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Cellulosis – natural cures

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 18, 2011

Cellulosis is an inflammatory condition that is extremely dangerous and fast moving. The first time I got it a few years ago it was sorted out by anti-biotics. Then earlier this year it suddenly struck again and although I thought I had it under control I hadn’t – back to hospital and for a week I had to attend to get massive doses of their top anti-biotic. Then I went on a second antibiotic for a few weeks but that still didn’t eliminate the problem and there was still an area of sensitivity between the calf and ankle. A third antibiotic did very little – except by now by bowel movements were completely blown – still not really back to where they should be five months on – and still the problem seemed to be simmering. Then three or four days ago I woke up to find long livid lines of inflammation racing up my leg. This time I remembered MMS and colloidal silver (which I both drink and rub on the skin) and a mix of DMSO, lavender oil and sodium bicarbonate which I rubbed on the affected area. I also used a cheap nappy rash cream containing zinc oxide. Varying these approaches I seemed to have tamed it again – though as I write it is not wholly contained. With the nappy rash cream I first prime my leg with DMSO so that it will take the zinc oxide into the lymph and muscle. The leg is definitely feeling much better but it seems this is a problem I am now going to have to live with. The idea of being hospitalised for d

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ays/weeks on end does not appeal – but that could be the alternative, if I don’t keep it fully controlled.



3 Responses to “Cellulosis – natural cures”

  1. William Wren said

    I have had my own encounter with this infection and my doctor was the most concerned I have ever seen him in relation to a condition I was experiencing. He even phoned me at home on his way out of town for the weekend to make sure that the antibiotic treatment had been commenced and to advise me to go to the hospital emergency room if there was no improvement by Saturday at noon. The condition was cleared up and I am here to tell the tale but I know how serious it is. My question relates now to some tenderness and swelling in my armpits. I read that this could be cellulosis. Since there was no explanation as to wehre this infection came from the first time, I’m wondering if I am immuno compromised. I have been taking Lipitor for over 10 years with no apparent side effects but I have read that Lipitor can compromise the body’s ability to fight infection. Do you think there could be a connection between these three things: Lipitor, cellulosis and tender arm pits?

  2. John berryman said

    Check the studies of the late Hilda Clark. I found that she and she alone had the answer to my problems and I believe those who tried to discredit her work (FDA) and others were criminal in doing so.

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