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MMS and Teeth (gum disease)

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on April 7, 2011

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MMS and Gum disease

MMS (Jim Humble’s Master Mineral Supplement aka Miracle Mineral Supplement) has stirred up a hornet’s nest with strong views being expressed left and right. Gum disease is far more important than most people think it is – it is directly associated with cancer and with heart disease (if you think this is an exaggeration do your own research – Google “gum disease cancer” see what comes up.)

Here is a personal testimony that shows in part why there is controvery – MMS is powerful stuff:

Jim claims that brushing and rinsing with MMS will not only not harm the
teeth in ANY way, but cure any tooth/gum infection AND tighten teeth. In
two weeks time. So–before I knew better and trusted everything Jim said, I
too rinsed and brushed with MMS. Yep, killed a months long infection.
Within 3 days. I was terribly impressed. So I kept the rinsing and
brushing as he said to do–and within 3 weeks not only had my teeth not
tightened up (least of my worries) but they had become so sensitive that I
couldn’t eat anything! They hurt whether I had anything in my mouth or not.
Seems the acid was stripping the enamel from my teeth! It took the same
amount of time–3 weeks–for my teeth to get back to normal and quit hurting
after stopping the Activated MMS. And yes, I followed Jim’s instructions
to the letter–5 drops acid to 1 drop MMS, wait 3 minutes, 6 drops MMS per
quarter to half cup water, brush, rinse. It worked FOR HIM. It did NOT
work FOR ME. I still tell people it’s the best thing in the world for tooth
and gum infections. BUT, I also caution about the tooth enamel part of it.


Another good gum disease treatment is sodium bicarbonate

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