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asthma cure for cancer?

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on July 21, 2012

Bizarre anecdote – could it be true? I found this on the Cancercured Yahoo chat group:

> Cromolyn Sodium is something that is readily available. >
>They had a woman attorney on Hard Copy last night from NY. She had breast
> cancer which met. to liver and lungs. She was given a month or two
>and pronouced inoperable. She was staying at the time with her daughter
>had two cats she was allergic to. So she bought OVER THE COUNTER an asthma
>preparation called something like Sodium Achromolyn or Chromolyn–I’m not
>sure. She sprayed it into her nose 3x a day. Within a month her breast
>cancer had visibly shrunk and the cancer throughout her body was stopped
>cold. Within 6 months of continuous use of the nosespray, there was no
>cancer in her body. That was five years ago. Since then she has waged a
>campaign to get the NCI or FDa to run clinical tests but they refuse to.

The Cancer Survivor’s Bible –


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