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melanoma and Sutherlandia gel

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 23, 2012

A new friend of mine, Leila, who lives in South Africa, told me the following story:

I wanted to share my personal experience of the amazing healing properties of Sutherlandia, a South African plant commonly known as Cancer Bush. In January 2007 I had a mole removed. After a biopsy, I was called back in to the doctor’s rooms to have more flesh around the wound cut out as I was told that the results (which I never really understood) were concerning enough to warrant this. About a month later, another mole began to grow at a rapid rate – from a mere spot to a large lump within two weeks. I decided to try Sutherlandia gel on the recommendation of a friend, rather than returning to the doctor. I applied the gel to the mole every day for six weeks and was amazed to watch it shrink and then disappear altogether, never to return!

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