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Quackbusters and Anecdotal evidence

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on September 19, 2013

Here is a personal story that was posted on the ‘oleandersoup’ yahoo group:

“My 80 year old stepdad has had pancreatic cancer for the last 3 years and is doing great.! He takes plenty of Oleander (the caps or liquid) maximum dosage and 4 oz of (Utopia Silver’s) colloidal silver every day . . .

He takes the silver for until he finishes the gallon and then takes about a 2-3 week break and then starts the silver again. My stepdad has a bile bag because the tumor was blocking his bile duct, but now there is nothing going into the bile bag and he is doing great. All signs point to the tumor shrinking and the bile is now traveling the correct way through his body.

Like I said he was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was yellow and given only a couple of months to live. He went from 230lbs to about 135 in about 5 months. Now he is around 150 and plays golf weekly! He was doing pretty good with the oleander alone, but once he added the silver he really started to see some improvements. Best of luck, i know how hard it can be to see your loved ones in pain and going down. Don’t lose heart, there is so much hope! – God Bless, Tracy.”

Tony Isaac brought this to my attention in an article where he compares this story with what happened to Patrick Swayze:

This brought to mind a recent discussion I had with some people who spend their time complaining about people who are ‘falsely persuaded’ by anecdotes. In the above case we have two examples of anecdotal evidence – one widely reported and the other widely ignored.

As Tony Isaacs said in his article anecdotes are not proof that anything works. But by God they are signposts – and in the absence of anything remotely proven to be beneficial [as opposed to proven to give you pain and proven to be useless] a signpost is better than nothing.

Felicity Cordin-Wheeler is another terminal pancreatic cancer case who is out on the golf courses. She is winning club level golf competitions at the age of 70+ – and she is free from the pancreatic cancer her doctors said they couldn’t treat. Her story can be found in Cancer Survivors’ Stories that can be downloaded free from

Each signpost adds strength to the message that cancer can be defeated (or contained) by non-toxic means – even a cancer with such a poor prognosis as pancreatic cancer.


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