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Anti-radioactivity Foods

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 16, 2011

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Anti-radioactivity foods

The continuing crisis in Fukushima and the certainty that radiation levels worldwide will be impacted (bringing in its wake increases in thyroid cancer and leukemia)  leads to the obvious question of how we can protect ourselves.

The first answer is to take potassium iodide everyday 4-12mg – you can get this as a liquid called Lugol’s solution or as pills under the brand name Iodoral. I anddition you need to soak all your vegetables in water and throw the water away. Finally here is a list of foods that will be part of the optimal diet. This was prepared by Russian scientists based on their experience of Chernobyl

1.      Brown rice

2.      Seaweed

3.      Kelp

4.      Miso

5.      Pumpkin

6.      Spirulina (& Chlorella)

7.      Bee pollen

8.      Wheat grass

9.      Rosemary

10.  Blue-green algae

11.  Beets

12.  Garlic

13.  Ginger

14.  Alfalfa sprouts

15.  Broccoli

16.  Onions

17.  Olive oil

18.  Leafy greens

Apples and other sources of pectin

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