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Moringa Olifeira – potent anti-cancer herb

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 30, 2011

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Moringa Olifeira – potent anti-cancer herb

Moringa is a herb that is found in many parts of the world from Africa to the Philippines. Everywhere it grows it is used in traditional medicine as a general health support. Interestingly it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and so beneficial to people suffering from arthritis – even rheumatoid arthritis which is notoriously problematic as well as blood pressure and blood sugar levels (so beneficial to diabetics). For cancer patients, the news is that lab tests have shown it to induce apoptosis in cancer calls and additionally it provides a chemical obstacle to cancer cell proliferation.

You can find testimonials for Moringa and cancer here:

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One Response to “Moringa Olifeira – potent anti-cancer herb”

  1. Brian Womersley said

    I farm with about 50 000 moringa olei trees in south africa.

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