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Cannabis supplier fraud

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 27, 2014

I get quite a few emails purporting to be from people who claim to supply cannabis. Today I got one from RickSimpsonFoundation. I checked with Rick if this was bona fide. He tells me it is a fraud. He has nothing to do with it. Do not trust people who approach you claiming to be able to supply cannabis oil. There are suppliers but generally speaking it is a word of mouth connection. Be careful.


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Powerstrips and cancer and pain relief

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 27, 2014

Powerstrips – a Korean invention. Basically a plaster containing herbs, minerals etc which some people – and some lab evidence – suggests is not only good for pain relief but can inhibit cancer. For more info

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Rick Simpson’s advice to hemp growers

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 28, 2014

I have been providing people with
instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines for about 8 years
also, i have provided my oil to so many countries, collection of
patients, caregivers, doctors, dispensaries, corporations, and
activists that advocate for the use of cannabis extract medicine to
treat serious diseases such as cancers, heart disease, diabetes,
rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s, and other
disorders worldwide.
In aggregate, the movement has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt
that cannabis extracts can eliminate various types of
cancers in humans, and can control diseases that traditional
pharmaceuticals are ineffective against. For all patients in UK,
Europe, America and Canada can only get the hemp oil from me on
delivery schedules. It is illegal to get it anywhere if not registered
with FDA. However, i hope the information below will enligthen you on
how to plant your bud.

Have you ever smoked weed that knocks your socks off? The kind of buds
that people brag/warn their friends about?
Yeah, the really really good stuff.
The truth is, you can successfully grow weed with very little effort,
make a ton of mistakes, and still harvest weed that does the job. But
have you ever wondered how people grow truly top-shelf buds?

If so, you’re in luck, because I’m going to teach you 7 secrets to
consistently producing star quality buds that your friends will talk
about for years to come.

1.) Master the basics of growing

First you must master the basics of growing the cannabis plantYou
probably know that in order to get the best result, your plants need
to make it through the majority of their lifecycle without major

A lot of mistakes that won’t kill your plant (like nutrient burn,
nutrient deficiencies, and heat stress) will often still damage the
overall appearance of your buds, especially big problems that happen
after the beginning of the flowering stage

So in order to get the best yields along with beautiful buds that
sparkle in the light, you need to gain a complete understanding of the
basics of growing.

It used to be that you needed to know an experienced grower to learn
how to grow. These days, anyone with the will and an internet
connection can find everything they need within minutes, so no

2.) Start with top-shelf genetics:

You’ll never be able to get truly top-shelf buds if you start with
mid-grade seeds or clones.
When I first started growing, I would grow any seeds I could find.
These would usually grow all right but my crops would never end up
being as good as the buds I found them in.

Start with great genetics to get great results!Plus some of these
plants ended up having crazy, unexpected grow styles, like one plant
that grew 4 feet tall in a month!

I then tried buying marijuana clones from the local dispensary with
crazy strain names like “Super Grand Daddy Purple” and “Grapefruit
Bubblegum Kush.”

Yet, my yields and results still left a lot to be desired. I don’t
have anything against clones, but I have a feeling these plants
weren’t really the strains they claimed to be.
I didn’t have any grower friends at the time, and honestly thought bag
seed and local clones were my only two choices.

Until I discovered seed banks.
Ever since I started buying seeds from a reputable cannabis seed bank
and getting my chosen seeds shipped to me, I have been able to
consistently product star-quality buds.

Just switching to better seed stock caused a dramatic increase in my
yields, but most importantly the quality of my harvests skyrocketed.
If you want to take your quality to the next level, don’t start with
just any clones or seeds. Search for the right, true quality genetics
and don’t be afraid to pay good money for those genetics! The money
you pay for quality is worth it, especially if you truly want to grow
Top Shelf buds

3.) Get Your Humidity Right

Humidity stumps a lot of new growers and causes several unexpected

Keeping a higher humidity during the vegetative stage will reduce salt
levels within the plant while encouraging healthy and lush growth.

During the vegetative stage, if humidity drops below 40%, especially
anywhere below 25%, it can cause serious problems that look like
nutrient deficiencies light/heat stress!

But in these cases, just adding a little moisture to the air does
wonders, even if you don’t change anything else.

During the flowering stage, your cannabis plant actually prefers less

Drier air during the flowering stage helps prevent mold and actually
increase trichome production on your buds! For best results, keep
humidity below 45% during the flowering stage.

But I’ve never worried about humidity and my plants are fine…

The truth is, you can successfully grow your marijuana plants in a
variety of humidities, even if growth isn’t perfect, which is why many
growers, especially new ones, forget about humidity altogether.

They may spend money on CO2 or bigger lights, when controlling the
humidity would make a much bigger difference in their final product.

So, if you grow marijuana and would like to make a simple, relatively
cheap change and dramatically improve the vibrancy of your plants, buy
a humidifier/dehumidifier and make sure to always provide the optimum

Learn how to master your humidity levels like a Pro!

