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Is Cancer an Alien Invader?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 19, 2013

I saw an advertisement just now for Cancer Research UK . It said: “Now Cancer’s starting to get worried…”

This is really stupid and betrays an attitude to cancer that is false. OK Obviously cancer doesn’t have thoughts and feelings. That’s not the problem. It is the assumption that cancer is an enemy. That’s the problem. Isn’t it an enemy? Well, no. Actually you might say it is a friend. It is a sign that something is wrong. You now have time to correct it – whatever it is that is wrong (and it will take some trial and error to work that out).

If I had two baskets and in one of those baskets I put ‘normal cells’ and in the other basket I put ‘bacteria’, ‘virus’, fungus’ ‘parasite’ and ‘alien invader’. Now I pick up the word ‘cancer’ – which basket should I put it into? Well, if you’re Cancer Research UK you would put it into the basket with viruses and alien invaders. But really it should go into the basket where we put ‘normal cells’ – because cancer is some part of our normal existence that has become abnormal.

If our enemy is an alien invader then it makes sense to attack them with all the fire-power we can muster. But if the problem is our bodily processes and the bodily environment that those processes occur in, then zapping no longer makes much sense. We need a different approach – one that seeks to affect the bodily processes.

Simple really.

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