prior to using it. The personal stories and pictures speak for themselves.

  8. cancerfighter said

    I think the problem may be the source of the black salve. Others who have used bloodroot paste have had very beneficial results. All burns should in any case be treated immediately with essential lavender oil – so perhaps it would be wise to have lots of lavender oil available when first experimenting with the black salve.

  9. Alexa17 said

    Hi, can anyone give me the ingredients to make the black salve for cancer??

    Thank you


  10. Daniel A said

    The Quackwatch site is unverified and does not explain anything re: what the treatment was for, who did it, what she used, how much she used, what was in the salve and who made it. Too many unanswered questions.

    I have used the Black Salve from an Australian producer for Solar Keratoses, BCC’s and SCC’s and the results were remarkable. 2 on my head reacted within minutes and were very unconfortable for the 24 hours till I showered the salve off. The 2 lesions festered up an and then formed hard scabs and they both fell out after about 7 days. There was large clean holes where each scabs came out but no bleeding. I used Hydrogen peroxide for a few days and then secondary scabs formed (Granulation) and a week later they are both completely healed up an no scars. Remarkable. No infection. I then used it on 5 patches on my arm and only 4 reacted. One just went red for a day and then nornmallized, for the other 4 places, the same happened as the first time.

    I got mine from Centreforce in Australia. They have the ingredients written in their literature. There is no ‘Secret’ formula. You can also get a DVD called ‘One Answer to Cancer’ and they actually show you how to make it, but why bother when these professional companies do it. Alpha Omega Labs is the other big producer.

    You only need a tiny amount until your friends and family start wnating to use it, then it pays to get the large size but still a small amount (1.6oz).

    The ingredients are: Bloodroot, Galangal, Chaparral, Ginger root, Zinc Chloride, Graviola and pharmaceutical-grade DMSO.

    There are some fear mongering web sites but most likely put there by FDA / TGA or the Pharma Co.s to keep you on their Chemo.

    This stuff works. If you can get a medical person to supervise, it’s better but not essential. If you do use it, please take ‘Before, during and after’ photos an post them up, send to friends to get the word out that this a chemo and surgery free way to treat Skin Cancers and more.

    I research thoroughly and spoke to many users and all raved how good it is. I am now a raver. Nice to find a good natural remedy that works and works so well. Do your homework, follow the instrcutions carefully and to the letter.

    • Marcus said

      I have used the black salve on my head recently. It al went along as predicted but is now 18 days and the scab is still there. The size of the area was about 15mm diametre. I was wondering if you had any advise.

      • For most healing I rely on pure lavender essential oil. Sprinkle this liberally over the affected area and you should quickly see some improvement. Let me know if this is successful or not

  11. FullySilenced is right the black salve they buy is same as mine I use it really works comws from that same website.
    It takes 1-3 weeks usually to heal and is great for skin cancers ,etc.I watche d the DVD,” One Answer To Cancer”, and their websites are helpful too.
    Many testimonies on them some with 100% breast cancer cures and other cancers including bowel cancer. I need to know where to buy the ingredients for making my own Black Salve,”
    Can anyone out there tell me ?

  12. Mary Naylor said

    I’ve been using black salve for two years now. My first skin cancer was removed by a skin doctor and left a deep scar near my ankle. Shortly thereafter, several more spots popped up and a friend gave me her container of black salve to try. I love natural remedies and had no hesitation using it and was amazed by the results. I have treated at least 10, some small but others the size of a quarter and almost all on my lower legs. The first few large ones frightened me a bit, but a medical friend assured me I was healing properly. Now I’m spreading the word around. I have also cleaned up my diet, more macro, and getting ready to do a few cleanses. This is powerful stuff and allows me to feel more in control of my health and healing process.

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