Water droplets on cannabis leaves is a sign of high humidity

And there’s one more insider trick you need to know about humidity: So
you know you need to keep humidity in 50-60% range for the vegetative
stage, and under 45% for the flowering stage, but there is one extra
trick… Use a dehumidifier to drop the humidity down as low as you
possibly can for the last 2-3 weeks of flowering (I’ve gotten the
humidity as low as 34%).

This extreme dryness will encourage the buds to seal and protect
themselves with additional resin (in other words, a sparkling outer
layer of THC-heavy trichromes).

4.) Better Taste, Better Smell – Increase Terpene Content

The smell and scent of cannabis buds is produced by plant chemicals
known as “terpenes” (also “terpenoids”, which are a class of

Terpenes contributes to the flavors of many household spices like
cinnamon, rosemary, cloves or ginger and help create the the scent of
most flowers.

The unique combination of terpenes and terpenoids produced in cannabis
flowers (buds) cause most of their taste and smell as well.

There are a variety of ways to increase the terpene content of your
buds, so you produce cannabis that tastes and smells great, and there
are also a couple common mistakes you should know about that can
actually ruin the taste and smell of your buds.

5.) Maintain a Comfortable Room Temperature

This cannabis bud may not have turned purple if it wasn’t subjected to
cold temps at night – it still would have been just as potent,
though!Maintain daytime temperatures around 70-80 degrees F, (unless
you’re using CO2 which does best at around 80-90 degrees F).

However, even if you’re using CO2, most growers recommend you back off
and bring the temps down to 70-80 degrees F for the last two weeks
before harvest.

Night temperatures should be kept around 60 degrees for most strains.

Towards the end of the flowering stage, some people recommend dropping
the temperature at night to 50 degrees to further simulate the coming
of “winter”.

Note: Some purple strains will only show their color when exposed to
colder temps at nights during the flowering stage.
Learn to Control Temperature

6.) Make Sure Grow Room has Strong Air Flow & Good Ventilation

This is yet another factor having to do with air quality (we already
listed temperature and humidity).

You see, a smart grower realizes that great air quality is one of the
biggest contributors to star quality buds.

Air flow and ventilation are essential if you want to create perfect
air quality.

For 1-3 plants, you’ll probably be fine with an oscillating fan or
two. With a big grow and hot lights, you’ll need a better exhaust
system than that, but it can be easy to set up!
Learn to set up a professional exhaust system (it may cost less than you

7) Keep Educating Yourself

Never accept that you already know it all.

To the grower, knowledge and information are priceless. Being open to
learn will make you an expert grower much quicker than figuring
everything out yourself by trial and error.

Luckily, these days, anyone can use the internet to learn everything
they need to know to start growing top-quality buds.

Sites like make it easy for anyone to learn how to grow.

But top shelf growers continue to educate themselves about
horticulture, proper environment, and what makes marijuana plants

You never know when you’ll hear a tip that completely makes your life
a million times easier, or which helps you take your quality to the
next level.I hope the above tips helps…

I do not suply oil, i only help those who are in desperate need of it
as a result of life exigency.And you can only get this oil upon
delivery from me.
I want you to know that you are in the right place for safe delivery.
The package is in both bottle and tube. The FOB is $950.00 only and
the MOQ is 60 gram. The delivery time is 48 hours after the order is
Kindly fill out the form below for further procedure.

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Postal Code:
Mobile Number:
***passport or photo id if any***

Thank you,
Best Regards.
> >

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Kill The B****rds

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 28, 2014

Kill the B*****ds!!!

Violence is so much part of our automatic response system to ‘things we don’t like’ that it seems not only inevitable but somehow right, the way it ought to be.

Al-Qaeda is hiding out in the mountains of North Pakistan – hell, let’s bomb them. Cancer cells are growing in my body? So zap them with radiation and chemical poisons. Boys are knifing other boys in the street? So kill them all.

Whoa! Kill all the kids, even if they don’t have knives? Maybe that’s the necessary price for a crime free street – but maybe we just kill the kids with knives, or those that we suspect of having knives. You mean that it’s OK to kill a wedding party of innocent villagers if it increases our chances of getting a few of the really bad guys – but it’s not OK to kill Kids on the street?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not in favour of killing any kids, or bombing any wedding parties in North Pakistan for that matter.

Going back to the Vietnam War it was generally agreed (by the big boys with guns) that it was OK to devastate huge tracts of countryside with chemicals like Agent Orange? Sure, you might say, if it helps us to win the war. Remind me, did we win that war? And do we really think the policy of violence has made Iraq and Afghanistan safe and healthy for the long term future? As I write this, the Sunni and the Shia are wreaking ungodly violence on each other.

Wouldn’t it be better if they just talked, laughed, had picnics, listened to good music and so on? Wouldn’t their worlds be happier and better places to bring up their kids?

So the question we should be asking is not: What is the best way of killing cancer? No, a much better question is: What is the best path to a healthy future?

If an action is effective in achieving its goal then it is hard to argue against it even if it has negative consequences. However, going postal on cancer using instruments and tactics of extreme violence – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – simply have not been that successful. Sure, lumps, possibly (this is not unanimously agreed), should be whipped off as soon as they are seen but if there is any sign of spread to other parts of the body the smart decision would be to hold off.

