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boy is beating cancer through natural means

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on June 20, 2011

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Boy is beating cancer through natural means

Isn;t it strange that the people who accept their doctor’s prognosis tend to die on schedule while those who take positive steps to try a range of alternative therapies so often confound their doctors – and yet the doctors refuse to accept the evidence of their own senses: Here is a story that gives us all hope:–survives-grandparents-alternative-therapy-treatments.html#ixzz1POE5ef28

NOTE: The 2012 edition of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible is now available – see for details

“The section on conventional treatment was riveting.”

One Response to “boy is beating cancer through natural means”

  1. escozul said

    The Oncozul (Escozul) is a natural solution obtained from the venom of the blue scorpion Rhopalurus junceus. The blue scorpion exclusively inhabits Cuba and the properties of its venom were discovered more than 20 years ago.
    Oncozul has demonstrated astonishing clinical success and has promising future. Immediate responds of patients are lowering Oncological markers, lowering pain, increase of apatite; better sleep, after three months treatment with Escozine, he observed significant decrease of tumor size in many patients.
    Blue scorpion serum showed an 89.5% success rate in the quality of life of subjects in the study. Thousands of stage four cancer patients who were only given months to live are still alive today years after first taking blue scorpion serum. Escozine has been used in combination with chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional treatments.

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