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more on cannabis

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on November 13, 2013

This is copied from a Facebook comment

John House is shrinking his melanoma, AND he has another cancer and his counts are almost gone, I am about to do an update today, his nurse is sending me the new photos and medical report!!! He is using the raw black Real Scientific hemp oil ( I sell it)that some people in the community falsely reported was a “poorly made oil” because of its color, they didn’t know anything about c02 extractions or these products and where comparing it to traditional cannabis oil made with everclear/alcohol and a rice cooker…not bad for some “poorly made oil’ huh,lol!?!

John House, Shrinking Melanoma with Legal 19.5% CBD Hemp Oil
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Brad Mossman Rashel Ahgoom Roller, cbd causes apoptosis is cancer cells too, please listen to this a few times, the experts at sd labs say so in the video. If you have cancer your best bet is to use a high thc oil and a high cbd oil, don’t leave out that thc, its c…See More

What is CBD ? http://www….
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2 Responses to “more on cannabis”

  1. ockushman said

    It’s wonderful to see cannabis helping another patient.

  2. Jonathan, I’m very curious about the cancer preventative properties of cannabis. I’ve read in some sources that it’s the high CBD/low THC strains that have the most value, but here it says to leave in the THC. Have you done much research on this?

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