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Avoiding magnesium deficiency

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 30, 2011

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Avoiding magnesium deficiency

The truth is we are almost all deficient in magnesium – and the result is that we are more susceptible to ill health. The problem is how to get magnesium into the body most effectively. I personally take it in the form of higari flakes – which gives me trace minerals as well (and it’s much cheaper than taking capsules).

Some people, however, find that even low dose magnesium supplements cause diarrhoea. Also it seems the body needs to gear up slowly to absorbing magnesium from the digestive system. The alternative to ‘eating’ magnesium is absorbing it through the skin. This can be done by bathing in epsom salts (magnesium oxide). Alternatively you can rub on magnesium chloride oil. You can buy this or make your own. Here is one recipe from ‘Jim’:

“I make my own [magnesium] oil using Zechstein Salts (magnesium chloride) that I buy
from Swanson Vitamins (but there are other sources). To make the oil:
boil water in a saucepan and add as much salt as you can until it stops
dissolving. Cool that down and save it in a glass jar with a lid. Mix
that 50/50 (or stronger if you can stand it) with water (as you need
it) and put it in a spritzer. There You Have It. ”

If you want to explore the importance of magnesium Google “Dr Mark Sircus” and you’ll find links to his publications and You Tube talks.


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