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more news on citric acid therapy for cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 15, 2011

There’s a lot of cancer related info on this site so do browse – this supports and extends the info in my two cancer books – see for details

More on citric acid treatment for cancer

Dear Jonathan,

Recently, I published another evidence about another patient with terminal cancer (peritoneal mesothelioma) who improves only with citric acid as his treatment, this is the reference:

Clinical report: A patient with primary peritoneal mesothelioma that has improved after taking citric acid orally.

Bucay AH. Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 2011 Feb 21. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 21345759.

And, as I commented to the Editors of Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology, this work is completely reproducible, any patient, with any kind of cancer, including leukemia, who takes citric acid orally as I described with this second patient… will improve.


Sincerely, Alberto Halabe Bucay

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351 Responses to “more news on citric acid therapy for cancer”

  1. Linda Zambanini, BA, RN, MIS said

    Dear Dr Bucay,

    I research novel adjuvant cancer therapies online. Tonite I happened upon a post about your research on citric acid for cancer on the site which led me here eventually. Your hypothesis (of the symbiotic inclusion in cells of mitochondria which were primordial bacteria) is quite correct and a fascinating topic in it’s own right. But and your research on citric acid as a metabolic therapy in regulating mitochondrial dysfunction and thus curing cancer is fascinating – similar to, but much more simple, and elegant than the mitocondrial approach taken in the DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) research by Michelakis et al at the Univ. of Alberta.

    I immediately searched pubmed for other possible studies involving citric acid and cancer and came upon this recent study from France which i thought would interest you if you haven’t already seen it:

    Citrate induces apoptotic cell death: a promising way to treat gastric carcinoma?

    Lu Y, Zhang X, Zhang H, Lan J, Huang G, Varin E, Lincet H, Poulain L, Icard P.


    Department of Thoracic Surgery, CHU de Caen, Avenue de la Côte de Nacre, 14000 Caen, France.


    Gastric carcinoma is frequent, particularly in China, and therapy is often inefficient. Because cancer cells are partly or mainly dependent on glycolysis to generate adenosine triphosphate ATP (Warburg effect) and/or to produce precursors (of lipid, nucleotides, etc.) for building new cells, any inhibition of glycolysis may slow down the cell proliferation and/or may kill cells. The antitumor effect of citrate, an anti-glycolytic agent inhibiting phosphofructokinase (PFK) was tested on two human gastric carcinoma cell lines.


    Cell viability and morphology were assessed after 24-72 h exposure to citrate (5, 10, 220 mM). Apoptosis was assessed by annexin V-FITC/PI staining and Western immunobloting.


    A 3-day continuous exposure to citrate led to near destruction of the cell population in both cell lines, apoptotic cell death occurred through the mitochondrial pathway in a dose- and time-dependent manner, associated with the reduction of the anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 protein in both lines.


    Citrate demonstrates strong cytotoxic activity against two gastric cancer lines, leading to an early diminution of expression of Mcl-1 and to massive apoptotic cell death involving the mitochondrial pathway.

    PMID: 21498699 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


    Also…. a few years ago when i was investigating DCA, the Warburg Effect, and mitochondrial dysfunction as the cause of cancer and the target for a cure, i came upon this information about Pyruvate/Pyruvic acid for cancer which you may find very interesting. I didn’t investigate it further by corresponding with the authors, but based on their explanation it seems to be on sound scientific grounds along the same lines of your research with citric acid as well as DCA jumpstarting the Krebs cycle and thus the mitochondria, steering the cell away from it’s the immortal glycolytic state and allowing for the proper role of the rescuscitated mitochondria in inducing apoptosis once again. :

    Pyruvate in Cancer Prevention & Treatment

    Since Pyruvate starts off the Krebs cycle soon followed by the production of citric acid it seems entirely reasonable… i wonder what a cocktail of citric acid and pyruvate would induce? 🙂 Apoptosis? Autophagy? Caspase-independent programmed cell-death?

    Pyruvate is also available cheapy OTC as a nutritional supplement – mostly used for weight loss and to increase excercise endurance. :

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    The ACS, BigPharma and their partners at the FDA want us all to believe their new mantra that we will never be able to cure cancer, but cancer will become a pharmaceutically controlled “chronic illness” like diabetes. Wouldn’t they and their shareholders just love that?! (And i suspect this is why we still have so many chronic illnesses without cures as well). Meanwhile my feeling is that there is most likely a simple, but elegant, cure – like your citric acid – that controls a universal metabolic switch in all cancer cells. Sadly, the reason your research and the research on pyruvate and DCA have been (willfully) ignored by the medical-pharmaceutical establishment who purportedly “want to cure cancer” is that there is no motivation to fund clinical trials for off patent drugs or simple OTC nutricuticals that BigPharma can’t profit from. Too bad Otto Warburg isn’t around to shame them.

    Best wishes!

  2. Linda Zambanini, BA, RN, MIS said

    PS I neglected to mention…your work is brilliant….

  3. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks Linda, in the erticles from Philippe Icard et. al. are included my articles in the references.

    Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay

    • Alberto

      Apart from taking 45 grams of citric acid a day, are there any dietary components to your protocol – is alcohol banned for example?


      • Alberto Halabe Bucay. said

        Citric acid is a food and a natural component, it can be combined with any other food or natural product, I am recommending just 10 to 15 grams of citric acid each day for curiing any type of cancer.

  4. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    articles, sorry.

  5. I also share with you this news published in Mexico last January 18:

    Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  6. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    In these links you can find more information about my work:ácido-cítrico-y-el-cáncer

    the third one is in spanish.

    • Linda Zambanini, BA, RN, MIS said

      Thank you, Dr Bucay, for all the articles! I really look forward to reading them.

      Very best wishes,

  7. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks Linda, and thanks to Cancerfighter´s for this opportunity to demonstrate, in this space, that the work from Philippe Icard et. al. about treatment of cancer with citrate (citric acid) is a reproduction of my work published in Medical Hypotheses, from elsevier, on March, 2007, 2 years before any document from Philippe Icard or his group about this item:

    and, considering that citrate (citric acid) is the best inhibitor of glycolysis as is stablished in my articles, I don´t think that piruvate, DCA, bicarbonate or other compound could be better for treating cancer.


    Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  8. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks, happy holidays.

    Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  9. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    And, to let this Forum know, I registered the work about treatment of cancer with citric acid since August, 1989, and it was published in Mexico, in the Newspaper Excelsior, on April 8, 1990.

    Thanks again.

    Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  10. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    One question:

    Why, if citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment, as is described in my articles, it has not been used by physicians and oncologists?

  11. hk said

    Hi, Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay
    I very appreciate your help and your fascinating work. I am also curious about the effect of citric acid on cancer therapy. Have you ever trialed it on other cancer patients, like liver cancer, gastric cancer, etc.

  12. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    …. and, citric acid is completely safe as food, spice and natural flavor of lemon (E330), is important to take at least 10 grams each day for an adult, in order to slow glycolysis of malignant cells and let the immune system, including NK cells, destroy them.

  13. Horacio Jinich said

    I consider that the scientific basis of Dr. Halabe’s theory is solid. I know that Dr. Halabe is an honest person, who does not get any financial gain from his medical practice, who freely advises patients where to buy the citric acid, and that his only ambition is to fight cancer and be recognized for his important contribution to the search for cancer cure. He deserves an opportunity to prove the value of his idea in a recognized scientific institution.

  14. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    First of all sorry about my English, but I thank God that I was born in a country, Mexico, were we speak one of the most understandables languages: Spanish, the language of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
    It would be very interesting that Dr. Philippe Icard or some of his colleagues participate in this Forum, as I requested them. I published the hypotheses about the effectiveness of citric acid (citrate) in March 2007 (as it began to be in PubMed), and then, on May 24, 2007, I published it in one of the most important newspapers from Mexico, Reforma, which is also international; I sent the information to almost all the scientific and medical world, and I presented it in many important places in Mexico, and then, on March 2008, the first patient with cancer, with terminal ovarian cancer, improved after taking citric acid orally, but she also received chemotherapy, today she is still in perfect general condictions, and “free” of cancer; more than 300 patients contacted me, and I know more than 150, all of them with different types of cancer, including leukemia, lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, mesothelioma, tymoma, multiple myeloma, lymphoma (Hodgkin and non Hodgkin), etc… all of them improved after taking citrci acid orally, but they also received chemotherapy, the patient with medullary thyroid cancer ( and the patient with peritoneal mesothelioma ( only received citric acid as their only anti-cancer treatment, both are still in perfect general conditions, the first one with 2 PET scanners “clean” and the second with a peritoneal biopsy negative (I already submitted those results for publication), there is also a little girl with terminal osteosarcoma who improved after taking only citric acid as her treatment, she already survived 5 months (I also submitted this results), and, Leonardo Ferreira, from Portugal, included my work in his article published in Oncogene, last January:
    I hope that the followers of Nature Publishing Group can realize the fact that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment.
    Later, maybe tomorrow, I would like to talk about my relationship with my Professor, Dr. Horacio Jinich, the author of one of the most important books of Medicine from Mexico.

