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Arthritis cure – personal experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 8, 2010

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Effective Arthritis treatment

It appears that there is a great deal of overlap between cancer, heart disease and cancer – probably because they are all diseases of inflammation. Here is a personal account of an arthritis cure that was published on one of the Yahoo chat groups I monitor:

“Some arthritis is viral or bacterial. It can be killed by taking olive leaf extract . Vitamin defieciencies can make it far worse.

However, I had good success with mine just heating the area with an electric heat pad and then rubbing wintergreen and peppermint essential oils on it and then just resting with the heat pad against my lower back. Mine was degenerative arthritis according to an x-ray teclh who spotted it after I had x-rays following a motorcycle accident. Anyway, I did this twice a day for around 2 weeks at the most and it cleared it up. My wife avoided knee replacement surgery by doing that with just the wintergreen oil for around 2 months. She had gotten to where she could no longer shop and yard work was out of the question as even housework was quite painful. It has never returned.

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