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How dangerous are supplements?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 24, 2012

Eight key points from the relative risks data

  1. On evaluation of the most widespread sources of preventable risk, smoking still appears the single riskiest activity for a UK citizen: by comparison, you’re 797,940 times more likely to die from smoking than from taking a food supplement!
  2. A person resident in the UK is an incredible 293,006 times more likely to die from preventable medical injuries than from taking a food supplement. For herbal medicines, it’s a still-enormous 36,625 times!
  3. A spell in a UK hospital poses a similar risk of death to active military service in Iraq or Afghanistan!
  4. The risk of death from pharmaceutical drugs in the UK is 62,000 times that of taking food supplements
  5. Pharmaceutical drugs pose nearly double the risk of death than motorcycle accidents on UK roads
  6. The UK bar chart reveals that herbal medicines and food supplements can both be regarded as ‘supersafe’, posing no significant risk of death. The risk of death is less than 1 in 10 million people exposed to food supplements!
  7. By contrast, preventable medical injuries in UK hospitals are in the ‘Dangerous’ category, with a risk of death greater than 1 in 1,000 – along with smoking and military service in Iraq and Afghanistan
  8. UK residents are about as likely to be hit by lightning or to be killed on the London Underground than to die from taking herbal remedies or dietary supplements

To read the whole article on the Association for Natural Health website go to

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