What we need are approaches that help the body return to and sustain a state of health. Once we have phrased the question in this way we can see that a combination of cleansing, diet, exercise, supplements and herbs, along with music and laughter – are more likely to achieve the goal we desire.

So let’s not kill the kids that carry knives, let’s change the world they live in so they don’t have to carry knives. Let’s not attack cancer tumours with technologically sophisticated weapons. Let’s instead change the context in which the cancer is growing and so persuade the cancer cells to self-destruct. We know this can be done – and the earlier people put in place such changes the more likely it is they will live long, fulfilling and healthy lives.

How can we change the context? Well, there are far too many possibilities to summarise here. For a full discussion of all the options read my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (

The more options you do the better the outcome is likely to be. It’s really that simple.

Jonathan Chamberlain is author of: Cancer? Don’t Panic!; The Cancer Survivor’s Bible; Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Strategies for Restoring Health; The Amazing Cancer Kid – the true story of Connah Broom’s amazing recovery. These books are available from internet bookshops. His website is at
© Jonathan Chamberlain 2014

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You’ve only got three weeks to live

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 13, 2014

I have written an article on this here:

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New Blog here

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 23, 2014

I just want to let you know that I have started a new blog here

This WordPress site – – is a depository of many varied bits of information, stories and thoughts. You will find an extraordinary range of facts on this site. If you are serious about researching cancer then I suggest you wade waist deep in what this site has to offer. But From now on I will be focusing more on my thoughts and for that reason I am more likely to be found at my Complete Herbal Guide blog or various Facebook groups e.g Cancer Recovery.

And do also know that you can find two important free downloads at
These are:
1. Cancer? Don’t Panic!
2. Cancer Survivors’ Stories

Please feel free to share these with everyone you know.

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I want to change the way you think about cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 12, 2014

Please share this video with everyone you know. Cancer? Don’t Panic! is a book that will change the way you think about cancer. You can download a free copy at


For some reason this is presenting as a black screen. Keep clicking (it seems to work eventually) or click on this link
You Tube: Cancer? Don’t panic!

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Cannabis for Kids

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 8, 2014

Here’s a story about how Israeli doctors are making cannabis available to kids with cancer

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Interview in Incredible Healing Journals

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 1, 2014

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The Doc Says: “You’ve Got Cancer!” – So Now What?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 30, 2014

The Doc Says: “You’ve Got Cancer!” – So Now What?
Imagine this scenario. You’re in the doctor’s clinic and he says to you: “I’m afraid the news is bad. You have cancer.”
What do you do now?
I imagine some of you will say to yourself: This is the worst news I could ever have. I had been hoping I would never hear those words. Now what do I do? Am I going to die?
You will feel devastated, terrified and lost
So, you will very likely respond by clutching to what seems to be the smart thing – to go ahead and do what the doctor advises. Here is a kind of certainty. He knows his job. All you have to do is submit to his judgement. Above all you don’t have to keep swimming in this sea of uncertainty.
Now, maybe that is the smart thing to do – or maybe it isn’t. But right now you don’t know. You do know that there are a lot of different ideas flying around – but what those ideas are you haven’t a clue. You also know there are lots of books – so presumably there are things to discuss. If all you had to do was follow the doctor’s suggestions why the need for all these books?
So some others of you will say to yourselves: OK. I guess I’d better go and educate myself about this cancer thing. But where do I start? [hint: read my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible!]
But fast as you read you will feel you are on a treadmill that is constantly speeding up. Everything seems to be going faster than you can go – and much as you want to read and learn, your brain seems frozen with a kind of nauseous panic.
So what can you do?
Well your options at this stage are either to go ahead and do everything the doctor says or to hide away for a month or two with a stack of books and access to the internet and worry that the delay is going to have negative consequences.
Let’s pause here
So let me press the pause button on this and instead of asking you: What do you do now? Let me ask you instead:
What can you do now so that you can avoid being in this situation in the future?
Around one in two people are going to have this “You’ve got cancer” conversation with the doctor. If you value your life and well-being, it makes sense to be prepared now when you don’t appear to have cancer. You aren’t frozen by fear. Your mind is free to think things through in a relaxed manner. If you don’t prepare yourself then at some point in the future you will suddenly be saying to yourself: I wish I knew more about cancer.
Yes, now is the time to do the reading. Now is the time to say: OK if I get cancer this is what I am going to do. That will be my strategy. So when the time comes the conversation with the doctor will go like this.
Doctor: “I’m afraid the news is bad. You have clear signs of cancer.”
You: “OK. Doc. I’ve been expecting that for some time. So, this is what I want to do…”
And you will be wonderfully empowered by being in control.
Of course, we will all want to do different things because we are different people and will have different cancers. But the best decisions – whatever the decisions might be – are based on a clear understanding of the situation and the options.
Just taking the time now to inform yourself could add years to your life and could help you avoid fear, pain and life-long damage. Your fate is in your own hands but you’ve got to act now.
I know what I will do when I am diagnosed. Do you?
© Jonathan Chamberlain 2014

Jonathan Chamberlain is author of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible and Cancer? Don’t Panic! (free download from his website at

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