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89 year old with melanoma complains about the sun

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 26, 2011

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89 year old with melanoma complains about the sun

I was on my way to give a talk to a Rotary Club but I was early so I stopped for a quick pint in a pub on the way. Shortly after I had sat down (the place was empty) two men came in and sat not far from me. After about ten minutes I suddenly heard the word ‘biopsy’ so started to tune in. It was clear that they were talking about cancer. So there I was with my cancer books about to give a talk about cancer and there was this man talking about cancer. Naturally I introduced myself to suggest that they should consider reading my book. I hate imposing myself or trying to appear to be pushing my books but it could be that they would be open to suggestions. Anyway, they were happy to talk. It turned out the elder of the two men had a large melonoma on his back. He was 89 years old and blamed all the sun he had been exposed to in the Middle East where he had worked many years previously. Apart from the melanoma he looked to be in good shape and I had not noticed any shambling in his walk. He was a fit, healthy 89 year old who looked ten years younger than his age – who sadly had a melanoma that most likely would kill him. (But at the age of 89, you’ve got to reckon that you’re going to die soon of something!). I tried to suggest to him that he should thank the sun that (very possibly) had allowed him to live actively and healthily for 89 years. I told him about bloodroot paste and left them to it. I do hope that he doesn’t go for chemo or any other painful treatment that will destroy his health (for what benefit?)

Doing nothing for your cancer is a perfectly sensible option – the older you are the more sensible it becomes (unless you are happy or prepared to change your habits and do detox and dietary changes). Cancers grow slower the older we are. I recently had an email from a reader of one of my books who had decided with her 82 year old mother that doing nothing was the best way to go for her mother’s cancer. Her mother lived into her nineties.

The truth is we’re all going to die – but we don’t have to have our health destroyed by chemo and radiation.


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“I wish I had read this book before I was diagnosed. My doctor and the cancer charities didn’t tell me any of this.”



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