  15. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    The Book of Dr. Horacio Jinich is called: “Signos y Sintomas cardinales de las enfermedades”, I read it when I was 18 years old, in 1988, then, in that year, I had the opportunity to participate in a summer camp at the Weizmann Institute of Science, in Israel, and then, in 1989, when I studied Medicine and in Biocgemistry that the Krebs cycle produce citric acid as an internal “regulator”, I realize that it shoud be the cure of cancer, then I registered the theory that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment in that year, 1989 (comment num. 9).

  16. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Biochemistry, sorry.

  17. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Another question:

    Why, Dr. Hubert Lincet, coauthor of Dr. Philippe Icard in their work were they demonstrate that citrate (citric acid) is effective for killing cancer cells based on my work that is included in the references of their article:

    Click to access 556.pdf

    why, again, Dr Lincet and colleagues, knowing that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment from my work and their experiments in cells, why they still publish that ovarian cancer is the fifth most frequent cause of cancer death in women, why they don´t give citric acid to these patients?


  18. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Another, question:

    Why, in May, 2007, Dr. Philippe Icard an his group reported a patient with carcinoid tumor in Clinical Nuclear Medicine:

    and they didn´t offer him (or her) the opportunity to receive citric acid orally as it was stablished in my work in those days and it was the number 25th in the list of The 25 hottest articles from Science Direct?

  19. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    An invitation:

    Next Tuesday May 29 I will present a Conference about my work titled: “Treatment of cancer with citric acid”, here in Mexico City, in a very important location, if someone is interested please send me a letter to:


  20. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks, sincerely, to my very good friend Jonathan Chamberlain, because with this link that he started I could realize the impact that my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid has.

    Thanks again.

    Alberto Halabe Bucay

  21. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    It will be very interesting to analize why the only group of physicians who reproduced my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid, two years after my work was published as is stablished in all the international references of Science and Medicine, the group of Philippe Icard, they are still treating patients with cancer with conventional treatments in their Medical centers, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, instead of citric acid as is stablished in my 2 clinical articles subsequently.

    I share with you the conference that I presented here in México at the National Museum Of Anthropology last May 29:


  22. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    It is very interesting to hear and read about many patients with cancer in all the world that are improving against all the classical prognosis of their type of cancer, there are also some recently published articles about amazing cures of cancer, like this one:

    I am wondering if these patients with this unsuspected improvement from cancer are taking citric acid as is published in my articles, and in in internet in links like this one….. historically this fact will be comparable to the History of Fleming´s penicilline: it wasn´t recognized yet as the best antibiotic in History when the Doctor of Hitler, Theodor Morell, in Germany, prescribed penicilline to him to cure a skin infection….

  23. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    To know about more me in Twitter: @DrAHalabe and @DrAHalabe2

  24. ringkeybob2011 said

    Dr Bucay, where can I obtain copies of your articles? Are they available in English? How much Citric Acid did your paitents take daily to show improvement? I would like to know the mechanism of action of citric acid. Does it create oxidative stress within the cancer cell? Thank you! Robert

  25. Rob said

    Hi Dr.

    I was wondering if you could give me more info about your MTC patient? Was there any side effecta taaking citric acid? How bad was there condition? I cannot access any info regarding your clakm with MTC?

    Please let me know.

  26. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    You should read the article, the patient after 3 and a half years is still free of cancer.

  27. Rob said

    thanks, but how can i access the article?

  28. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks again Rob, the patient of the article is Orlando, he received citric acid only 2 years, after the last PET scanner negative (the second negative) I told him to stop taking citric acid, he goes to school, he is now 13 years old, you can know him in this viedo (in the last minute) were I presented a lecture in Mexico, at the National Museum of Anthropology and History (INAH):

    sorry, it is in spanish, the man sitting in the front is a surviver from a non Hodgkin lymphoma, also with citric acid.

    By the way, dichloroacetate is a good inhibotor of glycolisis, but the best one is citric acid, as is stablished in my work.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      inhibitor, sorry.

      • Rob said

        I Appreciate your reply.

        Can you tell me how Orlandos Calcitonin levels are today?
        Did he experience any side effects during treatment?
        Also is it ok to take other vitamins with citric acid? Vitamin c, d, b…
        Lastly what is the best way to take the citric acid powder? (Mixed with water?)

        Again i want to thank you!

  29. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    First of all, who are you Rob??? krazycoat, who follwed me in twitter with a very controversial picture (I had to spam it)….

    by the way, Orlando had multiple endocrine neoplasia typo 2b, not only medullary thyroid cancer, and today, as I said, his PET scanner is clean… without any endocrine neoplasia anywere… as well as the patient with peritoneal mesothelioma, who was declrred as “untreatable” since June, 2010, published in Clinics and Ressearch in Hepatoloy and Gastroenterology since February, 2011:

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      declared as “untreatable”

      • Rob said

        Sorry Dr. Bucay, but i am just a concerned friend trying to find answers about MTC and alternate treatments…. yes my twitter picture is just a stupid picture from a tv commercial hear in canada.
        Forgive me if it is offensive.
        But i really appreciate that you have answered my questions, this is all new to me and i am just really scared and trying to deal with this.

        Kind Regards

  30. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks Rob, the calcitonin levels of Orlando are still high because he has to take 10 to 15 grams of calcium (calcium carbonate) each day, because he had surgery of the neck 5 times as is described in the article and in one of them the doctors had to removed the 4 parathtyroides, but, again, he is free of cancer, if you read about endocrine multiple neoplasia type 2 b you can know that at age 13 years, like Orlando, the cancer should be also in adrenals (feochromocytoma), neuromas and neurogangliomas everywhere in his body, Orlando, I repeat, is free of cancer, only with citric acid as his treatment.

    But, my question is: Why Science and Medicine, including you, are wasting time trying to know very detail of the 2 patients with terminal cancer that have improve after taking citric acid orally, both are published, instead of that, try, you and everyone, and give citric acid to any patient with any kind of cancer, they should improve as is described in my articles and as is described in the Scientific Method by Claude Bernard since 1878.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      parathyroid glands (4th line).

      • Rob said

        Another question, how would you administer citric acid powder? I know you used pill form but would powder form work? Could you simply mix with water and drink it?

        Thanks again!

    • Rob said

      Thanks again Dr. Bucay, i understand and am glad there are people like you out there tryung different methods of cure, again this is all new to me and am not sure what questions ask but i am willing to try the citric acid as next options they say is some drugs on trail or more operation…

      Kinds Regards,

  31. Alberto halabe Bucay said

    Dear Rob, here you will find the answer of your question (5th paragraph):

    and, again, my question, who are you?

  32. Alberto Halabe Bucay. said

    Thanks Rob, for your letter, now I shall declare, again, that citric acid is actually the cure of cancer, without doubts.

  33. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    It was very satisfying for me, and I hope for Science, in general, to find the latest article from Philippe Icard and Lincet H. in the controvertial Journal: Biochim Biophys Acta:

    were they recognized that citrate (citric acid) play an important role in cancer, as Krebs and Warburg did, but in this article they didn´t mention that citric acid is the cure of cancer, as I did since March, 2007, and as I demonstrated with 2 patients with terminal cancer:

    I already submitted more than 75 different articles about the cure of cancer with citric acid to more than 50 important journals since October, 2006, I understand their decissions about the rejections of my articles, is too hard to publish the cure of cancer with citric acid (citrate) in the 21st century, and by a single author, but, never, any journal responded to me that my work could ever be published before.

    Finally, it was very interesting to me to read in the article from Icard and Lincet the relation that they made with Warburg effect (aerobic) and Pasteur effect (anaerobic), and also interesting that they are testing other molecules, like 3 bromopyruvate:

    instead of continuing their work on citrate in cancer cells, a copy of my work published 2 years before in Medical Hypotheses, from Elsevier….

    I hope that some day, Philippe Icard or his co-authors participate here.

  34. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    It’s worse to try to ignore the truth than face it, the truth will always dominate, always.

  35. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    … and, for some Editors that are following this thread, as Winston Churchill may say: I didn´t start this war.

    I just want to know, why in the article from Philippe Icard and Hubert Lincet, published in Biomedical Research (2012:23:SI 31-37), Editor in Chief M.A. Quayyum, the reference of my work (number 60 from 61) the word citrate was cutted as cit-rate, having space for not doing that?

    Finally, the title of that reference from mine is: Hypothesis proved… citric acid (citrate) does improve cancer…that means, also for a teenager student, that that work was published before as a hypothesis, and then was proved, as Claude Bernard stablished the scientific method.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      What the World needs, today, is a Winston Churchill.

      • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

        Sorry, the Editor in chief from Biomedical Research is M.A. Qayumm, not Quayumm….

        It was intesting to have only 55 responses in this thread, but I made this mistake, we, from México are not used to last names like Qayumm.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said


  36. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Medicine have to explain why some many patients with cancer, already cured (maybe, with citric acid) are having side effects never reported from unnecessary treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), many of them, fatal.

    This author, Ernesto Zanotto, included my reference from Medical Hypotheses from March, 2007 in his work:

    Click to access 978-951-44-7710-2.pdf

    Honesty exists,

    My new twitter account: @Cancercuretop

  37. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Another plagiarism of my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid is the one that published Joseph Pritchard in, on July 28, 2011, he only made confusions because the dose in mililiters that he explained is for treating tubular renal acidosis, not cancer, this is the link:

    I already made all the clarifications with Livestrong, also by phone.

