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Guayabano – soursop, graviola – a health powerhouse

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 12, 2013

I have just been to the Philippines where I was introduced to the Guayabano plant. The fruit is one of those tropical powerhouses of nutrition – tastes like a half-way house between pineapple and banana. But it is the leaves of the tree that are particularly interesting. Locally it is used as a cure for constipation and my own experience of it suggests that it works very well! People also say they ‘feel better’ when they drink the tea. No need to go to the herb shop, instead they just go out into their garden and pick the leaves. Then they boil up seven leaves (magic number) in a pot of water for 20 or so minutes and then drink the tea over the following days.

In Brazil they call this plant graviola, which is a famous anti-cancer remedy. In the Philippines the guayabano tree is everywhere.

However anyone seeking to follow a graviola approach to cancer should read the discussion on ATP reducing verus ATP promoting therapies in The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (aka Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guides Books 1-8 (paperback and Kindle)- see


One Response to “Guayabano – soursop, graviola – a health powerhouse”

  1. Cancer is fought with chemo, yet the chemo does not effectively kill the cancer as what it targets is the symptoms not the cause. You cannot cure until you can kill the cancer at its root cause. If we wish to win the battle we must first know what weapons work and use them. Most importantly we must fight the fight strong, use the most powerful weapons first with the soldier is strong, not when the soldier is too weak to fight. Many come to alternative treatments at the eleventh hour, when the soldier is weak. More treatments that work are available around the world, success stories are common place; other countries don’t give out courage badges for those losing the fight; they wonder why those in the U.S. so readily die. It is not an honor to die from cancer, it is sad. We know there are answers, doctors will lie tell you they are quackery but those that are living using them, are living proof alternative treatments save lives where chemo does not.

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