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People still suffering from radiation treatments

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 22, 2013

For anyone contemplating radiation treatment for their cervical cancer then I urge you to read the posts in this forum. This is a subject very close to my heart as my wife died in part from the impacts of her chemo and radiation. Let me tell you straight. There are other ways – as you will read in my books. Please be sensible.

As a postscript I just got an email from my friend Jan whose arm is crumbling from progressive radiation damage that has left her right arm useless for the last 30 years.

“I took a really bad tumble yesterday, ended up A&E squashed vertibrae etc etc. All the staff showed horror at state of my shoulder and arm until I told them the cause then they completely disregarded – my daughter was astounded at change of attitude.”

For further details about the kind of damage radiation can cause read The Cancer Survivor’s Bible at


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