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blackstrap molasses – baking soda testimonial

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 31, 2011

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Blackstrap molasses-baking soda testimonial

The idea of mixing baking soda and blackstrap molasses and that this combination – literally costing just pennies a day – could be curative of cancer is mind boggling. I am sure many people hearing of this will simply reject the possibility. Here is a personal testimonial of someone who did take this route and recorded his results day by day.

It is very easy to come up with reasons why taking blackstrap molasses would be contra-indicated for cancer patiens – it is a sugar syrup and cancers love sugar. Yes, but it seems that the sugars are ‘good sugars’  such as xylitol and it has a low glycaemic index – so it doesn’t provide a sudden sugar load to the blood stream.

Secondly, some people have avoided blackstrap molasses because it is rich in iron – and cancer cells have a high beed for iron. Again, this is true as far as it goes. In fact blackstrap molasses (and check the label for the word ‘blackstrap’) are a powerful mix of all the trace minerals along with magbesium and potassium.

Some people have speculated that the reason the mix of blackstrap molasses and baking soda is beneficial is that they bond and the cancer cells suck in the sugar and take in the alkalising baking soda at the same time – and the alkalinity kills the cell. Critics point out that it’s not possible to bond the two substances and so they say it cannot work.

In my opinion both sides are mistaken. I believe that the blackstrap molasses and the baking soda are individually active in different ways against the cancer. You can find testimonials where only blackstrap molasses (without the baking soda) is effective

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One Response to “blackstrap molasses – baking soda testimonial”

  1. Seattle Girl said

    People used to die horrible deaths from scurvy…until they found out that simple vitamin C deficiency was the prevention and cure. And I say “cure” lightly. Cancer has been cured by increasing PH. Eat a crappy diet again, let your body become to acidic and the condition can and will return. It’s like unplugging your fridge…things rot and mold.

    There are many forms of “cancer” cells. And Western medicine already found that HPV is the cause of cervical cancer, stomach ulcers, esophigeal cancer…many times parasites are what’s causing this so called “cancer”. A big one, cystercicosis…pork tape worm larva from eating infected meat, water, soil. Baking soda and salt kills worms.

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