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Cancer Survivor’s Stories – not just anecdotal evidence

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 26, 2013

I get p’d off with those hyper rationalist sceptics who say X doesn’t work because ‘it’s only anecdotal evidence’ (as if that was a meaningful rational statement. Anecdotal evidence is evidence. It may not be strong evidence but it cannot be dismissed. Two anecdotal reports adds strength, three adds more strength. That’s why it is important to list the stories of people who have survived cancer using natural approaches. I have listed some in my free pdf which you can find at the bottom of the home page at

One of those stories is Chris Wark’s. And I see that he too has a list of other people who have recovered at his website at – one of these survivors is Penelope Villabert who used, among other things, guayabano: Here is what she wrote.

“And my natural chemo is Soursop (aka Guyabano, Graviola, Chirmoya). I eat the fruit or sometimes have it juiced. Once in a while I boil 18 leaves with 7 cups of water. You start timing the moment you turn the stove on medium heat for 15 minutes. Then turn it off. You can take it purely as tea or let it cool in room temp and make it as additional liquid intake. Consume the same day”

Chris’s list of survivor’s stories is certainly powerful evidence – a very clear signpost – that alternative therapies are the way to go. Also note the incredible hostility and obstructionism of the mainstream doctors. I mean really? What are they thinking?


One Response to “Cancer Survivor’s Stories – not just anecdotal evidence”

  1. I sometimes think that anecdotal evidence is even more powerful than double-blind gold standard “scientific” data. Data can be manipulated to say whatever you want depending on the bias of the researcher and the interests of whoever is funding the study. If a huge group of real people tout the benefits of a treatment over and over, I tend to believe them. They have far less reason or financial incentive to lie.

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