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Nuro’s Natural Cancer Healing Experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on May 17, 2011

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Nuro’s Natural Cancer Healing Experience

This is Nuro’s story:

In January 2009 I had noticed a tiny lump in my right breast. I went to my local GP. She eventually transferred me to the breast clinic where a couple of fine needle aspirations were made. I then had an ultra sound and a biopsy of the lump.  The result was an aggressive (meaning fast spreading) form of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with a tumour in my right breast. I was devastated!

I had worked for almost 20 years in the field of complementary health. I was of the opinion that I was of very robust health. I had quite a solid understanding of nutrition, was never really ill, had hardly any colds, went running regularly, did a very dynamic form of yoga and my busy work as a remedial massage therapist provided the necessary muscle strength training.

Admittedly, my daily coffees and teas had become more regular and also the occasional glass of wine had become more frequent. On top of my physically demanding job, the commuting between Brighton and London was stressful and every so often I wondered how much more my body could take … However as I never really felt ill I had no real reason to worry, I thought.

So getting a diagnosis of cancer completely threw me. I felt betrayed by my body. I simply could not believe it as I didn’t feel ill in the first place. For days I was in shock and kind of numb.  Lots of pictures of people with cancer came up, I remembered my mum, who had died of cancer 10 years previously. I was in an awful state. Through this emotional fog I remembered hearing from an old friend of mine who have had cancer as a child. She overcame the illness by a purely natural approach and then a second time around 30 years later when she had cancer again, she also cured herself with alternative methods.  I called her up and she encouraged me to embark on a similar route.

All the things she suggested weren’t new to me.  To apply them and believe in them when doctors were of the opinion that the only answer to my health problem was chemotherapy was a huge challenge and a step I didn’t know if I could make.  On the other hand, I wanted to live! I didn’t want to get poisoned. So I felt I didn’t have anything to lose really.

So despite all the fear of the possible consequences of not doing chemotherapy I wanted to give myself and my body a chance to heal itself.

I wanted, I needed to try it out, at least for the next couple of weeks to see how I would do on a very clean diet, eliminating all possible sources of toxins, meditating, generally giving myself time and space to decide about my route of healing from a place where I wasn’t terrified.

So that’s when I started the first stage of my health regime, which looked something like this:

Phase 1


I went onto a mainly alkaline diet and cut out:

Dairy, meat, alcohol, sweets (including fruits, honey, any form of sweetener), gluten, salt, no nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines).
Instead I upped my organic vegetables, mainly raw as salads & juices, mostly made out of green vegetables, which I had before breakfast and dinner, supplemented by wheat grass juice). I also increased my daily water intake, trying to sip about 1/1/2–2 litres throughout the day.

My daily diet then became:
Breakfast – gluten free porridge with a few raisins (that was my only sweet treat!)

Lunch – salad, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, few carrots, few beetroots, zucchinis, olive oil, lemon with a bit of quinoa or brown rice on the side and occasionally tofu.

Supper – were much the same vegetables as for lunch but steamed or as a stew with some added quinoa or brown rice.

I was on this diet for about 8 weeks and it was roughly based on the book:
‘The ph miracle by Dr Robert & Shelly Young.

During this time I didn’t take any supplements, as I wasn’t sure what would benefit me.

Additional Healing Approaches

In addition to the change of my diet, I had weekly colonic hydrotherapy, did daily meditations, visualisations (letting the tumour shrink and dealing with the fear of the diagnosis) and tried to go out for one hour walks as often as possible. I also took MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, an unfortunate name for a very effective remedy). I took MMS for over a year as suggested, first orally by itself and for several months in combination with DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide) topically.

On the above mentioned diet I lost about 5kg over a span of 2 months. So did my husband who supported me on the diet, a good indication for me that I hadn’t lost weight because of the cancer but because of my change in diet.
It was a reassuring observation as advancing cancer is accompanied by weight loss.

