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Iscador and Cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 19, 2011

There’s a lot of info on this site – do browse. This supports the info and critical discussion in my two cancer books – see for details

Iscador Info and advice for cancer patients

I took Iscador injections for over a year together with many supplements including liposomal vitamin C for squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. I’m well aware of Iscador since I’ve done Anthroposophical medicine for the last 30 years and have an Anthrophosophical M.D. in Chicago from whom I get the prescription for Iscador. I’ve known countless folks in Germany, and a number in the states who have used Iscador for various forms of cancer. The Mistletoe remedy (Iscador) that I took was from mistletoe on a pine tree. That one works best for skin cancer. Breast and prostate cancer use different forms of Mistletoe.

I know countless people with breast & prostate cancer who are still around after using Iscador many years ago.

It’s standard medical treatment for many cancers in Europe. Dr. Andrea Rentea of Paulina Medical Clinic in Chicago, IL 773-583-7796 do phone consultations if you want to talk to her about your health issue. I think it’s $75 for 30 minutes. She’s an amazing homeopathic/natural physician.

If your Dr, has questions, he/she should talk with Dr. Rentea. The Anthroposophical M.d.’s generally have the deepest knowledge of these remedies. Great resources.

Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“An inspirational guide…a must for everyone who fears the dreadful diagnosis.”



5 Responses to “Iscador and Cancer”

  1. Liz said

    There’s also an Anthroposophical clinic in Ann Arbor that treats patients with iscador, see They have a lot of information on their site and the doctors there actually train other doctors to use iscador. They were trained in Europe and have a lot of experience treating cancer with alternative methods.

  2. Stece said

    Thank you for your INFO about Iskador. I learned about it from a friend in Prague. He took injections for a year and ever since he is taking Molasis from sugar cane and Apiglukan. He had surgery and part of his gut removed about 11 years ago. And he is over 70 and doing well. Including taking care of his garden.

  3. Gary said

    I have received extensive surgery for Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the mucosal area inside the cheek and gum in Thailand; after rejecting radiation I received follow up alternative therapy in Germany; which included
    Iscador injections; in addition I brought back to Canada a 6 week supply of Iscador.
    I am monitoring my situation with follow up MRI’S it is my intent to maintain and improve my immune
    system to prevent a reoccurence of any tumors.
    Will somebody give me feed back on where I can get a supply of ISCADOR and recommended dosage and procedures
    I travel for 6 months at a time and would like to receive sufficient size shipments to accomadate.Iwould appreciate info and comments.

  4. Gary said

    where can i get ISCADOR in multi shot vials instead of single shot ampoules

  5. cancer healing…

    […]Iscador and Cancer « Cancerfighter’s Weblog[…]…

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