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Over-exposure to Radiation – how to protect yourself

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 14, 2011

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Over-exposure to Radiation – how to protect yourself

The recent concern over the possible explosion and resulting radioactive fallout from the Japanese nuclear power stations damaged by the tsunami has focused attention on a subject that is also concerning to travellers in and out of the USA who are being forced to undergo screening that involves exposure to radiation. Furthermore, there are many procedures such as regular dental x-rays and MRI scans that are building up our personal loads of radiation – because of course it is cumulative. And this radiation is associated with cancer in the long term.

Some thought has gone into how we can protect ourselves – one of the most interesting discussions can be found at Dr Sircus’s site (see link) – where he promotes the use of potassium iodide and baking soda among other things

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