Meanwhile I tried to find a medical practitioner who would support me in my endeavour to heal the cancer with natural methods. I found a former GP who now works as an acupuncturist and nutritional therapist in Devon/UK.

It was clear from the start that he had many suggestions and insights regarding my condition but he couldn’t take me on as a patient (the law in UK [Cancer act from 1939] forbids that anybody claims to heal cancer by any other means than chemotherapy, radiation or surgery). However I felt it was a step in the right direction.

After seeing him I slightly altered my diet, started to take supplements, dropped the regular colonics and introduced daily coffee enemas instead.

Phase 2


From my initial detoxifying diet I switched to a kind of building up or strengthening diet.

Essentially it was the same as before but I added few of the so called ‘super foods’ like bee pollen, goji berries, freshly ground up flax & hempseeds, flaxseed & hempseed oils in my breakfast porridge and augmented my usual lunches and suppers with fish, organic chicken or lambs liver twice a week.


As far as supplements went I started to take iodine, krill oil, zinc, selenium, a multi-vitamin, I ate apricot kernels and drank Essiac tea.

Naturopathic Approaches

I also added the following naturopathic techniques to my daily routine: Coffee enemas as mentioned earlier, castor oil packs over the liver, dry brushing, hot and cold showers, occasional Epsom salt bath, continued with my one hour walks several times a week and tried to get into the sun without sun protection for 20 minutes a day to top up on the health bringing and spirit raising Sun’s vitamin D.

Working with the Mind

I carried on with my daily meditations and visualisations, as I understood the importance of working with the mind. I needed to have each and every aspect of my life supporting by my longing for health.
I listening to the “Teaching of Abraham” and to lectures of Eckard Tolle.

Mental attitude

During all this time I tried to stay clear of talking about trying to ‘fight the cancer’. Ultimately my body had created the illness and I saw it more as a wake-up call that somewhere along the line I had gone against my own truth. I wanted to be kind to my body. I felt that was my way forward in all areas of my life. I wanted to learn again to go with the flow without compromising my own truth. At the same time I wanted to stay open to learn new things and change my approach along the way if needed. As long as it benefited my general health and well being.

Electromagnetic Radiation

During this time I also came to realise how health damaging electromagnetic radiation is. So we stopped using wireless broadband and went back to using cables, exchanged our cordless phone for an old fashioned hand held phone and I tried to use my mobile phone as little as possible (if I had to, I used an ear piece).


On my quest for health I also wanted dedicate time to pottery again. I had started years before but had given it up when I got to busy with work.

Now seems the perfect time to start.

I enrolled on a course again.

Two years on and I am still doing it. I really love to have my hands in wet clay and forming objects out of it. Mostly I do objects I can use around the house. My pots are getting better and looking less wonky, the glazes become more predictable and they crack less.

This year for the first time I will exhibit some of my ‘masterpieces’ together with other friend’s art in Cornwall.

It is not so much for me about making perfect pieces of art, it’s more about expressing an important part of myself.

Toxicity in Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

The other important area of possible toxin burden that needed to be addressed was cleaning products, toiletries and cosmetics.

We basically switched them all to environment friendly products that were free of petrolatum, mineral oils, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, paraben, lanolin, hadn’t been tested on animals, didn’t contain any animal by-products and were biodegradable.

High Quality Water 

On top of all that we installed a reverse osmosis filter for our so important daily water consumption. A reverse osmosis filter filters out the good and the bad, so we added extra mineral drops to our drinking water. We also installed a filter in our showerhead that cleans out fluorides and other damaging ingredients.

Monitoring my Progress 

When I was first diagnosed and I wanted to go onto my alternative health regime, one big issue for me was how to monitor my progress???

The oncologist couldn’t offer me any on-going tests other than invasive PET scans that they normally do every 6 months.
As I was considered opting for ‘no treatment’ in the eyes of conventional medicine I wasn’t given this test.

