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Cervical cancer cure may never come to market?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 30, 2013

A woman posted this message on a forum

Though this seems like a joke, its not. Went to Mexico in 2010 and got cured. I had CIN III Mild displaysia strand 16- the cancer causing one. Here is the site.

Another contributor reported:

The vaccine is still in phase 4 trials and is not available outside clinical trials for commercial use.

The company has no money to continue production.
Quote from the company that has ‘developed’ this vaccine:

Our current therapeutic vaccine product candidate MEL-1 is the only therapeutic product for which we have any rights, and our blood-based HPV diagnostic test is the only other product for which we have rights. Neither of these may ever be successfully marketed or manufactured, and our business would suffer substantial harm if they are not successfully commercialized. To date, these product candidates have only been tested in Mexico on a limited number of humans and the clinical trial database is not sufficient for approval in the United States, Europe and possibly other territories.–684281.html

The full discussion can be found here


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