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squamous cell carcinoma – a personal account of alternative therapy

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 7, 2011

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Squamous cell carcinoma – a personal account of alternative therapy

A lady called Deborah posted this story on a yahoo chat group, demonstrating that it is possible to treat squamous cell carcinoma effectively using alternative remedies. Here’s her story:

“On a squamous carcinoma on my chest (fast growing, 1/2 a dime size), I first used “Amazon” (formerly Cansema) a black salve or bloodroot paste. It created a crater, dime-sized. And “sucked up” a sac of white something under the paste. [Be very very careful with this. I’m not recommending anyone use it without looking at the pictures of ways this could go wrong. But this isn’t why I’m writing.]

After it scarred over (six months later), I thought it was all finished. But on the top of the scar a small, red, blemish-looking (pencil-eraser size) thing began surfacing.

I started applying 7% Lugol’s and when the whole area became leathery and darkened (after about 3 weeks of use). I was also applying MSM (MMS? – ed) (sodium chlorite with DMSO topically). THEN, (the relevant part)I began applying straight castor oil, then a thin towel, then a heating pad. In about 2 weeks, the whole area is fine. I’ve stopped applying any Lugol’s. (I’m also on the iodine protocol–100 mgs–and chelating on the weekend–low dose DMSA (does she mean EDTA? Or DMSO?- Ed) far as internal stuff).

To me, the castor oil really made a difference. My scientific/intuitive guess (can I have a guess like that?) is that the castor oil has some sort of property like vitamin D or ALA or that it is a anti-fungal that helps stop cancer growth. I wish I understood the physical properties more b/c I really think something happened. And it’s more than a “feeling.” It’s from looking at my skin and witnessing an improvement. However, I do think it’s more about everything I’m doing than just one thing. (I was also zapping with low dose electric current daily…via Hulda Clark’s protocol) AND eating a halepeno (sorry I can’t spell that) daily. And, of course, trying to avoid sugar, wheat, milk. But I’m not always perfect about that. (I had a ‘suspicious’ mammogram a year ago, too.) I do think it’s important to follow symptoms and listen to your body and to try lots of things.


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3 Responses to “squamous cell carcinoma – a personal account of alternative therapy”

  1. Daniel A said

    Hi Deb,

    Tx for sharing your story. I am curious if an NP looked at your case after you used the Balck Salve ? I have seen sin=milar cases and people were advised to apply a second treatemtn of the Salve (Min 24-35 hours).

    As for the scaring, unless the cancer/tumor has taen over a lot of helathy tissue, the Salve should only kill the Cancer cells and so when they fall out (the Eschar), the body’s cell memory kicks on the would granulates and heals extremely well when you consider the cavity that is left after th Escahr falls out.

    If you check Bill O’Laeary’s web site, he has an excellent photo journal of his BCC on the nose. A remarkable result.

    I am also curious hopw long you left the Slave on for and what you did after the salve was washed off. This can be critical for the healing.


  2. Low WBC Count…

    […]squamous cell carcinoma – a personal account of alternative therapy « Cancerfighter’s Weblog[…]…

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