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How I cured stage IV rectal cancer and vulva cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 19, 2011

There’s a huge amount of cancer info on this site – use it. This supports the info and critical overview in my two cancer books – see for details

How I cured stage IV rectal cancer by Lois Fischer

Hi: I wanted to let people know of my success, although I know everyone has their own journey. When I found out that I rectal and vulva cancer with lymph nodes swollen I had a biopsy and the drs told me to start traditional treatment right away as I was stage IV. They said I would have radiation, chemo and then surgery with a colostomy bag. Don’t know what the surgery would have done to me, if I had survived it, vulvectomy means taking everything off and then using skin grafts, a rectal tumor means taking out your rectum and lymph nodes are removed causing who knows what kind of problems later.

I told the surgeon I would wait two months to do alternative work. I had no idea what to eat as everyone said macrobiotic then juicing then stay away from meat. It was confusing. I did therapy to get to some anger issues, had my fillings removed, cavitations fixed and root canal teeth removed, tong ren healing, spiritual healing, flower essences, nothing stopped the tumors growing and I was in pain.

Two months went by and the dr said the tumors had doubled in size. I found the book Cancer Free by Bill Henderson and started his protocol, after six weeks the tumors stopped growing but small new ones started growing, I was still in pain. He said at the end of his book if his program did not work go to Mexico to a clinic.

I did and had low level radiation 15 doses, vit c, mineral, laetrile, DMSO, vitamin IVs for one month. I came back with no tumors and the drs were pretty amazed. My dr in Mexico said to come back every six months for treatments to prevent it coming back, but I could not do that. I read Suzanne Somers book Knockout and read about three drs curing cancer in the US, one was in NY so I went to him and have been astounded by the program and his successes with other patients.

I still have another year as according to his hair analysis I still have cancer in my body and it will take at least that time to detox and get my body back to where it can fight off the cancer cells by itself. I take a lot of pancreatic enzymes and supplements as well as coffee enemas and many detoxing baths and scrubs. My eyesight has improved and my energy level is great. I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling so much better.

I would have done all of this work with this dr instead of going the route I did and spending a small fortune on all of the other work had I known about him, so I want people to know what I know now.

His name is Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and if any one else is doing his program I would really love to connect. I am emailing a person whose mother was cured by Dr. Kelley, the man who first started the program that Dr. G has been doing for over 20 years. His associate Dr. Isaacs is who I see.

I am just so grateful for them, I feel that everyone needs to know about them.

Healings to you all,


Note: The Cancer Survivor’s Bible (2012) is now available – see

“Being someone diasgnosed as terminal I have scoured the ‘Net and read many books. This is the best.”



4 Responses to “How I cured stage IV rectal cancer and vulva cancer”

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  2. Linda said

    I wish I would have known this before. My case was like yours to a tee. I refused surgery for the reasons you did & went with radiation, 2 yrs later it was back & at stage 4. My tumors also exploded u can say & ended up growing outside. I bnow have a 12in hole (size of tumor) thats ei deep & 4-5in wide w/ 6m0:s to live

  3. Ruby said


    What clinic in Mexico did you go to. My mom is battling the same thing. Please respond.

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