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cimetidine and skin cancer – a personal report

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on February 1, 2011

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Cimetidine and Skin Cancer

“David from Lubbock Texas” sent this report to a chat group:

“I wished to use cimentidine, aka tagamet on skin cancers. He [the pharmacist] looked it up in his book, told me to mix it first with water into a thick paste, which dissolved it, then add the paste to DMSO, which I did and applied it directly to the skin cancer, basal cell or perhaps squamous cell. Don’t know which they were, and they were skin cancer, I have previously had some ten or more removed by dermo dock, but it worked well. Cimentidine is a controlled substance, don’t understand why, as it is sold over the counter as tagamet, real inexpensive. It can also be purchased as a liquid for kids. I chose to use tagamet, as it has been used successfully treating colon cancer.”

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