  38. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    The world is upside down, I understand that, but, I insist, citric acid is the most noble and harmless treatment ever proposed for treating cancer. Science should not take so long to prove that.

  39. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    My new account in Twitter: @Cancercuretop


  40. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    A lot of inhibitors of glycolysis have been tested: Dichloroacetate (DCA), 2 deoxyglucose, hydroxycitrate, 3 bromopyruvate, hexokinase enzyme inhibitors, drugs that disassociate the hexokinase from the mitochondrial membrane, inhibitors of the pyruvate dehydrogenase enzyme complex and ATP citrate-lyase inhibitors, but citrate (citric acid) was mentioned in a scientific article for the first time to be the most important and natural inhibitor of glycolysis in my article from Medical Hypotheses:

    Since March, 2007.

    And, the title explains the cause of cancer: The biological significance of cancer: Cancer is consecutive to the biological competition between the cell and the mitochondria, that´s what I demonstrated, scientifically.

    Thanks, again.

  41. Hans Wiemer said

    Hello Dr Bucay,

    My wife recently was Dx’d w/ synchronous bilateral breast cancer — three tumors total. Unfortunately, she just endured a bilateral mastectomy, this past week, and is recovering as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Her type of breast cancer is extremely rare and most likely will reoccur sometime in the future despite mastectomy. Her scans showed no distant metastasis. Pathology results aren’t back post mastectomy, so her further treatment is as of yet undecided.

    I’m not too faithful in established medical cancer treatments, so am looking for long term (adjuvant or standalone) treatments — for the rest of life. So far, bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, potassium ascorbate supplementation are on my list along with olive leaf. Citric Acid sounds novel but I am concerned about kidney overload and the potential for interaction since she is on a host of prescription meds — morphine, Cymbalta, gabapentin, lorazepem, orphenedrine, and zantac. I have heard that citric acid can slow metabolism of some medications. Is 15 grams a day of citric acid enough? I read that you had initially used 45 grams. Can citric acid be taken at the same time as any of the previous supplements or to be safe should they be spaced throughout the day? And would you recommend citric acid for long term continuous use?

    Unfortunately chemo and radiation are probably necessary but diet and the afore mentioned supplements should mitigate the damage somewhat.



    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      Dear Hans, 10 to 15 grams of citric acid each day is enough for curing cancer, you have to be shure that is pure citric acid what you have, combine it in a cold juice, like tomato juice, and also I recommend to take antacids like omeprazole or sucralfate (most of the patients tolerate citric acid without antacids), More than 30 women with breast cancer have improved after taking citric acid orally, today I had a breakfast with a patient who survived from pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma), he also recieved chemotherapy… citric acid is completele safe, it doesn´t have renal complications,and it doesn´t have restrictions to combine with other treatments, I can asure that…

      You can contact me:

  42. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Mis Linda Zambanini, are you still there?

  43. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Is so hard to understand that citric acid is the cure of cancer?….. The answer is Yes.

  44. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Is so hard to push the Reply button in this Forum?…. The answer is Yes.

  45. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Today, after 23 years and 5 months of the publication in a very important newspaper from México, Excelsior, I reconfirm, again: Citric acid (citrate) is the cure of cancer.

    Source: Periódico Excelsior, April 8, 1990.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      There are 22 years and 5 months, I performed the first presentation about treatment of cancer with citric acid 23 years and 1 month ago, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), on August, 1989.

  46. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Time is the only thing that a great idea needs.

  47. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another question:

    In this chapter from Philippe Icard and friends, without date:

    Click to access 27677.pdf

    they incluyen my reference from 2011, but in this one they included my reference from 2009:

    Click to access 31-37-Philippe-Hubert-central.28223640.pdf

    (reference 60), this reference is the demostration of my Hypotheses published on March, 2007 about the effectiveness of citric acid (citrate) as a cancer treatment:

    My 3 articles are consecutives, one demonstrated the next and the next….

    The question is: Who are trying to deceive Philippe Icard and friends? The answer: To themseleves.

  48. Alberto Halabe B. said

    An article from China were they used sodium citrate and arsenic for treating cancer cells, I hope that, if they used citrate as an inhibitor of glycolysis, they included my work in their references:

  49. Alberto Halabe B. said

    This comment is just to reach the 77.

  50. Álberto Halabe B. said

    More controversies:

    In the Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, from the Editor Peter Pedersen, the group of S.M. El Sayed are publishing articles from 2012 about citrate and cancer, these 2 particularly:

    They are including in these articles my reference from Medical Hypotheses from 2009, again, my question: Why they don’t include my reference from March 2007, were I established for the first time in History in a scientific article that citrate (citric acid) is the cure of cancer, again, my reference:

    Thanks, again.

  51. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Dear Professor Peter Pedersen, Editor in chief, journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes,

    You are very wellcome to answer my request in this very important thread, as Philippe Icard et al never did.


    Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  52. Alberto Halabe B. said

    A comment in spanish, biblical:

    El Rey Salomón dijo: La lengua blanda quebranta la roca, y la larga paciencia aplaca al Príncipe (Eclesiastés).

  53. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Dear Dr. Dana Flavin, from the US Food and Drug Admiistration (FDA),

    You are also very wellcome to participante here with your comments, readers of this very important Forum will be very interested with your point of view, I am sure of that.

    Thanks in avance.


    Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay.

  54. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Again, I stayed alone in a Forum, like this one:

    But an event that will be really irrational for Science is the fact that some authors, like Icard, El Sayed and the group from China that I cited on comment 48 are still publishing articles about the effectiveness of citrate (citric acid) in cancer cells when I already did with patients, before.

  55. Alberto Halabe B. said

    ….. and, the main ingredent of vinegar is acetic acid, the ammount of citric acid in vinegar is very poor….

  56. Alberto Hañabe B. said

    Important facts:

    These researchers that are publishing results with citrate on cancer cells are using sodium citrate, including the group of Icard, and recently the group of Vladimir Gogvadzde, that Rob cited in that reference from Herbalzym who included the complete article, maybe sodium citrate kills cells as they described in this article, were 2 of my articles are in the references:

    I am using citric acid with patients with cancer, not sodium citrate, and, as is described in my article from March, 2007, citric acid inhibits glycolysis, mainly the mitochondrial enzyme: pyruvate dehydrogenase complex:

    Finally, I had correspondence about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid with Vladimir Gogvadzde since March 15, 2011, that I am sure inspired him to publish this work from October, 2012.

    • Alberto Halabe B. said

      Sorry, in the article by Vladimir Gogvadzde are cited my 3 articles about treatment of cancer with citric acid.

  57. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I copy here part of this letter that I just sent to Dr. Vladimir Gogvadze and colleagues:


    Imagine that your citrate do that to all the cells of the body: activate capsases and cause cellular death, we all eat citrate (citric acid) every day, in fruits, vegetables, food, as a conservative and as a lemon flavor (E330)… I can beleive that the effect that you demonstrated in your cells was secondary to the sodium (Na+) that desacoplated from the sodium citrate that you used…. But it will be every diffiult to demonstrate that, considering that sodium is an ion…. But not impossible.

    My article easily explains that citric acid (citrate) inhibits glycolysis, mainly the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, that’s Why is effective as a cancer treatment, only acts in cells with increase glycolysis (Warburg effect), normal cells are not afected by the citric acid extra intaked, as any body who drinks 5 Orange juices or 5 Cola sodas…

    I also invited him to participate here..

  58. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Thanks Jonathan Chamberlain, for the opportuniy that represets this arena, but finally, the most important arena is the common sense….. you know that my friend.

  59. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Well, I beleive that I already said all about cancer and citric acid in this Forum, now I want to declare, also, here, that the war in Syria, were my grandparents born, must stop, for humanity reasons….

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      …. were born…..

      I just hope that my English Teacher from México never find my mistakes on the web, she has the same accent and the same name than one of the most important women in the History of Humanity: Margaret Thatcher, God bless them both.

  60. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    This is in spanish, but is a very important message for the understanding of the paradigm that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment, established By Alberto Halabe Bucay, myself:


  61. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Is OK if you include publicity here, I mean, every body does, including Times Higher Education:



  62. Alberto Halabe B. said

    A very interesting question:

    Why nobody participate in this Forum?, I already invited more than 50 colleagues, including, of course, Philippe Icard.

  63. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Dear Jonathan Cahamberlain, I trully beleive that your friend Sarah Ann Cooper took citric acid orally and that’s why she improved from a pancreatic cancer, as many, many patients in México and other countries did, is very easy to find articles that I posted in internet, since May, 2007, regarding the cure of cancer with citric acid.

    Just one example:

    But something is very important, if all those patients with cancer don’t recognize that their cure was secondary to citric acid, they have to explain to other patients, or their families, with the same type of cancer, why they don’t also improve…. without taking citric acid…..

  64. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another article, this one By Subhankar Ray that used my work as a reference:

    Click to access 22.%20Subhankar_et_al_%20159-170.pdf

    ang, again, just making circles around the metabolism of cancer cells described By Otto Warburg, but, finally, the only person that stablished that citric acid is the cure of cancer is me:


  65. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Now, what?

