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Fraudulent science scuppers Gonzalez comparison

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on October 5, 2012

John G wrote the following on my Cancer Recovery site:
This is a link to the NCI study report that was published without Nicholas Gonzalez knowledge or consent, while two investigations were underway which ultimately found 8 counts of failure by a Dr. Cabbott and his staff to follow the guidelines of the study, thereby making it not possible for the enzyme and nutrition side of the comparison against Gemzar chemo to have a chance at succeeding.

A very kind and helpful doctor of integrative medicine sent me this link to inform me that the FDA has declared Nicholas Gonzalez’s enzyme a drug so that noone other than gonzalez can administer them or sell them while representing that they may help someone with cancer. However if you buy them over the counter with no representation haven been made as to what they are good for, its not illegal to buy them. They can be bought on the internet. type in Allergy Research Group, Pancreas natural glandular pork, and a few retail sources will show up. There are 31 or so natural glandulars that were formulated by Nicholas Gonzalez that you can look over on the Allergy Research Group website. If you have a professional license acceptable to them you can order them direct whosale.
_( (see last paragraph) I


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