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Honey and cancer

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 1, 2011

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Honey and cancer

Sugar feeds cancer – but what about honey? There is some evidence that honey is cancer healing – certainly other bee products (pollen and propolis are highly thought of – and there is a strongly held theory (for which there appears to be some anecdotal evidence) that bee keepers don’t get cancer

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One Response to “Honey and cancer”

  1. Li said

    If you are planning to buy honey for its health-benefits, it must be raw honey. Heating honey (pasteurization) destroys the all of the pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics. Honey that has been heated and filtered is called commercial, regular or liquid honey. The rawest honey available is comb honey which is sections of the hexagonal-shaped beeswax cells of the honeycomb that contain raw honey that have been cut from the wooden frames of a beehive.

    Dark colored honey is considered to be higher in minerals and antioxidants than light colored honey and one of the most well known dark colored honeys is buckwheat honey. Raw buckwheat honey contains a higher amount of minerals and an antioxidant called polyphenol, which gives it its dark color. The health benefits of buckwheat honey are many and well known.

    Try the Mohawk Valley Trading Company for high quality raw honey

    They also have raw buckwheat honey

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