  66. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Time flies, and I am still the only one person in that published scientific articles confirming that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment, in humans.

  67. Alberto Halabe B. said

    …. and then, what?

  68. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I have to understand what the World have to understand.

  69. María Cabadas said

    Doctor Halabe:
    Qué alimentos no debe consumirn un paciente con cáncer? Mi mamá, quien es quien padece cáncer y que ya no puede recibir tratamiento alguno, según médicos del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, toma diariamente un jugo a base de jugo de naranja, brócoli y betabel. Con esto cumple con la ingesta de cítricos para inhibir el crecimiento del tumor

    ? Muchas gracias de antemano

  70. Alberto Halabe B. said

    ….and the World needs time to understand people like me…. but, usually, not too much….

  71. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I am the first author in that published that citric acid is effective as cancer treatment, since March, 2007:

    and I am still the only one that published that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment in human beings.

  72. Alberto Halabe B. said

    The philosophical point of view of the way that I am proposing my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid will be the most interesting part of this History.

  73. Alberto Halabe B. said

    If not for María Cabadas, this very important Forum would be as a monologue.

  74. Alberto Halabe B. said

    An important clarification:

    For this very important Forum *, and for Dr. Dana Flavin, who is still invited to participate here.

    In my country, México, we are not ruled by the FDA, we are ruled by the Secretaría de Salud with their statutes (Norma Oficial Mexicana, NOM) wich allow me to use and recommend citric acid to my patients, because is completely safe, is a food and a natural flavor (E330), with all the rights and legal implications, and, citric acid is alkaline, it doesn´t cause gastric ulcers….

    In México we used the vaccine against rotavirus before FDA accepted it.

    • Alberto Halabe B. said

      * This Forum from Cancerfighters is now a bibliographical reference for my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid.

  75. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I will buy a Hyundai, soon, I hope.

  76. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Again, my account in twitter is: @Cancercuretop and the Forum from México were I participate is:


  77. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Just to reach the comment 115, any number with 5 is important for arab people, my both last names: Halabe and Bucay are from Syria, my grandparents were born there, and, after the irrational First World War, they had to travel to México, were I was born, before that, they lived very well under the protection of France Goverment.

    Today, the war in Syria is as irrational as the war ocurred in 1914.

  78. Alberto Halabe B. said

    An important comment:

    This is clear as water, citric acid is not a drug, and it doesn’t have to be tested as if it were , but some doctors can not understand this fact, yet…..

  79. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Recently, Professor Maurice Israël from France, coauthor with Philippe Icard in some articles, sent me this declaration by email:

    I know that you pioneered the citrate treatment. Already 2007 is a very early date!

  80. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks Rob for your participation in one of the most popular Forums about treatment of cancer in internet, interesting, this Forum is almost filed by just one author.

  81. Alberto Halabe B. said

    All scientific articles, all that are indexes in should have recognition, and, legal implications.

  82. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Video with the evidence of my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid since 1989:


  83. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Considering that now this is a highly acclaimed Forum, I raise my voice to the World to find someone who can stop the war in Syria.

  84. Alberto Halabe B. said

    In Science, the effectiveness of any treatment can be demonstrated with just one patient, if it is reproducible, must be acceptable, that’s what Paul Ehrlich did with neo-salvarsan.

  85. Alberto Halabe B. said

    An important letter:

    Philippe Icard just sent me a letter that he, his student Xiadong Zhang and his friend Poulain tested citrate in cancer cells since March 2005 with successfully results, and signed by Alain Ourry. ThIs will be very interesting for the History of Science, that they didn’t sent those results for publication to any journal in the World, I requested legally that to them, their first publication is the one from Anticancer Research from April 2009, I will ask to the Hostory what did they do to promote that citrate is effective as a cáncer treatment before April 1990, because I did a lot, internet can testify that.

    • Alberto Halabe B. said

      I will ask to the History, Sorry.

      On April 8, 1990 I published in the newspaper Excelsior from Mexico that citric acid (citrate) is the cure of cancer.

  86. Alberto Halabe B. said

    More than 5 hours passed after my request to Philippe Icard to send me any submission to any indexed journal of their work with citrate and citric acid before April, 2009, and there is not any answer, not by email, not here, not by phone, I called to his office 5 hours ago and then I sent him my personal Telephone number. Is still business time in France.

  87. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Philippe Icard never suspected the effects of citrate for cancer, in his first article about this topic he accepted that the sodium citrate that he used in the malignant cells was not effective, so he had to use cisplatin:

    “However, when citrate was removed, the remaining cells resumed their proliferation”.

    This statement is in the abstract of his article from April 2009:

    Is inconcebible that Philippe Icard used citrate before that experiment, on September 2006 he tested 2-deoxy-d-glucose:

    No one can kill common sense, no one.

    But citrate (citric acid) can kill tumor cells, and that’s why is the cure of cancer, and that statement was first published in indexed journals on March, 2007, By myself:


    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      This research with 2-deoxy-D-glucose was the project of Philippe Icard and his colleagues in 2006:

      Is clear that they never thought that citrate (citric acid) could be the cure of cancer, not even Hans Krebs or Otto Warburg belived that citric aid is the cure of cancer, I am the first…. come on (like american people say), any University student can realize that just reading my articles.

  88. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    If is so hard for many people that I invited to participate here, in this Forum, maybe will be easier for them to participate here, with a pseudonym:

  89. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    I know that Jonathan Chamberlain will like this historical comment:

    When Japan invaded Pearl Harbor, Sir Winston Churchill went to Washington D.C. and, in the Congress, asked:

    What kind of people do they think we are?…

  90. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    An important testimony from Pr. Alain Ourry, a plant and agriculture Professor who signed a letter to Philippe Icard about what they were doing on 2005:

    “I just did my job to testify what I read at a given time provided I got a written proof (ascorbate experiments through a mid term Phd evaluation). And I ‘ll do it it again if requested”.

    They tested ascorbate (Ascorbic acid) as Linus Pauling did many years before.

    Again, the first published evidence from Philippe Icard about citrate and cáncer is from April, 2009.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      And another fact, they used ascorbate for pH evaluation, not for cancer treatment ( to cells).

      • Alberto Halabe B. said

        By the way, Alain Ourry, the plant and agriculture Professor already published 52 scientific articles about plant Biochemistry, he knew what he wrote very well.

  91. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    I truly believe that this decepción and líes from Philippe Icard are the second most important in History, the first one is from Watson and Crick about cristalography, but I don’t want to talk about that right now…. and I am not the only one. i can asure that.

  92. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Why Philippe Icard send copies of all his challenge mails to Jonathan Chamberlain and he doesn’t participate here?

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      And finally, Philippe Icard sent me this testimony on April 22, 2011, when we were going to be friends:

      “Once again i may assure you (and i take god as witness) i was not aware of your work when i sent my article, because i did not check the litterature at that time, thinking there was nothing published on citrate”.

  93. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Talking about Sir Wnston Churchill, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953, the same year that Sir Hans Krebs won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, who described the citric acid cycle, withhout knowing that citric acid is the cure of cancer, with copyright from Alberto Halabe Bucay, from México.

  94. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I have to make this comment for the dignity of Science, not mine:

    Philippe Icard sent me this declaration on October 30, 2011:

    “For the spouce of my friend, which have a metastatic bone breast cancer, we have tried citric acid ( 3 spoons by day ) since one month without results. Her condition is currently much bad.”

    I explained to him that the condition of he wife of his friend was “much bad” because of the chemotherapy that she was receiving, but, acording to this declaration, Philippe Icard was convinced that citric acid wasn’t effective as a cáncer treatment in human beings….

    And that’s still my challenge, that any patient, with any kind of cancer, including leukemia, who takes citric acid as is described in my articles, will improve as well.

  95. Alberto Halabe B. said

    …. the condition of the wife of his friend…

  96. Rob said

    Do you believe citric acid will not help people who take chemotherapy?

    • Alberto Halabe B. said

      Citric acid, as is described in my articles, alone, is the cure of cancer, Jim Humble is recommending his MMS with citric acid, and I believe, as I already sent to him in many ways, that citric acid is what is curing his patients, and the fact that citric acid is the cure of cancer is published by myself many years before the information from him and his group, who started only with a few drops of citric acid in soluction to their MMS.

      And, for answering your question, today, more than 350 patients with cancer improved after taking citric acid orally, and most of them received chemotherapy, radiotherapy and had surgeries, secondary to the medical scepticism.

      Can you explain, here, Rob, the improvement that you had while taking citric acid orally as I recommended to you?

      • Rob said

        Thanks Dr. Bucay, after my surgery 8 months ago i have been only following your protocol I am feeling great and my last neck ultrasound is all clear. I have a PET scan scheduled in a couple of months and will post my update and I believe that this will confirm to others that citric acid is the cure!

        Note: I have not been taking any other forms of medication


  97. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks Rob, I hope that some day we can meet each other, maybe in your country, near the Niagara Falls.

    My last name is Halabe, from syrian origin; in México we use both last names paternal and maternal.

