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coriolus mushrooms and the immune system

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 10, 2011

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Coriolus mushrooms and the Immune system

Ralph Moss reports: A study by scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre looked at the ability of a number of substances to induce immune reactions in laboratory mice. They found the following to have consistently significant activity

(1) Coriolus mushroom extracts (especially PSK);

(2) Alcohol extract of astragalus;

(3) yeast β-glucan; and (to a lesser extent)

(4) Maitake mushrooms.

For further details go to,english/


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David’s cancer cure story

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on August 3, 2010

Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide –

David’s Cancer Cure Story

I have, had leukemia, still have it, but have made friends.  I was once treated with chemo/radiation. they overcooked me at MD  Anderson  Cancer Center, guess they did not want me back, and they got their  wish.  But they did put me in remission for four years. Then here it  comes again,  my immune system began to falter. I had always wished to try Human  Growth  Hormone, presto one unit a day, and my immune system returned to  pre-remission levels. My leukemic levels returned to 3000 from 5000.  The normal reading is below a thousand, to be in remission.  I questioned some ten MD’s. They gave that look of a deer in  headlights, I  had armed myself with three clinical trials which all came to the  conclusion, HGH had no impact on leukemia. None the less, I had to  learn to  be a drug smuggler. But after five years, I had used up my life  savings,  rather costly, but it was worth every penny vs chemo/radiation,   bone marrow  transplants, and big pharma’s. YUCKS’
Near about the time I was running low on HGH, I found LDN, great  stuff and  something I could now afford. LDN @ 4.5mgs nightly worked as well  as HGH  and more affordable.  [Note: LDN is low dose Naltrexone] No longer had to go through US Customs facing the trauma of ten to  twenty.  During my downer times with Leukemia, it destroys your feeling of well  being, and you feel rather empty, when your immune system is on   it’s butt.  I learned to use levadopa, LD to my advantage. Absolutely grand  stuff when  used with the correct amino acids. It can drive serotonin,  dopamine and  neuroepinephrine to extremely high levels. Also it encourages  production of  growth hormone.  After some serious reading of LD, I decided to give it a whirl with  LDN.  Yahoo, it kicked my immune system thirty percent higher.  Now-a-days I wet the end of a toothpick, dip it approximately  quarter inch  into powdered LD and take that with 4.5mgs LDN every other evening.  I just cannot imagine being more healthy. Please do not take this  statement  in anyway other than an indication of good health, but I now have  nighttime  erections, two or three each night on a regular basis.  Since a bad case of yeast infection can and has been dxed to be  leukemia, I  take baking soda, tagamet, alternating to sweeten my little body and  hopfully make it difficult for yeast to survive in a more alkaline  body.  Learned chemist will say not much will change body acid levels, but   then  they know little of nutrition, or how our body converts most acidic  items to  alkaline in our digestive system.  I also take apha lopoic acid, prolandin, magnolia bark, coconut oil  and  mk-7.
In my case, when my immune system begins to falter, I begin having  difficulties with basal cell skin cancer, as it further falters, I  begin  developing squamous cell skin cancer. That leads me to think, if I  support  my immune system in the best way I know how, I can live cancer free. Well, thats my story, and I am sticking with it.  Stay vertical, David


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“Mr Chamberlain has a voice that is at once humble and powerful. I like writers that cut to the chase and then do not skimp on the practical details.”

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