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Radiation damages vaginas

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 21, 2013

The accounts below of radiation damaged women come from a longer discussion at They make painful reading. This is about radiation treatment now – mainly for vaginal and cervical cancers. Having seen what radiation did to my own wife, I am horrified to see that this kind of damage continues.
“The only thing that I wish~ was to be informed of the longterm effects of chemo and radiation and I wasn’t informed of anything like the painful hips that I have everyday, the cystitis and incontinence of my bladder, neuropathy in my hands and feet, brainfog, memory loss, but of course that could be my age, but I really doubt it.”
“My surgery was back in 2000 and adno carcinoma cervical cancer. I had radiation and chemo internal radiation and external radiation. cisplatin was my chemo drugs. My v vaginal cancer was caused by the radiation per my doctors.the radiation also caused my bladder to fail leading to the point where I had to get 5 units of blood.I do think more research needs to be done and if you do not absolutely need radiation you should not get it just my opinion I now wear a bag but it is so much better than bleeding every day.”
“I have Radiation induced Lumbosacral Plexopathy from my radiation treatments. 2 months after my treatments ended I could not climb the steps anymore. Physical therapy did not help. My legs continued to deteriorate in 2012 and I was basically almost wheelchair bound. I’m 39 years old. Not only did this disease ruin my fertility but the treatments were leading to physical disability. My horror story with hpv and cancer started when I was only 26 yrs. old. My life was forever changed and all innocence in life was gone from that year on. I lost all strength in my legs and fell many times due to leg weakness. I could barely walk from the car to the entrance of my job. While laying on the floor, I could barely lift my legs. My oncologist missed this diagnosis.

I have always felt I lost all my rights to a quality life once I got cancer and was put through the treatments that can create life altering side effects. I never knew I was signing my name to the damage I have incurred. I have found very few people who can identify with me. I realized nobody goes unscathed by cancer treatments. They are hardcore, but where do you draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable side effects? There is no line.”
This person found some benefit from chiropractic
“I found an extremely gifted Chiropractor by the grace of god. He diagnosed me and created a treatment plan. This man has forever changed my life. 8 months of hardcore therapy and I can do 80% of what I was able to do before cancer. I am about 70% rehabilitated. I started out learning to lift my legs again with my Chiropractor’s assistant. I was so weak I could not lift leg weights so they would use rubber leg bands to build strength. Today I can lift 25 lbs using the leg extension and 35 pounds on the leg curl machines. I can clean, walk long distances and climb hills. I still cannot run, but I am determined to get there. I want to do a 5k one day.”

Why anybody should be advised to engage in the use of a barbaric, intrusive vaginal ‘dilation’ is a source of amazement. There is no proof that it does any good and studies show that the practice can be downright dangerous.

Routine dilation during or soon after cancer treatment may be harmful. There is no reliable evidence to show that routine regular vaginal dilation during or after radiotherapy prevents the late effects of radiotherapy or improves quality of life. Gentle vaginal exploration might separate the vaginal walls before they can stick together and some women may benefit from dilation therapy once inflammation has settled but there are no good comparative supporting data. Inflammation inside the vagina will never heal if the tissues are constantly being irritated by a plastic phallus.

They may have been used successfully when a man has a sex change to help create a ‘vagina’ but that does not mean that they should be used after cervical cancer treatment to an already compromised vagina.”
But this is all anecdotal and so will not be taken into account. It saddens me that many of these deeply damaged women justify the damage they have suffered with the refrain: “It’s better than the alternative.”
It may be better than the alternative (death) but is radiation really better than the alternatives (diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals etc)


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