  98. Alberto Halabe B. said

    It would be very interesting to know the opinion of Linda Zambanini here, after more than one year of his first post.

  99. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Well,no answer from:

    1. Linda Zambanini
    2. Philippe Icard
    3. Maurice Israel
    4. Alain Ourry
    5. Dana Flavin
    6. Laurent Schwartz
    7. Peter Pedersen
    8. Vladimir Gogvadze
    9. Mehar Manku
    10. and many other e invited to participate here…..

  100. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And Rob, Thanks for being so smart and don’t beleive that citric acid could be toxic, that is the most irrational argument in all this History…

  101. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And the most interesting part of this History, it was only just one man, in all the World, who tried to challenge me about my authorship on my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate), everything is described in this Forum, and in the pages of History and he did this with false arguments and lies: Philippe Icard, just one man, in all the World.

  102. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And, also interesting, Philippe Icard published the first chapter in the book: Cancer Microenvionment and Therapeutic implications from Springer with Maurice Israël and Laurent Schwartz in 2009, in 19 pages they didn’t mention nothing about treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate).

    And this Forum is not an arena, Jonathan Chamberlain, for me is just a place for reflections, reflections that History will do, alone.

  103. Alberto Halabe B, said

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. By Sir Winston Churchill, an english man.

  104. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And, for those who don’t read, I published the fact that citric acid (citrate) is effective as a cancer treatment in the newspaper Excelsior from México on April 8, 1990, as a news.

  105. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I sent for publication the case of a patient with glioblastoma multiforme (Brain tumor) that dissapeared after taking citric acid orally, as is described in my articles.

  106. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And this, more than being contradictory, is controversial: the latest article from Philippe Icard:

    Question: Icard and colleagues doesn’t believe that citrate (citric acid) could cure those 101 patients with pulmonary cancer instead of making them bilobectomies as he published in his previous articles were my references are included?

  107. Alba said
    This page saiys that citric acid has anticarcinogenic properties.
    Dr Alberto Halabe: I´m trying to meet your papers about your work with citric acid,but all are in publications that must be payed.Have you a web or blog with your work.?
    Congratulations, because I see you are a vocational doctor and also multifaceted.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      Those natural reports said that citric acid as being antioxidant or that increases antioxidant activity have anticancer properties, my work presented the original idea that citric acid inhibits glycolysis, that’s why I proposed it as the cure of cancer…. There isnt any diet in the History that recommended 10 to 30 grams of citric acid each day, as my articles described for cure of cancer.

      You can buy my articles from Elsevier, they are not so expensive.

  108. Alba said

    Dr. Halabe En su protocolo utiliza ácido cítrico con antiácidos como Omeprazol.
    No sé si conoce que algunos oncólogos proponen como tratamiento del cáncer los antiácidos:

    ¿Usted considera que el ácido cítrico mas los antiácidos pueden cursar con efectos sinergéticos,aumentando el potencial que ambos productos tendrían por separado?

    Mucha gracias.

    • Alberto Halabe Bucay said

      I recommended antacids for the stomach discomfort of patients that causes citric acid, I don’t think they can have anticancer properties.

  109. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    And Alba, is very important that you pay attention to this phrase that’s included in the second article that you commented here:

    ” In reality citric acid has nothing to do with cancer.”…. That’s what those naturists declared.

  110. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    Preferiría escribir en español Alba, pero nuestro muy afamado público es mundial.

  111. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another Forum in internet about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid:

    is in spanish Alba, maybe you would like to participate there..

    • Alba said

      Of course,many thanks.I´ll be there on this forum
      I knew your work on citric acid through D Health magazine (Dsalud),March 2013

  112. Alberto Halabe B. said


  113. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I am attending directly patients with cancer who requested me here in Mexico with my treatment with citric acid, in a Clinic established formally.

  114. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I just published another article regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid:


  115. Alberto Halabe B, said

    Interesting Rob, in the first article they are using citric acid for wound healing, not for treatment of cancer, although, I sent a letter to the authors to tell them about my work published before them; the second article is about citrate lyase inhibitors, nothing to do with citrate (citric acid) as a cancer treatment; the third article from Gogvadze is already commented it here, you should read before comment, and the fourth article is from Philippe Icard, already commented here, in these two articles are included my references, and these 4 articles were published more than 3 years after my first article regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid.

    You get cured from your medullary thyroid cancer with citric acid, Rob, for more than 18 months, have you told this to other patients with cancer? Because if not, that would be one of the most selfish conducts in History.

    • Rob said

      Hi Alberto, I only posted those links for you so you can email those people that are writing about citric acid? I thought that is what you wanted since people don’t want to admit what you have already proven… I am not sure what I did wrong I just googled citric acid and cancer to see what other people (doctors) were trying to get credit for and show you so you can tell them that you already have proven this.
      I guess I didn’t read the articles thoroughly and assumed citrate was the same as citric acid and also I have told people about citric acid it us not my fault people are not listening , it is hard to change people’s views when there so much advertising about traditional treatments from media and doctors.. How can my word be more be more powerful then a doctors? I am not selfish and as I stated before once I complete my PET scan next month I will share to all and they can judge for themselves.


  116. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks for the clarification Rob, but please, don’t play with the intentions.

    Thanks for considering me your Doctor and also thanks for not taking the DCA (dichloroacetate) once recomended to you by a colleague, that could be toxic, and that is known since 1989:

    Citric acid is completely safe, and you know that, Rob.

  117. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Interesting information:

    Doctors from China demonstrated with patients with leukemia improved after taking citrate (citric acid) using my article as reference, as soon as they publish this I will comment here the article.

  118. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And, another news, some colleagues are now begining to try citric acid with a patient with thyroid cancer, they wrote me a letter… They will have the same results described in my articles…. that is what we call: Science.

  119. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I am sure that there are many doctors in the World that have tested citric acid with patients with cancer, having good results, but without the courage to publish them.

  120. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Now that we found the cure of cancer (citric acid), what are we gonna do with it?…

    Comment published in Times Higher Education on December 1, 2010:

  121. Alberto Halabe B. said


    I already requested a legal research, and there isn’t any information regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate) before March, 2007, when I published my work in Elsevier, not a publication, not a news, not a presentation in any Congress, not a registration of a protocol, not a submission to any journal, not even a class at any University, not from Phiplippe Icard, not from anyone. .

  122. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Philippe, sorry.

  123. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Silence vaut consentement.

    I hope this translation from spanish to French is clear, it means, again: El que calla, otorga.

  124. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another question for the History of Medicine, because this Forum, is already History:

    Why, if Philippe Icard and his group tested 3 different compounds in cancer cells successfully: 2 deoxy-D-glucose, 3-Bromopyruvate and citrate (this last copying my work published 2 years before), they operated patients with lung cancer without giving them the opportunity of receiving these compounds?



  125. Alberto Halabe B. said

    A question for Rob (he posted some comments here):

    Why, in these 2 years, you haven’t recommended the treatment of citric acid to other patients with cancer?

    • Rob said

      Hi Alberto, Sorry for not responding sooner I have been busy living life 🙂
      Regarding citric acid I am still taking it and feel great, I have mentioned to a few people but have not heard back from them and hope they have contacted you regarding your treatment of citric acid. I will continue to post once I have more updates on my results.

      Kind Regards,

  126. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks Rob for your answer and your courage.

  127. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Well, in all this time all the persons that I invited to participate here, including Philippe Icard, didn’t do that; and Jonathan Chamberlain, this Forum is not an arena…

    Maybe those people would like to comment “something” in Twitter (@Cancercuretop), Facebook ( or Linkedin (looking for Alberto Halabe).

  128. Alberto Halabe B. said

    For those who are jewish: Happy new year.

  129. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Well, finally, it seems that Philippe Icard and his group decided to stop writing and publishing anything regarding treatment of cáncer with citric acid (citrate), my work formally published since March, 2007.

  130. Rob said

    Hi Alberto,
    How are you my friend? I have sent you a few emails but you have not responded? Hope all is well!


  131. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    I am find Rob, thanks.

  132. Alberto Halabe Bucay said

    fine, sorry.

  133. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Sorry Rob, but as you already know, the “commercialization” of my treatment of cancer with citric acid already belongs to a very important international Business firm, with all the legal agreements, you already contacted them…

    Sorry, again, but that´s the way this World works…

  134. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    No Rob, you are not my patient, sorry, again.

  135. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    It will be very controcersial for the History of Science and Medicine that some scientists publish the effect of citrate (citric acid) in cancer cells when I published that it is effective in human beings with cancer as a fact more than 6 years ago, on March, 2007.

  136. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    controversial, sorry…

  137. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    In this article the authors published that citric acid (citrate) is effective as a cancer treatment in cells:

    I published 6 years and 5 months ago that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment because it blocks glycolysis, as Hans Krebs describes that:

    Is incredible for the History of Science, I published that citric acid is effective as a cancer treatment in humans: and there are some journals like Anticancer Research publishing my work on cancer cells..

