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“I cured my breast cancer using natural methods”

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 3, 2011

There’s a lot of cancer related info on this site – so do browse. This supports and extends the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books – see for details

“I cured my breast cancer using natural methods”

I Googled this statement and came up with pages of personal testimony written by women who had cured their breast cancers using natural means.

Since around 1990 breast cancer survival rates have begun to swing very strongly in a positive direction but the truth is there was no great change in treatment to explain this. One reason given was that perhaps there had been improvements in diagnosis – and of course such improvements would manifest themselves as improvements in survivability (see my book Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide for a complete discussion of this issue). But the other thing that has been happening is that women have been learning about – and have been very attracted to – natural approaches to cancer. And women (unlike men) have been talking to each other. The result is that women are more and more inclined towards natural approaches and have had the courage of their convictions. I believe the improvement in breast cancer survival rates is in fact a measurement of the impact of alternative approaches.

Here are links to some of those stories.

Sue Oleson’s story:

Hilary’s story:

Sue Insole’s story:

A 51 year old woman (no name):

Dancing Girl told her story on

“In my town, I’m always the “go-to” person for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer as I’m nine years out and doing really really well. While I had been into natural medicine for my kids, I started with the traditional route for myself when I was diagnosed, had surgery, etc. but when it got to the chemo, I just couldn’t hack it–I HATED it and stopped it midway and then asked our naturopath what to do. She told me then that she had had breast cancer and chose Carnivora to get rid of it because she had studied in Germany with Helmut Keller, the doctor that developed it–like 30 years ago–and she had seen first hand how it had cured so many people of even late stage cancers–all kinds–too. So I found out my doctor had cured herself with it. So that gave me the confidence (as much as anybody can have “confidence” at that point!) to go for it. I just want people to know there is this wonderful alternative out there that is totally non-toxic and truly truly works. Ronald Reagan used it to cure his colon cancer in 1985 and Yul Brenner used it and it put his lung cancer into remission–and then he figured he was cured and stopped taking it and it came back! I do still take it on occasion when I feel like my immune system needs a boost. It can be used for prevention. If anyone’s interested go to there website– And take it as the protocol says–you won’t get the results unless you take as much as they say! I also learned recently it works for Lyme Disease–It eats up any abnormal cells. Keep on Dancing!”


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“I wish I had read this book before I was diagnosed. My doctor and the cancer charities didn’t tell me any of this.”

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apricot kernels

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 5, 2010

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide –

Recommended sources for apricot kernels

Here are three sites that someone recommended to me for apricot kernels

www.Cancerchoices. com.

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