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Miracle Mineral Supplement – a critical review

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on March 8, 2011

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Miracle Mineral Supplement – a critical review

Jim Humble made a big mistake when he first named his sodium chlorite solution ‘Miracle’ Mineral Supplement. It was walking straight into the hands of the so-called quackwatchers (the feral hounds from hell who protect the gates of ‘science’). What could smack more of quackery? Humble then called it simply MMS and has recently renamed it ‘Master Mineral Supplement’ . He has also founded a church where the substance can be worshipped.  Is this  a tactical exercise to create a space of freedom to use a product that might otherwise be proscribed. Or is it that Jim Humble has flipped his lid?

Now the truth is that 28% sodium chlorite solution is powerful stuff. I recently made the mistake of rubbing some on some fungus glose to my groin. The result was certainly a case of the cure being worse than the disease. Within about 15 minutes all the fungal growth in that area came screaming to the surface of the skin as if burnt by a flame thrower. It was extremely painful for about a weak. But did it work? Yes it did.

I have also used it orally. Doesn’t taste good but it certainly made me sleep soundly (and I just took a few drops). But I am not a doctor. Here is Dr Sircus’s commentary on MMS (Dr Sircus is of course the exponent of a rival master mineral supplement –  magnesium (preferably in the form of magnesium chloride oil). Some of the comments and testimonials make some very worrying points about MMS and I for one will certainly treat it with a great deal more caution than I have done up till now

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8 Responses to “Miracle Mineral Supplement – a critical review”

  1. time has passed from 3-2011 and mms has matured its use history. starting use at minimum levels and increasing or decreasing ,dependinstryg on individual reactions, has proved to give maximum benefits. I personally have done that and found elevated levels of my personal health.
    MMS has reached a greater level of exposure, thru increased use, so the FDA is moving to control its use. I personally feel and think this is further invasion of alternative health practices which usually benefit industry and surpress natural health practices for the individual.
    I hope more people will become active watching, learning and voicing their opinion and demands on these infringments of our public rights.

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  3. Elsie said

    I’ve used MMS for over one year now. I’ve never felt better. I feel the medical community needs a jolt somewhat like the M.D from Australia did when he literally showed that ulcers were caused by H. pylori heliobacter by infecting himself and then curing himself,also. I wonder how many physicians left the gastroenterology field after THAT happened? Try MMS for yourself rather than listening to a bunch of uneducated (and most likely PAID OFF by the FDA) no minds that have not one shred of evidence that it DOES NOT work. Just make sure you mix it properly and you’ll never have a problem.

  4. John said

    What’s the best way to mix it properly? I heard it was 5 drops of Activator for every 1 drop of MMS. Wait 3 minutes and then add water or any juice that does not have Vitamin C. Is that right? I ordered some MMS to treat my second bout of Lymphoma. I want to make sure I do it correctly.

  5. John said

    How long does it take to usually see results? I started taking MMS today for my relapse of Non-Hodegkin’s Lymphoma. I use a spray bottle to spray the mixture on my tumor [on the right side of my neck] and then drink the rest.

    • Vesela said

      Hi, John!
      I write you from Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe. I’m really interested on your results using MMS to treat your Non-Hodegkin’s Lymphoma. My boy friend has the same diagnose and we are looking for some feed back.
      i’m looking forward to hear from you!

      Vesela Dimitrova – or

      • John said

        Hi Vesela,
        I discontinued taking MMS after the first day. It was terrible. Looked like Bleach, smelled like Bleach and even tasted like Bleach. A friend of mine on Facebook recommended Beta 1,3-D Glucan for me and it worked great. The tumors were gone after a few weeks [even some of the doctors couldn’t find anything before my treatments] and my follow ups with my doctor have been great. My Blood tests come back Excellent. I would recommend this to anyone with Cancer or someone with a history of Cancer. You can get it at
        Take Care Vesela,

  6. John smith said

    The fda & government are tyrents

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