    I hope that those authors included in their article my references, and, I already publshed a 6th article regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid, as soon as it appears on the web I will let this Forum know…

  138. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another recently published article about citrate (citric acid) in cancer cells in the Journal of ovarian research:

    Is incredible, looking in for “cancer and citric acid” there are my articles about treatment of cáncer with citric acid in human beings, and now, with the new tool: Sort by Relevance, in the list of the articles about cáncer and citric acid, in the list of the first 10, 3 of them are my articles regarding the effectiveness of citric acid as a cáncer cure in humans…

    My question: Those editors from those “journals” don´t look for references in Pubmed?

  139. Alberto Halabe B. said

    My new article titled:

    The possibility that large number of patients with cancer worldwide are taking citric acid orally is very high.

    can be read in this link from Global Advanced Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Glo. Adv. Res. J. Pharm. Pharmacol):

    With this information, published with my 4 references, the statement that citric acid is effective as a cáncer treatment in humans is very clear, any article published about this fact in cáncer cells will be obsolete.

  140. Reinhold´s Family said

    Dr. Halabe,

    Doctor we are very proud to know a Mexican Doctor like you, and very grateful of being able to make contact with you from germany and that you share your treatment with us as well.
    We are also very proud to be part of the treatment which will change the history of cancer. Dr. Halabe recibe all our respect!
    And to all the people in this forum I give preliminary testimony, as treatment will last some more months, my husband, who has been diagnosed with colon cancer for the second time in his life, has been taking citric acid almost 1 month now, but since the 5th of taking it he just not only improved, he felt super good, got up, went out of home to have a walk is amazing how fast the citric acid works. My husband is about to return to work in 2 weeks.
    This is a case were the citric acid is also the only treatment, he is not takin anything else…he refused chemotherapy because he had it once and it didn´t work at all in his case, and i mean it! it was worst, he got an other tumor, so what he also did is change his diet in order to prevent future diseases (no process food, no fast-food, no artificial flavors-colors-etc, drink more wáter, sport) and also very important TO REMOVE the idea of his brain that cáncer will kill him and that it has no cure is the most imp 2 thing, because that is not true, the cure is called CITRIC ACID 😀
    many Greetings!

    • Stan said

      Hi Reinhold Family, I hope all is well. Can you give us a update with your husbands current health? if not I respect that.
      (This is in no way questioning the effectiveness of Citric acid, which has been proven in many times to cure cancer)
      I am just wondering for myself how he is doing.

      Thank you kindly,

  141. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks, Reinhold´s family…

  142. Alberto Halabe B. said

    This information will be interestin:

    In the last link of the CAAT protocol, they from a few months ago, they included in a “secret formula”, citric acid:

    They have never done that, including pure citric acid, this is one of their links before that:

    They recommended food wiyh citric acid, but never pure citric acid.

    I just have a siscussion with Angelo P. John III, who is invited to participate here.

    Jonathan Chamberlain should have a lot of information abput the CAAT protocol (a diet with aminoacds), citric acid is not an aminoacid, and they never include it in their protocol before. The original article from Medical Hypothese mentioned to take foods and condiments qith citric acid, never pure citric acid…

  143. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Is discussion… and this is another link of the CAAT protocol from the last year were is very clear that they didnñ´t use citric acid:


  144. Alberto Halabe B. said

    didn´t, sorry, and, another link about CAAT protocol (Controlled Aminoacid Therapy) were is very clear that they recommended with the aminoacids fruits, never pure citric acid:

    Information in twitter: @Cancercuretop

  145. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Finally, The pills or tablets of the CAAT protocol from Angelo P. John III from 2013 with all the ingredients that they have, they can only have 10 to 20 MILIGRAMS of citric acid each one, that´s why in the link of the CAAT protocol say that they have citric acid in “physiological amounts”.

    My work is about THERAPEUTIC ammounts of pure and only citric acid: 10 to 30 GRAMS each day for curing any type of cancer.

  146. Alberto Halabe B. said


    It is so hard to argue with someone who is right.

  147. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another clarification:

    In the article of Philippe Icard and colleagues from September, 2006 they never mentioned citrate (citric acid) on it:

    the first legally documented evidence from Philippe Icard or his group about treatment of cancer cells with citrate (sodium citrate) is from April 2009, 2 years after my publication about treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate):

    I also published 2 more articles about the effectiveness of citric acid as a cancer treatment in human patients, they will be ready soon.

  148. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Dear Jonathan Chamberlain: Happy new year.

  149. Alberto Halabe B. said

    A new article.

    About a patient with leukemia cured with only citric acid:

  150. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And I also published a chapter of a book about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate): the 5th:


  151. Jesper More said

    Hi Alberto

    Can citric acid be used as a preventive against cancer in a lower dose e.g 10 gram per day? And do it have other health benefits?

  152. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Citric acid is so effective as a cancer treatment that it doesn´t have to be used as preventive or prophylaxis of cancer.

    Citric acid is the cure of cancer.

    I share with you this recently news about treatnment of cancer (in humans) with citric acid, in spanish, sorry:

  153. Alberto halabe B. said

    Dear Jonathan Chamberlain, maybe, Carol Smith, the patient that you reported who get cured from a bladder cancer, was taking citric acid orally, finally, the possibility that large number of patients with cancer worldwide are taking citric acid orally is very high, including the actor Michael Douglas:

  154. Alberto halabe B. said

    and, an important clarification: hydroxycitrate is a very different compound than citric acid (citrate).

  155. Alberto halabe B. said

    A very interesting event: The Professor of Philippe Icard, Maurice Israel, now is fighting with him trying to demonstrate the effect of hydroxycitrate in cancer cells, one group published their findings in the Journal Investigational New drugs and the other in Anticancer Research…

    Interesting, I repeat, they worked together before….

    and, finally, hydroxycitrate has 9 carbons and citric acid only 7, are two different compounds.

  156. Alberto halabe B. said


    Philippe Icard presented last month my work regarding treatment of cáncer with citric acid in this Congress at Luxembourg:

    I already contacted the organizer, Pr. Marc Diedrich, who is also invited to participate here, to clarify this intention of Philippe Icard of confusing the World, but he will never be able to confuse the History… he never published anything about citrate (citric acid) and cancer before 2009.

  157. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Sorry, is Diederich…

  158. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Jay, the patient that I reported is today in perfect general conditions, clinically the thyroid tumor almost disappeared, I also performed her a thyroid gammagram and it was negative, she is still taking citric acid orally,

    More than 600 patients with cancer that I now have taken citric acid orally, all of them improved, but most of them also received chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and or other treatments, that’s why I can not report them, but the 4 patients with cancer that I have published already only received citric acid, only, and literally they get cured from cancer:

    and the one that you read…

  159. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks Jonathan Chamberlain, for this space of rational confrontation.

  160. Alberto Halabe B. said


    2 works from Philippe Icard:

    Click to access 31-37-Philippe-Hubert-central.28223640.pdf

    Click to access ca-3297.pdf

    In the first one he included my work about treatment of cancer with citrate (citric acid), publsihed since March, 2007, in the references and in the second one he didn’t.

    Who is he trying to confuse?

  161. Alberto Halabe B. said

    New article that I published regarding my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid, this is the12th:

  162. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Twitter account with all my articles about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid (citrate):



  163. Stan said

    Are there any more updates with your work with citric acid? There has not been any movement on this site…how are your some of you patients doing today? any problems?


  164. Stan said

    Also was always wondering, does taking anything else (Vitamins, herbs, etc..) help citric acid when taking it? or are there vitamins, herbs that you should avoid / not take with citric acid?

    Thanks again!

  165. Alberto Halabe B. said


    No, as my work describes more than 7 years ago, citric acid (citrate) alone is the cure of cancer.

  166. Alberto Halabe B. said

    My latest article regarding my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid:

    Click to access Bucay.pdf


  167. Alberto Halabe B said

    Answer to Stan:

    I’m seeing patients with cancer every day in my office, by prescribing citric acid and confirming its efficacy in all patients. Thanks for asking.

    • Stan said

      Hi again,

      I was also wondering if the patients that you have reported are still using your treatment with citric acid and do they have to keep taking it for the rest of there lives? I also assume they are all still doing well?

      Thanks again

  168. Alberto Halabe B said

    You are assuming well, Stan, and good question: In the experience that I already have, patients have to take citric acid for 6 months to one year, to obtain complete remission of any type of cáncer.

  169. Alberto Halabe said

    A new medical reference about treatment of cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) with citric acid:


    • Stan said

      Great to hear Dr! As per your article the patient has died? Very unfortunate if the case. Question is it possible for person that has been cured by citric acid and stop taking that tumor can come back? Even though person living healthy life?

      Thanks and keep us informed of your successful progress.

  170. Alberto Halabe said

    Yes, Stan, the patient died ter a “reconstructive” surgery, but the tumor disapeared with the btreatment of citric acid, a work completely reproducible… read the article…

  171. Alberto Halabe said

    And, Stan, I don´t need your acceotance, in Spain, more than 5,000,000 views received my work about tretament of cancer with citric acid last year:

  172. Alberto Halabe said

    How many patients with cancer know about my work from you???

    • stan said

      I am no doctor with patients, do I know people with cancer? Yes, have I mentioned / shared your articles/protocol? Yes. Have they listened to me? I don’t knoW and it is not my decision for them. I can only hope they try and let me know.
      If this is wrong of me then forgive me. I was only trying to let them know there are other alternatives then chemo/radiation.