However as I mentioned before these tests are taxing on the body and I was rather looking for a test less invasive.

We eventually came across the ‘Navarro Test’, which quite few people do when approaching cancer in a natural way.

Initially the test seemed to be very complicated to do and sounded a bit ‘cowboy’ like.

However we overcame all obstacles and I did the test every three months. Besides feeling good in my body, the test became an important indicator how I was doing on a less obvious level. After doing the test a few times it wasn’t all that complicated as it initially seemed.


After 18 months on this regime the lump in my breast had dissolved. Where there used to be a chestnut big bulge was nothing any longer.
At this point I felt that my body was strong enough to do another PET scan.

A reluctant oncologist eventually agreed to do the test.

It showed that I had no cancer in my body anymore and I got declared as ‘in complete remission’. The oncologist was very surprised.

What Now? 

After the result of the PET scan, I had a big celebration with friends who had supported me through my healing journey.

Everybody asked me if I would go on with my strict diet.

Well, there were a few things in my mind that I wanted to eat again. I tried them out … I can‘t really say that it was a big ‘Wow’ experience.

For once I have lost my appetite for alcohol. It makes me feel strange and I don’t like it any longer.

Croissant with butter, strawberry jam and a coffee used to be my ultimate fantasy while I was on my regime … Even that has lost it’s appeal.

However, I still love my daily crunchy organic veggie salads, the occasional bit of chicken and fish here and there.

My healthy diet has become a way of life. I still have the odd bits that I regard as not that healthy but I easily find my way back.

One thing that I find important for me is not to become too obsessed with food.
I still like to go out for a meal every so often and eat what feels right for me without being too concerned and then I go home and carry on with my daily green juice, the salads and steamed veggies and plenty of good quality water.

As a result of my healing journey I have enrolled in a nutritional healing course. That course teaches more or less the approach that has helped me immensely.

Over the last two years I feel as if I did a crash course in healthy living.
The course gives me the time and the support to go over everything I have done to get better and to come to a deeper understanding.
I hope that with my own experience and the help of this course I will be able to inspire people to try out the gentle way of healing cancer.


Initially I was trying to find the ‘right’ healing method. Everything I read felt very overwhelming and confusing.

I needed to stick to something that felt right to me before I understood all other methods.

By and by all the reading I did and the information I had accumulated fell into place. I developed a sense of when to incorporate another healing method and which one I wanted to incorporate.

I am sure I could have done it in a different way but the methods I chose felt right to me at the time.

What I want to express here is the fact that there is not only one right method of healing.

Finding my own inner voice and my own intuition was pivotal.

Although initially it was a very scary situation it eventually became a very empowering process.

I was and I am still amazed by the way my body reacted to positive, loving, caring and gentle attention.

It felt that there was this part in me that wanted to be heard and acknowledged. Once I had tuned in, it was delighted to support my healing process on every conceivable level.

The illness was a true blessing in disguise for me.

Having said all that, I don’t feel I have reached a place from where I can simply go back to my life how it used to be.

On a physical level my healing is complete for now but emotionally I feel like a work in progress.



Nuro Weidemann | In Safe Hands – Massage Therapy | | 07931 790 666

NOTE: Nuro’s on one of over two dozen stories in the 2012 edition of The Cancer Survivor’s Bible –  now available – see for details

“We were comforted and inspired by the broad sweep of your book.”

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  1. Hey there is some good info here. My mom and dad both died of cancer 6 months apart from each other. My dad died on thanksgiving day, and my mom died on momorial day. It was 2005 and 2006.

  2. thilophian said

    What an inspiring life-story. I think cancer is a life-style related disease. By changing our diet, life-style and attitude we can prevent cancer to a certain extent. There is a treatment in Ayurveda which is very effective. I have written a post describing it.

  3. Vegetable Juice…

    […]Nuro’s Natural Cancer Healing Experience « Cancerfighter’s Weblog[…]…

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