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Vincent Gammill’s comments on Methylglyoxal

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 30, 2011

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Vincent’s comments on Methylglyoxal

About ten years ago the world of cancer research was rocked by reports that researchers in Calcutta under the leadership of Prof Manju Ray had found a substance that cured terminal cancer. Since then not much has been heard of methylglyoxal. Vincent Gammil, who is close to the story without being a convert said the following in a public letter on the Cancercured Yahoo chat group:

“I have a fairly dim view of most conventional medicine, most alternative medicine,
most energy medicine, most homeopathic medicine, and most research medicine.
My opinions are based on decades of both clinical and research experience,
and more recently lots of self-experimentation.

Newcomers to cancer tend to be quite Pollyannaish. They read a few
abstracts and fall prey to the internet marketeering personalities and
become absolutely sure of some theory or treatment. If they are on the List
then after a while they disappear.

When Manju Ray first reported on her human trials with methylglyoxal, I did
suspect a bit of exaggeration. I assumed that this was unintended and
mostly through prescreening of candidates and inadequate methods of
assessment in India. She was reporting a 70% remission rate among people
with approximately three months left to live. Often people try to please
their docs and report good results with more enthusiasm than warranted.

I decided to work with it on problem cases. Several people were selling it,
but of very questionable quality and at unconscionable prices. Much of what
was on the market was polymerized, contained formaldehyde, or were
“homeopathic.” I know one of the clinics in Tijuana tried these products
and was very disappointed.

Twice Manju was kind enough to leave her lab in India and visit me in
California. We considered working together on the project but this could
not be realized for philosophical reasons. She was focused solely on
methylglyoxal and I was only interested in saving lives. If I thought
something wasn’t working, I would drop it in a hot second.

Her work as continued in the direction of using the methylglyoxal with
vitamins C and B complex, melatonin, and creatine. She was also
investigating putting it in nanoparticles. I would use it with vitamins C,
K, EGCG and with various glyoxalase inhibitors. I have also used the
related mitoguazone and I have synthesized several analogs and deriviatives.

I do find a practical clinical use for methylglyoxal when selectively used.
It does not seem to work on Hodgkin’s disease and seems only mediocre in
such cancers as squamous cell carcinoma. It is probably not the ticket for
cancers that are highly differentiated nor for sarcomas and leukemias. As
cancers in animal models tend to quickly return when methylglyoxal is
discontinued, one has to think of long term commitment. The literature
reports potential risk to eyes, pancreas, and other high-value real estate
but I haven’t seen a problem. I know of one person in a hospital setting
who tried to push it through their skin using glycerin and propylene glycol
as a carrier along with an ATP decoupler. The person’s blood pressure
dropped precipitously. There is much that is not known about this compound,
and I think someone who doesn’t properly respect it will run into a problem.

I don’t sell it. I do make sure that it is available if it is a good match
and it will rescue someone. Personally I think it would be terrible news if
I found out that only methylglyoxal would save my life, as its vinegary
taste gets old very quickly. But then, hemlock tastes worse.

I continue to have the highest respect for Manju Ray. She is a brilliant
pioneer. Most of the criticism that has been directed against her is
because of the turf war between clinicians and researchers.

There is a photo of us having dinner at the UCLA Faculty Club at:


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  1. michele lee said

    Does anyone know where to get methyglyoxal?

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