      • Alberto Halabe said

        Stan, If you are not a Doctor, Why did you dare to criticize my article?

      • Stan said

        How did I criticize your work? All I did was ask a question and tell you that your work is great. It must be the English language/grammar that you misunderstood??? Or you don’t like to interact with other people? Again sorry if you somehow managed to get offended with any of my comments.


  173. Alberto Halabe said

    Read again yor reply in comment num 169, Stan… Do you understand your english?

    • Stan said

      That was me asking for confirmation if the patient did actually die and that it was sad??? Was that criticism??? I never said it was due to your protocol? I then had a seprate question which you did not answer and had nothing to do with your article? So it is you that misunderstood and that is ok maybe I should have worded my comments different or not said nothing at all. I guess next time I will not say anything about your posts and can see that nobody else wants to participate in this forum…could be due to your attitude. (As I can see from your other comments to people on this forum) Being defensive on questions or comments will not make you any friends.

      With regards and goodbye from this forum!

  174. Alberto Halabe said

    I already answered your “question” Stan, read comment num. 168… you are making the same ridiculous in this Forum than Philip Icard trying to plagiarize my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid.

  175. Alberto Halabe said

    And I will tell this to you in spanish Stan, you are so smart that I am sure that you can find the way to translate it:

    Es impresionante la manera tan cobarde como Ud. intentó descalificar mi artículo al decir que el paciente murió, ¿no se percató de que el tumor cerebral desapareció sólo al tomar ácido cítrico?, por eso tardaron tanto en publicar este artículo, los editores no lo creían.

    Ud. es tan falso como el pseudónimo que utiliza: Stan, pero, en estas épocas, sería muy fácil descubrir quien es Ud, porqué su desfachatez y su falta de cordura quedaron muy claros en este Foro del cual se despide, insisto también, cobardemente.

  176. Stan said

    First off your article did not specify how the patient died “Finally the patient described in this article presented fatal
    complications after a second surgery performed unnecessarily 9 months after the initial diagnosis” This is why I asked about his death??? (I was curious how he died, not questioning the effectiveness of citric acid)

    Question is it possible for person that has been cured by citric acid and stop taking it, that tumor can come back? Even though person living healthy life? This quesiton was not answered.

    If you truely understood english you would have answered and not believe that everyone is aganst you & your work…who is plagiarizing your work??? I am no Doctor to have that ability? are you against people for talking about or sharing your work if it may help them? If that is the case why do you keep posting your work online???

    I dont speak nor understand Spanish and wont translate your spanish comments…not necessary

    You seem to be a bitter man and again must learn to control your emotions.

  177. Alberto halabe B. said

    Thanks for your comments…


    1) The patient died after a second surgery performed unnecesary… is not clear???

    2) Question 2: (see comment 168): patients have to take citric acid for 6 months to one year, to obtain complete remission of any type of cáncer.

    Who has to control his emotions??? Stan??? I dont beleive that anyone is agains me as you do… Philippe Icard tried to plagiarize my work, read thsi Fórum, is in english, youy will understand…

    Do you have friends?

    And, learn spanish, the must understandable language…

  178. Alberto halabe B. said

    And, I translated what I wrote in spanish using:

    “It’s amazing how such a coward like you. He tried to discredit my article by saying that the patient died, he did not realize that the brain tumor disappeared only to make citric acid ?, why it took so long to publish this article, the editors do not believed.

    . You are so false as the pseudonym used: Stan, but in these times, it would be very easy to discover who you are, why his audacity and lack of sanity were very clear on this forum which is dismissed, again too cowardly”.

    • Stan said

      That is fine Dr.,
      To answer your question, I have plenty of friends. Also I am not a coward.
      To ask how the patient died was very wrong of me. I dont dare ever to question anything you post since you seem to take it the wrong way.
      I dont know a Philippe Icard nor do I care to know him so you can stop referring to him.
      I honestly dont have any interest to learn Spanish as English is the most understandable language.
      Sorry for wasting you time and sorry for the people who had to read these comments (if anyone is reading)


  179. Alberto Halabe B. said

    and be sorry for all those petients with cancer that get confused with people like you…

    and that about coward must be a language/grammar that you misunderstood…

  180. Alberto Halabe B. said

    … and sorry Stan, but Spanish is more understandable than english… ask a Grammar Professor…

  181. Stan said

    You make it sound like that no ordinary person like myself is allowed to comment on this forum??? You think you are above everyone else?

    Again there are no patients that confused about me, if anything they can be confused by you and your attitude after reading this forum…

    “English is without a doubt the actual universal language. It is the world’s second largest native language, the official language in 70 countries, and English-speaking countries are responsible for about 40% of world’s total GNP.”

    I think I will stick with English.

    adios amigo 😉

  182. Alberto Halabe said

    I sent my article to more tan 50 Universities and Institutions in alll the world and to more than 250 colleagues already,and you, Stan, are the only one person that questioned it…

    English is the most universal language, but not the more understandable… latin languages, including spanish, are richest in words and phrases…

    Have you read “El Quijote de la Mancha” by Cervantes Saavedra???

    Instead of loosing you time, Stan, ask any of all yoour Friends if someone has cáncer, and that contact me…

    • stan said

      Haha again Dr. I have never questioned your work, but if you believe that then so be it I don’t know what else to say.

      I have never read that book you refer to….is there a English copy 🙂

      And of course I have sent your contact info to people but as I said it is up to them to contact you I have nothing to do with them. I thought I was being nice to share your work with them and that’s it. There is no other agenda nor do I want anything to do with it. The ball is in there court as they say.


      P.S. if anything maybe our comments will have more people talking on this forum. 👍

  183. Alberto Halabe said

    The most interesting fact of all this discusiion will be the study of the psychological portrait of “Stan”…

  184. Alberto Halabe said


  185. Alberto Halabe said

    And the book El Quijote de la Mancha was translated to English in 1885 by John Ormsby (is so easy to look for this in Google… Stan…did you know?…)

  186. Alberto Halabe said

    … beleive me, more tan many, many others…

  187. Alberto Halabe said

    … and many others who were invited to participate in this Forum, including Dana Flavin, Philippe Icard, Prof. Gogvadze, Maurice Israel, Prof Schwartz from France, Linda Zambanini, etc…

  188. Alberto Halabe said

    Well, I already sent my last article to 100 institutions, including Universities, Hospitals and Research Centers and to 500 colleagues in all the world, including doctors, scientists and intelectuals… and No one has criticized it…

    (only Stan)

    And soon, it will appear as a “news” in a very important journal.

    • Stan said

      Would you stop already with me criticizing your work…I did no such thing.
      If I had reason and wanted to criticize your work then I would but I have none and will not. So just end it there!

      Focus more on posting your work and posting testimonials rather then mention me.


  189. Alberto Halabe said


  190. Alberto Halabe said

    Another invitation:

    This time is for Prof Michael B. Schachter, who discussed with me via email about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid, he is also invited to participate here…

  191. Alberto Halabe B said

    A very important advice for those who want to criticize my work:

    Remember that I published almost 8 years ago, since March 2007, in Elsevier, that citric acid is the cure for cancer, there has never been published this fact before, never, I reapeat.

  192. Alberto Halabe B said


    Just for a comment, Michael B. Schachter wrote to me this in an email last February 1st, 2015:

    “a doctor” has told me about your work using citric acid for cancer patients. Your discovery is absolutely brilliant and I am most anxious to speak to you and to start using this treatment with many of our cancer patients.

  193. Alberto Halabe B said

    And, Michael B. Schachter also wrote to me this, last February 3rd, 2015:

    Dear Dr. Halabe,

    Thanks so much for your response. Your Youtube video is very clear. You have been using citric acid for cancer at least since 1989. I look forward to speaking to you about your use of citric acid for the treatment of cancer. Did you want to set up a time during which we can talk?


    Michael Schachter

  194. Alberto Halabe B said

    This is the video from Youtube that Michel mentioned:

  195. Alberto Halabe B said

    This is the link from Michel B. Scahcter, he has never used citric acid for the treatment of cancer.

  196. Alberto Halabe B said

    And, Michael B. Schachter is trying to present my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid in this Congress:

    at least, Philippe Icard stopped trying to publish my work a long time ago…

    That´s why I told you Stan: You are very skillful Stan, beleive me, more than many, many others….

    And,according to international laws on freedom of expression I can write here anything that defends me, including “parts” of emails that I receive…

  197. Alberto Halabe B said

    Michael Schachter wanted to present in the congress the “Citric acid directions”… incredible, they are published in my articles…. incredible, I repeat.

    My articles are in twitter:


  198. Alberto Halabe B. said

    This is the reference of the article were I specified the dosis (dosage) of citric acid to get cured from any tope of cancer, as I did in all my articles since 2009:

    This is what Michael B. Schachter wants to “reveal” to the assistants of that Congress in San Francisco.

  199. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And, Michael Schachter, you betrayed my trust, I gave to you all the information about MY work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid by phone and by email and you are trying to present it as your work…

    With Trust, Michael, your country United States was created…

    This is the reference from China published in 2011 that you mentioned in your paper, it is a reference of my work which is included on it:

    And again, Otto Warburg never mentioned in his life that citric acid could be the cure of cancer.


