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Super Lobelia

Posted by Jonathan Chamberlain on December 5, 2010

Do you have cancer? Then do yourself a favour, go to

Super Lobelia

I’ve only just come across mention of lobelia herb, but by all accounts it is a powerful vasodilator, which means it helps people breathe more easily, which helps oxygen intake, which could – and I stress ‘could’ – mean that there is more oxygen circulating in the system and that is good for cancer patients. Here are some links for more info:


One contributor to a yahoo chat group provided this info: “It will clear out years old mucus from the lungs.  Dr. Schulze recounts a story of being called to the bedside of a man dying of black lung, totally unable to do more than gasp for air through a liquid sound from his lungs.  With nothing to loose Schulze gave him a 2 ounce bottle of lobelia to drink.  Now, lobelia is potent and usually taken in drops or only one dropper full.  It did nothing for the man.  So Schulze gave him another one.  Again, it did nothing.  After drinking the third bottle of lobelia tincture the man started throwing up all sorts of nasty, foul smelling black mucus.  This went on for quite a while.  When he was done, his skin tone was pink and healthy, and he was able to breath normally and lived for many more years without any coughing or gasping for air at all.

As for seizures, a lady I knew on an herb group had a disabled adult son.  The only thing that would bring him out of his seizures was a few drops of lobelia tincture rubbed into the back of his neck.  Once rubbed in, he would immediately come out of his seizure.
I would never discount lobelia.  It is a potent nervine.  Schulze says that he carries a bottle of pure cayenne tincture in one pocket and a bottle of lobelia in the other, as these will cover most situations.  Cayenne is given when a person is in shock or bleeding, and lobelia is given when they are hyper and too excited.  And, when he doesn’t know what the actual health problem is, he gives BOTH cayenne and lobelia, one after the other–allowing for 20 to 30 minutes between doses–because one is a stimulant (cayenne) and one a relaxant (lobelia) which will often pump blood in and out of any congested area anywhere in the body.”

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