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Iodine and blood pressure – a personal experience

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 23, 2011

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More on Iodine

Here is “Bob’s” account of using iodine and seeing marked improvements in blood pressure:

“I have personally taken lugol’s solution, i began starting slow, 2 drops to a glass of distilled water. i increased over a period of a week to 8 drops twice a day, this is approx. 50 mg a day. i took this amount for about 3 – 4 weeks. I then lowered it to 4 drops a day as a maintenance dose. the result has been interesting. after taking 50 mg a day for about a week i felt like i did when i once took a very strong antibiotic. then that went away after a day or so. i felt like i had a chronic illness removed , i dont know what else to say about that. i had acid reflux when i started but it is now gone!! my blood pressure was 140/90 and spiked to 170/105 at times, it is now 125/75 on average , sometimes lower!”

Follow this link for the full story:




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