  200. Alberto Halabe B. said

    I don’t know why I am beginning to think that “Rob” and “Stan” are the same person….

    • Stan said

      Why are getting upset about the other DR Talking about your work? Is it not a good thing to spread the word? He can’t take credit if you have already published it with your name? You need to calm down and rethink why you are on this site and just focus on that. if it wasn’t for me commenting before, this forum would still be asleep. FYI who is Rob? Another person you scared off this forum? 👍🚫🆘

      PS you have already scared me off. Thanks!

  201. Alberto Halabe B said

    “Rob… ¿a Doctor????

    you didn´t read this Forum, “Stan”… send me an email, I want to know who you are:

    and, please, don´t be afraid.

    • Alberto Halabe B said

      and, Stan, this Forum represents less than 5% of what I am doing to let the World know that citric acid is the cure of cancer….youcan´t imagine how many people read this…

      ….the other doctor was trying to confuse the people of the Congress, he sent me what he was going to say, beleive me, is very clear…

  202. Alberto Halabe B said

    Incredible,Stan, you talked in this Fourum to take vitamins with citric acid… as Rob did as well…

    • Stan said

      Omg I asked about vitamins??? Like somebody else! Somebody asking about citric acid???Is that same person? Wow, honestly Doctor you have nothing better to do then chase something that isn’t there. I don’t know why I need to email you? Is there something you want to tell me? Secret?
      But in all honesty if that other doctor is trying to take credit for your work then that is not fair and I would think illegal. I am sorry that it has come to this and all I wanted to know was about citric acid nothing more. Thanks again


  203. Alberto Halabe B. said

    And, more, more, incredible Stan, you asked in the middle of this Forum (that means that you read all of it) to the Reinhold family about their experience with citric acid the same way that Rob asked me about the child Orlando’s experience… everything is in this Forum… Stan… or, Rob?

    • Stan said

      Ummm ok I see that another person named Rob has asked questions, I did read posts but never really looked at who was asking….it would seem you know Rob with all your talking on forum…is he ok today? Do you still talk to him?

    • Rob said

      Hello, I still recieve emails from this website when something is posted and noticed my name (Rob) being mentioned, I would just like to make it clear I do not participate anymore nor do I have contact with Dr. Alberto Bucay (He can explian why). To make a comment to Stan, Dr Bucay is a difficult person to talk to sometimes so do not take it personal.

      Another comment to Dr Bucay, I am not sure if it was you but somebody from Mexico called my home late lastnight asking for me…I hope it was not you. You cleary stated that you wish not to have contact with me and I have respected that but I hope you also respect it for me aswell not to ever contact me, especially my private home. If this was not you I do apologize.

      If you need to contact me you know my email address (yahoo) which has not changed.


  204. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Thanks Stan for your email…

  205. Alberto Halabe B said

    Thanks to you, my friend.

  206. Alberto Halabe B said

    and Thanks also to you Rob, and thanks for telling to the World that you are in perfect general conditions, after taking citric acid

  207. Alberto Halabe B said

    Well, Michael B. Schachter will present my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid in this Congress in San Francisco:

    Can’t you see Michael,

    All the people in the World that look for you in internet will find this very Important Forum and will read about what I wrote about you..

  208. Alberto Halabe B said

    New article about the effectiveness of citric acid as a cancer treatment, which includes most of my articles in the references:

    Click to access file.php

  209. Alberto Halabe B said


    Citric acid, according to my work is NOT an alternative or complementary treatment for cancer; Citric acid is an effective medical treatment for cancer.

  210. Alberto Halabe B said


    Just think, for a few minutes, that in 1937 a Doctor from USA presents a lecture in a Congress of complementary Medicine titled:”Penicillin and silver nitrate for the treatment of infections”


    It was already published by Fleming from England that penicillin is effective as an infection treatment since 1929…. it was published, I repeat…

    Well, that´s exactly what Michael B. Schachter is trying to do presenting my work about treatment of cancer with citric acid as a lecture in a Congress of complementary Medicine 8 years after that I published it… my work is published, I repeat.

  211. Alberto Halabe B said

    And, another invitation for participation in this Forum, this time for Robert Rowen, the father of medical freedom, immune function and ebola, he wrote to me and he said to me that what I published 8 consecutive patients with different type of cancer who get cured only with citric acid as their treatment, and he told me that are “few” cases…

    Robert Rowen, you are invited to discusse this right here….

    I don’t understand these doctors of complementary and alternativa medicine, first Michael B Schachter wrote to me that he didn’t understand my work published in Elsevier since March, 2007 (the editora of Elsevier understood it, that’s who they published it), and now Robert Rowen say that 8 patients are few patients…

    Let me remember to you, Robert, that Edward Jenner demonstrated the effectivity of the vaccine with just one patient.

    • Alberto, Thank you for sending me this link. I have studied just about everything I can on citrate. I plan to have a patient begin its use this week. Incidentally, Dr. Schachter gave you FULL credit for the discovery at the meeting. He did not present anything on citric acid as his own work.
      I will likely use a buffered form of citrate rather than citric acid in order to protect teeth. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated. I think calcium buffering would be kinder on teeth than sodium. Thoughts????

  212. Alberto Halabe B said

    alternative medicine… Sorry…

    And, for those who don’t understand Medicine or Pharmacology, hydroxicitrate and citric acid are two different compounds….

  213. Alberto Halabe B said

    Thanks Robert Rowen for your participation.

    I published that citric acid is the cure of cancer, why do you want to use other compounds???.. and the worst, they can be harmful for your patients, including hydroxycitrate and salts of citrate…

    teeth don´t get hurt with citric acid, and, if you beleive so, give it to the patients in capsules, is also described in my articles…

  214. Alberto Halabe B said

    Is hard to answer questions… Robert Rowen…

    another question: Why Michael B Shcahter never told me about the improvement of the patient with cancer that he treated with citric acid??? I had to asked him… and more difficult to answer… Why he didn´t told me: Thanks…

  215. Alberto Halabe B said

    Important news from Mexico:

    This famous actor, Fernando del Solar, get cured from cancer (Pulmonar Non Hodgkin Lymphoma) after taking citric acid that I recommended to him:

    Is in spanish, but is really interesting to read about this history…

  216. Alberto Halabe B. said

    My latest article about my work regarding treatment of cancer with citric acid:

    Click to access file.php

  217. Alberto Halabe B. said

    So, Philippe Icard, Laurent Schwartz, Hubert Lincet, Zhou X, Chen R, Huang G, et al, trying to demonstrate now that citric acid is effective in cancer cells is not only absurd, is useless, and the journals that are publishing your work are comepletely wrong….

    You have to accept this, the fact that citric acid (citrate) is effective as a cancer treatment is published since March, 2007:

    And the fact that citric acid is effective as a cancer cure in patients is unquestionable:

    Click to access file.php

  218. Alberto Halabe B. said

    completely, sorry…

  219. Alberto Halabe B. said

    This is the link for the accesss to the article:


  220. Alberto Halabe B said

    My latest article:




  221. Alberto Halabe B. said

    Another article:

    The first patient published in History who get cured from cancer already survived 6 years:


  222. Alberto Halabe B. said

    In this article the authors included my work as a demonstration of the effectiveness of citric acid (citrate) as a cancer treatment (References 41-43)

  223. Alberto Halabe B. said

    New article: A patient with pancreatic cancer who get cured only with citric acid:

    This article is consecutive to all the patients with cancer that have been cured with the treatment that citric acid that they received… this is called: Scientific Method.

  224. Alberto Halabe B. said

    New article: A patient with Non Hodgkin lymphoma who survived almost 6 years only with citric acid as his treatment:

  225. Alberto Halabe said

    A news published in Spain about the patient cured from pancreatic cancer with citric acid:

    (The first one of February)

    (the article about the patient is in comment num. 223)

  226. […] Here are some more anecdotal reports: […]

  227. Alberto Halabe said

    Other 3 articles about the effectiveness of citric acid as a cancer treatment:

    Click to access IJRR0132.pdf


  228. Dr. Alberto Halabe said

    Citric acid is also effective as a treatment for Diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis and other diseases:

  229. Dr. Alberto Halabe said

    Citric acid is also effective for Diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis and other diseases:


  230. Dr. Alberto Halabe said

    Report of a patient with terminal cancer (multiple myeloma) who get cured in 10 days of treatment with citric acid:

  231. Dr. Alberto Halabe said

    Is incredible, Rob, the man that participated here since July, 2012 who get cured from medullary thyroid cancer, is still in perfect conditions after receiving citric acid tat I prescribed to him, he belongs to a group of Facebook of a lot of patients with medullary thyroid cancer, and he has never told them that he received citric acid…. incredible, I repeat…

  232. Dr. Alberto Halabe B. said

    The first patient published in History who gets cured from cancer already survived 8 years:

    Click to access JOJCS.MS.ID.555567.pdf

  233. Dr. Alberto Halabe said

    Report of a patient with leukemia that reach remission after the treatment with citric acid that she received:

    Click to access 118_IJAR-17108.pdf


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