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French alternative therapies for various conditions

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on January 15, 2011

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French alternative therapies for various conditions

‘Francoise’ posted this info on a yahoo chat group. Thanks Francoise:

I am French and I am not a therapist, but I have inquired on Internet, about all sorts of methods. I know several methods from all over the world, therefore I got the idea to tell all other the world about the best French methods I have found! I have tried some, and I have asked questions and compared. I can each time tell I have been personally satisfied or some close friends were.

Those methods were all created in France, and their creators are still alive, most of these discoveries are from the last 20 years.

1) Cure for asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis… I just saw about the Buteyko method here. A Spanish center practices it, + proposes this French method that can cure asthma from another complementary point of view. Did you know it? It is called the Gesret method.

This is the forum, there are also explanation in an extended website.
This treatment is not osteopathy, but it is done by hand on all the body and especially on the ribs, and modifies the sympathetic system.

There is a free treatment (end 2010) proposed in England (London) by a French practitioner who wants to promote it abroad. It is also known in several countries. I personally know several people who were cured. Usually the treatment is 3-4 times, less for children. It takes more time for psoriasis.

The method helps for a posture change, and an autonomous nervous system change. It can also be helped by the next method I present.

2) Myotherapy:
(English pages)
This was created by the French Doctor Jan Polak, and has some point in common with the Jones techniques, though it is different in many points. I have experimented it myself. It is mild but has a surprising strong effect in relaxing contracted muscles. This is tremendous on years old pains.
Instead of streching some muscles that are called posture muscles, he has discovered that it was more efficient to shorten them in a passive way. When you strech muscles (that you can do on dynamics muscles), postural muscles contract again (as a natural reflex that protects us during shocks), and the therapy must go on and on… because this reflex keeps itself going on.

With this technique, simple movements of the neck or ankles (the 2 sides of our body) leads to a passive shortening of specific muscles. Then the therapist puts the body back to its normal posture, soooo slowly that the nerves in the muscles will keep the information of relaxing, and this stops the myospam that had been there for so long. It is mostly used on chronic cases, even strong headaches, and many sorts of foot or back problems, with surprising success. It is also very powerful after twisted ankles or after a broken leg (recovery), and after surgery (sore neck). A session can be long, and you need on average 3-4 on chronic cases. After a session, you feel very relaxed, I would say “zen”, so it is also emotionally pleasant.

3) Niromathé method:
(English pages)
This was also created by a doctor, but who has long been an osteopath, along with another osteopath. They are called Raymond Branly and Thierry Vandorme. They created their method after comparing the similarities between some famous bone-settlers.
I have experienced it myself as well, it is soft, incredibly short (treated efficiently in 15 mn), and you receive the treatment standing! I did not suffer any acute case where it seems so wonderful, and mostly I have heard the enthusiasm of the therapist about it (and he said some colleagues felt the same). Among all the tools that many good therapists try to learn year after year, this technique seemed to have become their favorite when they know it. It got me rid of nerve pains in my arms/hands in 1 session.
The practitioner seems to be playing the guitar on the strings of your ligaments and muscles. It does not hurt. You are always treated at the limits of the position that hurts, so that the body indicates its needs.
I know it is also used on horses, and it is less tiring than other techniques, as you do not have to carry any horse leg.

I have had many problems because of horse riding, and I have gathered a lot of informations, that I was looking for myself. I can give more informations to all those who want to know more. I know you can visit the websites, but it is always appreciated to have direct information, so do not hesitate. We know some foreign techniques in France, and I might help that our best techniques will be of some use else where. I also know that therapists always look for better and complementary techniques to learn!

Hope I have been of some help…


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